There Were Chads & There Is Chad

The Hanging Chads

In common, they share one outstanding trait.  They have placed their own style of carbuncle on the rear-end of the Democrats and progressives.  Many of you weren’t paying attention when the “hanging chads,” swung from thousands of ballots during and after the 2000 Florida presidential election between Albert Gore and G.W. Bush.  After all if has been almost thirteen years since Gore thought he would walk away with a new title of United States President, only to find the moniker of poor loser was a better fit.  The left side  of the equation still rolls out the accusation the election was stolen from them by crooked election officials and corrupt judges.

Gore’s loss in that election angered him greatly and he has spent the years since trying to convince folks the earth if on fire from careless acts of man.  Trouble is the evidence turns out to be somewhat different than the indictments used by Gore to attempt to prove his many points.  He even went so far as to create a television channel to try to effect a change from truth to his new truth.  Although Gore had very limited success in using television as a venue to prove his and his fellow harbingers of doom of the earth’s demise by heat caused by humans,  he did make money when he sold his television holdings to Al Jazeera.

Had Gore won the 2000 election, he might have come out richer by being a bigger charlatan in politics than the charlatan he has managed to become in the climate sciences.

So the hanging chads of the so-called defective ballots in the 2000 Florida presidential election dealt a fatal blow to Gore’s political aspirations and embarrassed the progressives and democrats to no end. That’s the famous case of the “hanging chads,” and there is very little else of note to say regarding them or the players in the adventure meant to steal an election.

The Lying Chad

Conservatives could not wish for a bigger treasure to be laid at their virtual podium than the one tossed by the “lying chad,” next to the lectern (also virtual) in the argument pro and con about ObamaCare.  Not only was the gift timely for the conservatives, it has devastated the bearer of the gift and proven what conservatives know without a scintilla of doubt … given the chance to lie or tell the truth; to paraphase Mark Twain, the progressives know, ” a lie can travel around the world before the truth can tie its shoes.”  In other words the media and progressives have made good use of lies and lying because each travels exceedingly fast by so many  means of transport.

And that is exactly what happened to Lying Chad (a name granted him by Michelle Malkin).  Lying Chad is also known as, Chad Henderson. Chad made an announcement of his and his father’s successful enrollment in ObamaCare.  Unfortunately for Chad, his father and all things Obama, the appellation given to him by Ms. Malkin fit perfectly and he now finds himself the subject of many a conversations on social media of various kinds.  Here’s some examples you can use as verification of the wily nature of Lying Chad and Lying Chad’s dad.  You can read for at least a half-hour by following links on Twitchy, other social media, and the mainscream media::

Lying Chad Shuts Tweaty’s Mouth by Closing Personal Account

Lying Chad Is Actually OFA Volunteer

Washington Post Determines … Something?

And How Would Still More Mainscream Scream?

Reason Magazine Inconclusive Chad Purchased Insurance

Chad: Sure I Lied, But I Wasn’t Really Lying

Charming Chad … NOT

Check the accounts, all of them.  Then see if you believe the lying eyes or the tries for the truth.

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