Concealed Carry In Round House In Peril

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Subject: Proposals to ban concealed carry in the State Capitol
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 18:04:29 -0500 (EST)
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Contact representatives in opposition to proposals banning concealed carry in State Capitol

NOTE: HR 3 has been set for a hearing in House Judiciary at 1:30pm this Wednesday!

Senate Resolution 1 and House Resolution 3 by Sen. Peter Wirth (D – Santa Fe) and Rep. Brian Egolf (D – Santa Fe) have been introduced in the 2014 session to amend Senate and House rules and ban the carrying of firearms by anyone except a law enforcement officer almost everywhere in the State Capitol. This includes persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun by the State of New Mexico.

Normally, bills which don’t relate to the budget are not germane to the 30-day session and therefore not eligible for consideration. Absent a message from the Governor, they are usually never even debated. But certain types of measures — including constitutional amendments, resolutions and memorials — do not need an executive message and may be considered during the fiscal session. This includes SR 1 and HR 3.

More often than not, committee hearings run late into the evenings during both the 30 and 60-day sessions held in odd-numbered years. Citizens who come to the Capitol to participate in the legislative process often have to return to their parked vehicles well after dark. While we commend the work the New Mexico State Police do to keep the Capitol complex secure, we simply cannot — and should not — be made to rely on them for our own personal security.

SR 1 has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee. Please contact committee members and urge them to oppose SR 1 for the reasons stated above. (Link to Senate Rules Committee)

HR 3 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. Please contact committee members and urge them to oppose HR 3 for the same reasons. (Link to House Judiciary Committee)


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