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Chick-fil-A Aids Drivers Stranded by Winter Weather

As the snow fell and the number of stranded motorists mounted near Highway 280 near Birmingham, Alabama, the owner and workers of a Chick-fil-A restaurant opened their doors to feed and shelter those put out by the storm at no charge and with no strings attached.

On January 28, store owner Mark Meadows decided to close his
Chick-fil-A store for the day because employees were having trouble
getting to work and business was bound to be slow as people avoided
unnecessary travel. However, the weather had other ideas for Meadows and
his employees.

After leaving, several of his employees returned to the store saying
that the roads were nearly impassable and many other motorists were
already stranded on the side of the road, some for seven and eight hours

“Our store is about a mile and a half from the interstate and it took me two hours to get there,” manager Audrey Pitt told Fox News’ Todd Starnes. “It was a parking lot as far as I could see.”

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