In March of 2008,  I ended my tenure as an Edgewood, New Mexico Town Councilor after having served in that capacity for nine years. I enjoy volunteer work of just about any kind, whether through my church or my community.

Since I first posted this “About,” I have decided to run for a four-year term for Edgewood Town Councilor.  It is not my intent, nor desire, to use this blog to run my campaign for that office and I will not unless mud-slinging should start from some source.

The expected happened when one of the candidates and his supporters started to impugn the records and reputation of myself and one of the other candidates.  The end result had myself and another candidate each winning the election to a four-year term on the Edgewood Town Council.

After serving (1957-1961) a peace time tour in the United States Marine Corps, I served with the New Mexico State Police (1964-1985). My career with the New Mexico State Police ended when I retired as commander of its criminal division at the rank of captain.

Another blog in the area? Well, I figured the more the merrier. GadaboutBlogalot, as its mouthful implies will use every resource available in searching out (gadabout) interesting and pertinent information for publication (blogalot). We will focus on the immediate area, New Mexico and once  in a while (or more often) the nation and other interesting places. You may find articles here that I have previously posted on nm-central.com which has become an excellent source of area news and articles. We’ll write about politics and politicians, water issues, taxation issues, government relations or lack thereof, local and area events and anything else we believe to be of interest to our readers.

If you have ideas or suggestions for articles, send us an email or make the suggestion in a response to an article. Remember, you don’t have to use your real name when you respond to an article. Unfortunately, I will have to monitor responses, but I promise to keep any editing of responses to a level that is necessary. Please do respond to articles, agree or disagree, that (responses)  helps to make a blog worthwhile.

Thank you,

Chuck Ring

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chuck – Thank you for posting Land of Enchantment (Orale!) from YouTube and for your kind words about the Proud To Be A New Mexican campaign. Your review of the video describes my intent perfectly — to show pride in the state, in an entertaining manner. Saludos! Suzzanna Martinez

    • Ms. Martinez,
      I appreciate your kind words, but please believe me, I count the priviledge of recognizing your work a great pleasure.

      My family and I have lived in all four quadrants of the state and I celebrate our citizens — they are the greatest.

      Thank you and God Bless you and your team.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog today! You left very kind comments about my photos and my blog, I am very appreciative. 🙂 Thank YOU for your service to our country. I enjoyed my time in the service, and regret that I didn’t retire, as I thought I would and everyone I knew while in thought I would. 🙂 Hey, I was young and stupid, got angry with the Air Force for not letting me cross-train to another job so I got out. Biggest mistake I think I have ever made in my life. I did enjoy being in though, very much.

    • I hope you’ll forgive me for this very tardy reply. I’m very thankful for your comments/post and I know all benefiting from your generous scholarship program will receive lifetime rewards as recipients.
      Thank you for all you do.

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