Continued: No Schools Closing

EDITOR: As promised, here is additional information regarding the previously requested closure of Edgewood Elementary and Mountain View Elementary.

The following is a copy of correspondence Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera sent to the Moriarty-Edgewood School District Education Board President, Mr. Todd McCarty and  the district’s superintendent, Mr. Tom Sullivan.

The letter is self-explanatory and needs no clarification:


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Edgewood Municipal Election Campaign 2014


Edgewood Municipal Election Campaign 2014

It is that time again. I currently serve as a councilor on your Edgewood governing body, and have done so since 1999, except for a two-year hiatus. During the two years I was absent from the town council, I remained active working hard to improve Edgewood’s financial well-being while planning serious town projects for future benefit. I was re-elected to a new four-year term in 2010 and it is that term which will end this coming March 4th.

During the preceding four years I have been privileged to work with a dedicated council eager to see Edgewood become the community it seems destined to be. Roads have been paved and maintained far beyond what had occurred since Edgewood was first incorporated. During the last four years your governing body built a public works facility which allows your dedicated employees to maintain road and similar equipment under the comfort of heated space or cooled space depending on the need of the seasons. The town governing body, its staff and our volunteer planning and zoning commission, formulated a renewed plan for Edgewood Commons (also known as section 16) which along with revised zoning and sub-division ordinances will become the guide for Edgewood Commons and some other areas in our community.

Edgewood’s Police Department is under new direction by your police chief Fred Radosevich. Improvements in supervision and other facets of the department’s operation have been made and will continue to be made during the future. During the coming years, Chief Radosevich will make training, equipment and personnel additions to see our department keep pace with the needs of a safe community. I retired as Captain in charge of the New Mexico State Police Criminal Division in 1985. Prior to my retirement from that agency I attended and graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Academy and obtained accreditation at the Executive level of New Mexico’s Law Enforcement Academy. The training and accreditation will continue to be helpful in ensuring Edgewood has fully trained and professional police as the governing body seeks to assist our Chief of Police.

Edgewood has been fortunate to have the Mountain & Valley Family Health Care Facility (FCFHC) here since 2003. What came as a 7800 square foot medical, dental and mental health services facility has outgrown its present space and plans are to construct a new health commons of approximately 42,000 square feet with an urgent care component, and other ancillary services, such as a community wellness center open to the community. The facility presently employs over fifty dedicated providers and staff. Total employment will reach over 100 once the new facility is completed. We believe the facility will continue to partner with the University of New Mexico in medical provider training.

Edgewood recently joined with the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce (ECC) in formalizing a memorandum of understanding allowing ECC to organize as Edgewood’s primary economic development organization. ECC is organizing for recruitment of businesses, services and other vital needs with economic components. We expect to see firm results though ECC’s efforts.

I have served on various committees during my tenure as a town council member and currently (Since 2003) serve as a “consumer” member of FCFHC Board of Directors. I continue to serve .on the Northern Region Transportation District Board of Directors which provides transportation to and from Edgewood with a mid-day service to be added soon.

I currently hold certification as a graduate of the Municipal Officials Leadership Institute under the auspices of the New Mexico Municipal League and I will continue to improve my knowledge and efficiency with in-service training.

I humbly ask for your vote during this election cycle ending March 4th. In turn, I will continue to serve you with honesty, integrity and full dedication.


Charles (Chuck) Ring

Edgewood Town Councilor


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