Humanists Win Again … For Now

This information comes from an article in The Loft and was distributed on the web by GOPUSA:

Atheists Force Woman to Remove Cross Honoring Dead Son

By Bobby Eberle

has been so much news lately of schools, organizations, and individuals
being harassed by atheist groups, but this one sets a new low. In this
case, a grieving mother erected a roadside cross where her son was
killed, and now an atheist group has forced her to take it down. What
is wrong with these people???

As reported by The Press Enterprise, a roadside cross was erected for 19-year-old Anthony Vincent Devaney who in May 2012 was killed crossing a street.

A complaint prompted the American Humanist Association
in Washington, D.C., to intervene, contending the placement of the
symbol in the city right-of-way violated the separation of church and

The association’s demand letter dated March 4 came a week after a
U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of the group’s legal challenge
to Lake Elsinore’s proposed veterans memorial. That monument would have
depicted a soldier kneeling in front of crosses and Stars of David.

Representatives of the association said they were prepared to
challenge the city again if it didn’t ensure the Devaneys’ cross came
down. The organization, which represents atheists and other nonreligious
individuals, released a statement Thursday expressing gratitude the
cross was being removed.

This is absolutely outrageous! We see these types of crosses all the
time. It is a small remembrance of a loved one and a constant reminder
that life is precious. What is the problem here?

As NBC 4 in Southern California reports, the mother, Ann Marie Devaney, feels like she is “losing her son again.”

Devaney’s removal of her cross did not go unnoticed, however. As Fox News reports, when Devaney took down her cross, more appeared.

grieving California mom who, under pressure from an
atheist group, went to the site where her son was killed to remove a
memorial cross was met at the scene by a throng of supporters who
planted crosses of their own.

“They said they have to take that one down,” Doug Johnson, a
Riverside resident who traveled to the site with his daughter and six
home-made crosses, told The Riverside Press-Enterprise. “But they didn’t
say anything about putting another one up.”

What’s even more frustrating is all of this was spurred on by the
complaint of ONE resident. That’s when the atheist group pounced. What
happened to the rights of the majority? We see it all the time…
schools banning Christmas so as not to offend one person. Instead, they
offend MOST of the people!

A thousand crosses should appear at that intersection. And as they
are taken down, even more should appear. This country has completely
lost its common sense, and it will continue to do so until people fight

NOTE: As New Mexico citizens know, it has long been a custom to erect crosses in public rights-of-way in New Mexico.  Las Cruces’s city symbol is three christian crosses.  Their use on Las Cruces’s municipal public property has thus far been upheld when challenged by individuals and/or groups, but the school district in Las Cruces has ran into problems defending its use of the same symbols. Here’s a link to a list-serv paper on a 2006 court decision:

Crosses decision does not render finality

Here is a web site which deals with crosses and other memorial symbols erected along public streets and highways:

Crosses and Other Symbols On Public Rights-of-Way

Here is the law on descansos in New Mexico

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Edgewood Chamber Friday Blast 3/7/14

  Friday Blast
            March 7, 2014

    Your Chamber,
Working for you…
Congratulations to Chuck Ring and Rita Loy Simmons who won reelection  to  the
Edgewood  Town Council!  Both bonds were passed as well.  We are once again, a community on the Way.
Real Estate values in the Edgewood Elementary school neighborhood will NOT be going down because the Elementary School was saved from shut-down by the Public Education Department.  We have research that shows that if a school is closed down, property and home values go down by 10%!

