Just In Time To Learn

Some readers may not be familiar with Hillsdale College, but after accessing the information from the links provided, you’ll not only know a lot about Hillsdale College; you’ll know almost all there is to know about the Presidency and the Constitution.

Hillsdale College offers many on-line courses about our government and its operation.  All of the courses are taught by noted professors and other learned scholars.  What could be better?  Well, all of the course are free, although donation are encouraged.

So, why don’t we try a timely course, given our President and many progressives have failed to realize  the President and the Constitution are meant to work together as fine-tuned components of integral parts of our Republic.  The human side of the duo owes respect and obedience to the well-crafted paper partner.

If you are interested in this free course, you can start here:

The Presidency and the Constitution