A really amazing person

Just Cruisin 2

Today we set sail for jolly old England to
tell this tale, but before we do we have
to ask…

If you had saved 669 children from World
War II could you keep it a secret?


This man did. Meet Sir Nicholas Winton of
Hampstead, London England. And on the eve of
the Second World War he organized the rescue
of 669 children from German-occupied
Czechoslovakia, got them safe passage to
Britain, and found homes for them.

The UK press called him the “British
Schindler”. His operation was later known as
the Czech Kindertransport, and the children
saved were mostly Jewish.

in 1983 he was appointed a Member of the
Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his
work in establishing the Abbeyfield homes
for the elderly in Britain.

In 1988 his wife Gete found a scrapbook in
their attic that was so detailed it listed
the children, their parent’s…

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