This Did Not Happen .. Why Not?

Below, you will see a replication of a document sent to some parents from the school administration of the school their child or children attend.  The document bears the typed name of Tom  Sullivan, the Superintendent of the Moriarty-Edgewood School District (MESD).

The text of the document seems to be an attempt to set the stage for helpful and honest dialogue regarding possible solutions to the finanacial conundrum in which the MESD finds itself.

Sadly, we find from the document there are several promises made which remain unfulfilled. Those unfulfilled promises serve to harm the announced transparency of the MESD Superintendent, and the governance provided by the MESD Board of Education.

Why are the citizens of the MESD left wondering why the words of the document were not carried out?  Was it because of secret instructions to the superintendent by an unknown person or a group of persons?  Or were the promises contained in the words of the attachment purposely ignored due to some mysterious and sinister reason?  Or … was the failure due to an extended lapse of memory on the part of the document’s author?  So many questions — So few answers.

You decide:

Dear Moriarty-Edgewood parents and staff,

As you likely know by now, the District has been facing some serious budget and facility problems which, unfortunately, now require prompt attention. We have lost 2,000 students in the last 12 years- over 40% from our highest enrollment point.

During a series of both staff Advisory Committee and public meetings, we have identified a number of options to address the crisis- virtually all of them requiring school closure(s) and identifying other appropriate, alternative uses for existing District buildings.

Although almost everyone recognizes the need for drastic action, no one wants it be their own campus that is selected. While this may be understandable, it creates its own set of additional problems. I absolutely believe certain decisions have to be made NOW to at least stabilize the District’s finances, while more comprehensive, long term planning can then be undertaken. Problems that were 12 years in the making can’t be totally solved between now and August, 2014; especially those that would require major overhauls to curriculum, staffing patterns, facility design, transportation etc.

The MESD Board of Education has scheduled several more public meetings in the next month- the evenings of Dec. 10, 17 and January 21 (emphasis added) at the very least- at which they will continue to weigh options and listen to the school community.

Please try to understand that whatever the final outcome, it will be driven by the Board’s efforts to do what is necessary for the well being of the District as a whole.

Sincerely, Tom Sullivan

Well, we all now know the MESD Superintendent and the MESD Board of Education did not wait to make the decision to close two schools until or after January 21, 2014; but hurried to make the changes on December 17, 2013.

Given the failure of the superintendent and his and the board’s actions is it any wonder that parents, citizens and officials of the Edgewood community give little to no credence to anything they have done or will do in the future,

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2 thoughts on “This Did Not Happen .. Why Not?

  1. Mr Sullivan clearly states:

    “…certain decisions have to be made NOW to at least stabilize the District’s finances, while more comprehensive, long term planning can then be undertaken. Problems that were 12 years in the making can’t be totally solved between now and August, 2014”

    He also says earlier in his letter that virtually all solutions will require school closure. Nowhere did he promise that no decisions would be made until after January 21. I think that is your misinterpretation. I suspect the MESD has budgetary deadlines, just as the Town of Edgewood does, that probably preclude waiting to make any decisions and submit a balanced budget to PED until everyone has had their say, Exactly how many turned out to the January 21 meeting to speak to these issues anyway? I heard not many attended.

    Mr. Sullivan is also very clear that this problem has evolved over 12 years, and you and I know that it became acute about 5 or 6 years ago. Save Our School (SOS) lobbied to keep EES open, and then did virtually nothing to contribute to “comprehensive, long-term planning” for the district. What they succeeded in doing was kicking the can down the road for the short term. I hope we can do better as a community this time to better address these long term issues.

    • The inference in Mr. Sullivan’s letter and his spoken words were final decisions would be made on or after the meeting of the 21st.

      It is nice to hear from the Viceroy of Viterol, but you need to get out more. How could you possibly know what the SOS folks accomplished since you had no part in any part of SOS, or the resulting defeat of the closure of EES. Along about the time others were working hard to save EES, you were busy browbeating and denigrating an excellent and loyal employee of the Town of Edgewood. SOS was never granted deserved credit by the school administration or the MESD Board of Education for their very dedicated accomplishments. Your dear friend on the board was busy posing as the KING of Viterol and insulting those disagreeing with his diatribes about how EES was to be closed and the decision was final. I don’t know if you and he taught each other or if being unpleasant to citizens and employees comes natural to the two of you.

      Since you chose to respond to this blog, it gives me an opportunity to tell you how very childish you were in your letter referring to Mountain and Valley First Choice Family Health Care as a “medicaid,” clinic. Your comment was a hidden insult to those utilizing the clinic, and to the employees at the clinic dedicating themselves to providing health services to the Estancia Valley. Even though your comments were immature, you very well know the clinic is a not-for-profit facility serving the insured (close to 30%), medicaid patients, medicare patients and sliding-scale patients not covered under any health care plan. As well, if you don’t know, you should know, the services available at the clinic include medical treatment, dental treatment and mental health counseling.

      I would very much like to believe your sincerity in calling for cooperation, but having been bit by your methodologies in past years, it is difficult; if not impossible, to join your kind of cooperation. I believe, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” to be an appropriate response. If you expect anyone to take you serious about your desire to cooperate you will have to mend the fences you’ve helped to tear down with your heavy-footed trampling.

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