An Answer To Why They Act Like Royalty

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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The answer to why many US Congress members act like princes, princesses, kings and queens is simple … over 200 of them are millionaires ( but, down from 239 last year.)  As plain wrapper citizens we must find it difficult to relate to someone whose net-worth is over 400 million as two of the congress members’ worth happens to be.  A republican member has the biggest pile of dough, followed somewhat closely by a democrat.

I am not on a course to attack capitalism.  I am sure (?) all the millionaires in congress came by their riches honestly.  Either making the money fair and square, or inheriting their money from a parent or parents, bundling their early millions with a spouse who is a millionaire in his/her own right … or by being in the right place along their business path when they became benefactors of special legislation allowing them to go to the head of the line.  The luck of the draw or some such?

One of their own has had to file for bankruptcy, and while it is not a pretty sight to witness an individual or family lose their fortune, at least  he will not be destitute or derelict; nor will he have to see his salary garnished or his congressional pension pilfered.

Here’s the story from one source (CBS) which will lead to other sources should you choose to follow to more information.

Put ‘Er In Perspective

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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It could have been anyone.  It could have been any past POTUS with a great deficit and budget.  It happens to have been our present President and strive though he might, he could not impart perspective to his promise to save 100 million dollars from our budget.  I might, but it isn’t likely, be able to explain the perspective  or lack of perspective in the President’s plan.  But , there are those talented people safely ensconced in their lairs of meaningful life, that can do so with very little effort.

Therefore, I leave it to a particular young man who is anonymous to me.  Just follow the link found immediately below this sentence.

Put ‘Er In Perspective

I wonder if the young fellow has a job?

Here’s An Idea — Spend Tax Money Outside County’s Jurisdiction

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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Let’s say your county has a 77 million dollar shortfall and you feel the urge to hold an employee retreat to try to solve the problem.  What solutions could you think about that would make solid sense after the county had experienced major accusations of public corruption?  Anything under the bulleted points make sense?

  • travel outside the county where the problem solvers could not be reached by telephone as an expressed preference
  • spend 10 to 15K  for two nights at a swanky but “inexpensive” hotel
  • hide or cover-up the number of employees and elected officials essential for attendance
  • ignore county owned facilities suitable for the two-day use
  • forget county businesses that pay taxes and fees to hold the sessions; thereby losing payroll and private sector employee/employer taxes and salaries

In times of fat public sector bank accounts, an example shown by a county or other public entity might not amount too much in the mind of citizens,  but in these times of  splintered and skinny wallets the public’s collective attitude is likely much different.  Especially when a great deal of executive and police corruption is barely one month cold.

Those reading this might be wondering where the mentioned county would be located.  Not to worry, it is in Prince George’s County, Maryland and you can read more by plinking this word.

Perhaps, residents of Prince George’s County are puzzled why  a resident of Santa Fe County, New Mexico is bothering himself with East Coast public finance and politics — here’s my reason:  I’m drawn to decisions made with little thought to real benefit, but mostly I have heard so much spin and silly theory today, that I wanted to think about something else which might help me to forget about how far  minds from the mainstream media (MSM) might stretch given enough latitude.  To paraphrase, a Bob Dylan song title, the answer is Blowin’ In The Wind. I’m not trying to match the words to Dylan’s song to what has transpired today, but I am trying to match the title to what many MSM pundit’s lips have done over the last two or three days to ratchet rhetoric upward in the Grand Canyon State and beyond.

The links found just below could prove interesting.

Good Advice — Let’s Take It

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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After all the flogging by self-important flagellants in some of the mainstream media it is refreshing and encouraging to see Robert Schlesinger of  US News and World Report agree with those of us who have asked for caution and reason in reporting on the tragic murders and injuries in Arizona.  While others were ready to blame all manner of parties and groups,  Mr. Schlesinger seriously tried to urge his fellow media types and hypes away from premature blame assignment.

Perhaps some of the MSM paid attention, but many … maybe most, rushed headlong into the blame game and joined the formation at the fourth down and 15 yard line to make a touchdown or at least a field goal with the story, but with little thought toward responsibility.  Maybe we can do the cretins a favor by showing them what Schlesinger elected to carry out.  After filling in the first parts of the story, Mr. Schlesinger says:

This last is an especially important point right now. People are pointing out that Giffords’s 2010 opponent had an M-16 rifle shooting event to rally supporters against her over the summer; and that the congresswoman was on Sarah Palin’s famous congressional target list, illustrated with cross-hairs aimed at congressional districts on a map of the United States. Speculation has already begun that this murderer must be a right-winger, a gun nut, a Tea Partyer. And they very well may be. Or their twisted reasons for this act could be unrelated to politics or come from a different political view. But right now we just don’t know.

We’ll find out soon enough. But leaping immediately to assign political blame to this tragedy distracts from and cheapens this morning’s events by making them yet another act in a political process that seems ready to spin out of control at the margins.

The story continues and from my perch, it really seems Schlesinger does his level best to point the MSM in the proper direction:

There will be time for politics. When the shooter’s story comes out we will all have the opportunity to argue about what drove them to this heinous act and—if these speculations are born out—examine whether our politics really has spun out of control at the fringe and to what extent the wink, nod, and dog whistle crowd in the mainstream are culpable for this.

Now we know, precious few writing about yet another sorry story in our history, elected to follow the path trusted to them.  Instead, they were invested in the biggest story and quickest spin they could deliver to an American public, with some of the public ready to accept the spin spectacle as truth.

There is more to the story and you can access it from here.  You’ll also see updates to the story.  A little message for the rest of the reporter guys and gals — if  Mr. Schlesinger should ever teach a journalism class, consider taking it until you get it.

Thanks Robert Schlesinger and US News and World Report (refreshing indeed)

A Post A Day For 2011– A Challenge From WordPress

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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I might as well start this great New Year to be (?) by continuing what I have done for at least the past year and a half.  I will post an article, commentary or public service announcement every day during 2011 … maybe more than once a day.  Since I already have the habit, or should I say, the Blogging Jones , I will follow what  WordPress has issued; what they call a challenge, and what I believe amounts to a daily or weekly inspiration, to post a blog a day or a blog a week.

WordPress is chock- full of  free features, great services and attentive detail, so if you are interested in starting your own blog you can begin by going to this starting your blog link.  Unless you are going to write CSS code for your blog, I suggest you skip the Download 3.0.4 button and click instead on “getting a free account on”   The main thing to remember about blogging;  perhaps I should say consider;  is that you have to blog to blog.  How simple is that … blog to blog!

There you have it, my first post of the year, hopefully with enough information to pique your interest in beginning a blog of your own.  If you’ll follow the links below, you’ll see some WordPress bloggers have already taken the challenge to postaday2011.

A flip of the lid and a flap of the cap to the folks at WordPress.  Click here to see the crew.