Things are humming around the chamber office.  We have started calling it “the Clubhouse”  Stop by for a cup of coffee to talk about how we can better serve you.
We have formed a new club:  The Ambassadors…who will be visiting members to
make sure you are utilizing the services to which you are entitled!  And if you would like to become an Ambassador, please let us know in the office!
We will be offering business seminars for our members beginning in April.
We are bringing in decals for your window or door to announce that you are serious about your business and have joined the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce!
Mixers are back, beginning with the March 20 mixer at ReMax Western Heritage at 5:30!
This Thursday, March 13
at 11:30 at the Edgewood Community Center.
Martha will be cooking up a delicious lunch…
we’re getting famous for our fabulous lunches!
Economic Development
Things are humming with the Economic Development committee.  We appreciate the help and skills of our committee.  We will soon begin to see results of the hard work.
 We are also preparing a research study and will be asking our membershipto be included in answering questions about growth and what you would like to see in our community.  We will be forming focus groups, and sending out questionnaires.  We will keep you posted when it’s time to ask you for your input about you would like to have in our community.
-RETRO; Wednesday, 12 March,
1-2:30 PM,
 Moriarty Civic Center
-RETRO; Wednesday, 16 April,
1-2:30 PM,
Edgewood Community Center


                   Our next Leadership Class on March 20 will
be about Business and the Economy. The class is
looking forward to meeting local, regional, and state
executives who will be teaching the class.
RICH Ford,  EPCOR Water, SASS,
Wal-Mart, and The Independent,
are sponsors for Leadership Edgewood 2014.


Teacher Star Awards
Please take a moment to nominatea teacher anywhere in the
East Mountains who has made an
impact on a child you know. Presenting sponsor for 2013-14 is
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union.
Please pick up a form at Mail and Copy or the Chamber office.

    Area Happenings

This Friday Blast Section is reserved for your events or happenings in the area!  If you have an upcoming event or a special happening that you would like to see in the Blast, please email it to the office by Wednesday. Approved information will be reviewed and inserted in the Blast on the following Friday.


Light Pole Banners
If you are interested in a banner advertising your business along Route 66 or State Road 344 in Edgewood, you can still order yours!
 If there is a vacant spot or if the Town occupies a spot you wish to occupy along Route 66 and 344, you  
can order through the town office,
only $90.




      Edgewood Chamber
Join us on Facebook
Board Meeting
Monday March 10 at 6:15pm
Chamber office
Thursday March. 13
11:30 am
Community Center
Triple Crown Corporate Partners for 2014
RICH Ford Edgewood
The Independent
Executive Director:
         Madeline Heitzman

Board of Directors

Chris Hopper       2015
Vice President
Robin Markely      2014
Babara Ormand   2015
Martha Eden
Board Members at Large:
Ray Seagers                  2015
Saul Araque                   2015
Howard Calkins              2014
Tom Torres                    2014
Julie Bassett                  2015
Economic Development:

Tom Torres – Jim Bouton
                   Howard Calkins
Political Affairs & By Laws:
Ray Seagers
Events:         Robin Markley
Education:   Julie Bassett
Programs:    Staff/Committee
Luncheon:     Martha Eden
Leadership Alumni Group
Kathy Courreges
RETRO Route 66:  
               Madeline Heitzman

   Town of Edgewood

 meets First and Third Wednesdays of the month
at 6:30pm
Edgewood Community Center
 Planning & Zoningmeets First and Third Tuesdays of the month at6:00pmEdgewood Community Center.

Other Chambers:
East Mountain Chamber meets
the first Thursday of the month at
11:30am.  Call 281-1999 or
Moriarty Chamber meets
at noon the third Tuesday of the month at the Moriarty Civic Center.  Call 832-4087
Mountainair Chamber meets the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30am. 847-2975  or
About Us 
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday
       9am – 5pm
Fridays by appointment. Call
850-2523  and we’ll be sure to meet you!


95 State Road 344 Ste 3
(Library/Chamber Bldg)
Edgewood, New Mexico
Phone Number

 If you are a chamber member,
you can leave your business cards, rack cards and flyers at the Visitors center inside the South door to the Library. Be sure to get your information over here.
It’s part of your benefit as an Edgewood Chamber member!
Stop by the office to see
Madeline if you have
any questions ,
or call my cell 850-2523.
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