Senator & Representative … Crazy As An Outhouse Mouse

Hillary Clinton 1

Hillary Clinton 1 (Photo credit: Angela Radulescu)

We have a Speaker of the House crazy for giving Obama most of what he wants and if he isn’t removed from his position he’ll have his way in giving Obama all of what he desires.

We have a RINO senator from Arizona, who actually ran for President in 2008, now acting as suitor for the worse Secretary of State we have ever had the bad fortune to experience.

The United States is increasingly going to hell in a hand-basket thanks to politicians that have little courage to perform their jobs in an honest and efficient way. You can read about one such politician from a Washington Post article starting below:

John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz.

Since leaving the State Department last year, Hillary Rodham Clinton has racked up scores of accolades and appeared on many a big stage. Still, it might come as a surprise that a past Republican presidential nominee — specifically, the one who is among the loudest critics of Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi terrorist attacks — would invite her to his desert retreat for a lofty conversation about leadership values.

This is precisely what Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has done.

Clinton, a prospective 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, will appear on stage Saturday with McCain at the Sedona Forum, an annual ideas festival hosted by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. Clinton is among the national and international business leaders, philanthropists and public figures appearing at the gathering, held in Sedona, the tony red-rocks oasis in Arizona’s Verde Valley.

In a statement released Thursday, McCain called Clinton “my friend” and praised her public service career.

“From her years of service as first lady, in the U.S. Senate and the State Department, one would be hard-pressed to find a leader with Secretary Clinton’s informed perspective on the many challenges facing America across the globe,” McCain said.

The above is pure bull butter and McCain should be ashamed of himself, even though he is a bad republican, he is not ignorant enough not to know that Hillary was of questionable value during her tenure at attempting to be Secretary of State.

Anyway, you can read the last of the Washington Post article by clicking here.

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