What’s It All About … Tell Us Secretary Sebilius

When Obama’s cabinet secretary in charge of rolling out electronic filing for ObamaCare benefits can’t get it right, even in her home State of Kansas, we would not be wrong in saying such failure does not come close to engendering faith or confidence in the program, the secretary or Obama.  But I have surely repeated myself in saying so.

Nationwide reports on the glitches for the enrollment process are replete with tales of poor, if not dismal, performance.  Please read the excerpt of one story found below and then view the video found at the link after the excerpt:

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 10/3/13 4:11 PM

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been President Barack Obama’s main organizer and cheerleader for Obamacare since its inception. But you know the government-run health care plan is bad when the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department can’t get anyone from her own state to sign up for it.Today, the office of Congressman Tim Huelskamp revealed that according to one of the insurance providers in Kansas, none of the 356,000 uninsured Kansans successfully signed up for insurance on the much-hyped ObamaCare exchanges the first day. Huelskamp has had his own troubles signing up in the exchanges. The Congressman has been on “hold” for over 60 hours, and is still waiting to sign up as required under ObamaCare.

Congressman Huelskamp released this statement regarding the findings:

“These results are stunning. You would think with three years to prepare, President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius could deliver an operational website – at least in the home state of the former Kansas Governor. ObamaCare was and is not ready for prime time. 356,000 uninsured Kansans – and not one single report to my office of a Kansan successfully signing up for ObamaCare.

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