Soldiers Who Salsa

Soldiers Who Salsa is two things.  There are soldiers who salsa and there is, Soldiers Who Salsa (SWA), an organization that sees to it that soldiers can salsa.  And not just any soldier … They teach wounded veterans, whether physically wounded or mentally wounded, to salsa.

There is so much to discover about Soldiers Who Salsa and soldiers who salsa and I believe the story is best told by their website and an interview given by Jennifer Ables, the SWA Executive Director and one of the instructors for the successful program.

Follow this link Soldiers Who Salsa to gain more knowledge about the program and then follow the link below for quick access to Jennifer’s interview with Ritmo Bello for more nuts and bolts information:

Soldiers Who Salsa, A Ritmo Bello Interview With Executive Director Jennifer Ables

While you are on the website, I hope you will consider becoming a regular donor to Soldiers Who Salsa and you’ll share any ideas you may have for the programs future success.