Demos to America: We Own the Government (Conservatives: “NOT!”

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English: United States President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as Vice President Joe Biden looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Progressives, socialists, communists, DemoRats and just plain-wrapper liberals want to own something which has been run into the ground by our their liar in chief.  To find the lies just perform a simple google search for Obama lies.  You won’t be surprised if you have payed attention and didn’t have glazed-over or scaled-over eyes.  If you are brave enough to dispute facts about his lies, then you are also ignorant about truth and Obama’s propensity to lie large.

YahooNews has published a short exposé by  Ann Coulter at

Here’s the first part of Coulter’s article:

 In the current fight over the government shutdown, Republicans are simply representing the views of the American people.

Americans didn’t ask for Obamacare, they don’t want it, but now their insurance premiums are going through the roof, their doctors aren’t accepting it, and their employers are moving them into part-time work — or firing them — to avoid the law’s mandates.

Contrary to Obama’s promises, it turns out: You can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your insurance — you can’t even keep your job. In other words, it’s a typical government program, but this one wrecks your health care.

Also, the president did raise taxes on the middle class in defiance of his well-worn campaign promise not to. Indeed, Obamacare is the largest tax hike in U.S. history.

Among the other changes effected by this law are:

Click here for the rest of the piece and don’t forget the Related articles found below:

Coulter has been challenged on her assertion that American trained doctors will not accept ObamaCare patients.  You can click here to find that Coulter dumped the truth on her statement about American trained doctors  not accepting ObamaCare patients.


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Sponge and A-Frame Workshop, Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sponge and A-Frame Workshop, Saturday, December 7, 2013

9AM – 1PM

at La Resolana, Edgewood


     The sponge is a useful rainwater harvesting technique that needs little maintenance. I find sponges to be invaluable in establishing tree saplings on windy, dry sites with poor soil and in reinvigorating old trees.

     Sponges made of carbon materials passively absorb winter snows and summer rains, store moisture efficiently in the soil for months at a time, and recycle carbon into our depleted desert soil. Carbon sponges hold moisture safely, out of the drying wind and harsh sun, in the living soil next to plant roots where it’s utilized for growth. Carbon sponges are a simple and convenient way to very-locally recycle newspapers, cardboard, magazines, old textbooks, phone books, junk mail, confidential papers, yard cuttings, cotton/leather/silk clothes, etc.

     We will do a short site tour at La Resolana to look at a variety of old sponges and their effects on nearby plants, before doing hands-on installation of several sponges with carbon material you bring from home. We’ll use an A-frame to identify the contour to determine how to catch rainwater most efficiently for the sponge, and then place the sponge in the soil and finish it off so it looks as natural as possible on the site.

     Then we’ll form groups of three to make state of the art A-frames that are durable, light-weight and foldable. I aspire for these groups to share an A-frame together, so they can use them over time in varied conditions, sharing outcomes with each other for continuing experiences and learning. I’ll give everyone marking flags so you can get started designing water retention strategies with your A-frame on your own sites!




 9 AM                          Site tour of successful sponges and a sponge ladder


10 AM                               Make several sponges: identify contour, dig hole and berm the downhill side, fill with carbon “waste,” step down the materials, mulch, armor the downhill berm, water(?), extend arms of berms, and take pictures


11 AM- 1 PM              Make A-frames (inside the rainbarn with a woodstove) (I have tools and materials)



            $25 with scholarships available.  Limited to 18 people. Please e-mail me with your contact information including a current e-mail and phone number. Please bring a large bag of sponge material and a shovel.

     I plan on having a woodchip berm and A-frame workshop next spring.


     I look forward to sharing this simple rainwater harvesting technique that is extremely beneficial with minimal maintenance,


                                                                        Christian Meuli