More Bull Butter By Churning Radical Progressives (For The Most Part)


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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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Winding down now (politically speaking) we see extra-ordinary attempts by the mostly main stream media (MSM) to draw and quarter the Tea Parties across the United States.  Certainly, in our opinion,  they also excoriate the Republicans for their part in running for office as they (MSM) stoop to pick up the sorriest of the sorry Democratic party’s lot to attempt maintenance of the status-quo.

Some of the  MSM statements are pure political electioneering … something the small-stream media (SSM) cannot hope to combat due to SSM’s lesser numbers.  However, due to hard-work, real sincerity and their listening and reading numbers, they may combat the stench the bull butter radicals try to spread on them.

Media Research Center ( conservative and very conservative) publishes a newsletter for online subscribers.  Their CYBER ALERT SPECIAL EDITION sent today offers ample evidence of what we have said above.  Rather than try to make an excellent job over, I have posted a link to the tattletale stories.  I hope you’ll read the stories behind the links:



Reid Says, “I Look To The Sky — Do I Try, Or Simply Fly Away With The Bird.”

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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That might be what Senator Harry Reid is thinking when pictured as he tries to look earnest.  Images displayed of our President and the Senator who happens to try to lead the Senate often look heavenward as though they have a meeting with the Man upstairs.  Perhaps they do, or perhaps they have a short meeting with the destiny of political life.  Either way, this article is about Harry Reid, the bird flipper and his latest promise to pass an immigration bill during the lame-duck prelude to the swearing-in of a new Congress.  Think of it as Reid’s “Duck Bill” if he manages to convince enough Senators to follow his folly.  An article in today’s edition of The Washington Times by their reporter, Stephen Dinan, has said:

Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is in a desperate battle to keep his Senate seat, told Univision’s “Al Punto,” a Sunday political talk show, that he has the right as majority leader to decide what legislation reaches the floor, and said he is “a believer in needing to do something” on immigration.

Ever the demagogue himself, Mr. Reid resorts to hauling-out  the old words Democrats and Progressives love to use to denigrate Republicans and Conservatives.  Of course Reid neglects placing the blame for the immigrants plight where it belongs … squarely in the immigrants’ camp(no pun intended)  in their home countries that have no path to success for the poor and at his and other ineffectual liberal’s feet:

“I just need a handful of Republicans. I would settle for two or three Republicans to join with me on the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform, but they have not been willing to step forward,” Mr. Reid said. “They want to keep talking about this issue, and I say [it] is demagoguery in its worst fashion and is unfair to the Hispanic community.”

Reid is attempting, with his last-minute rounds of Hispanic media outlets, to ride the tired old pony of undeserved amnesty to an election victory which will allow his continued forced legislation and friendship with his political cronies.

In September, just before Congress adjourned for two months, Mr. Reid tried to attach the Dream Act to the annual defense policy bill, which already was loaded down with language laying out a path for gays to serve openly in the military. But Republicans blocked the defense bill, arguing that Mr. Reid was playing politics just before the election.

The immigration issue has been dominant in the Nevada Senate race, which pits Mr. Reid against Republican nominee Sharron Angle, who has been running ads accusing Mr. Reid of being a friend of illegal immigrants.

You can read a surprise ending (at least somewhat) to Mr. Dinan’s story, and other information not covered in this post, by clicking right here.

Thanks and a flap of the cap to The Washington Times and Mr. Dinan.

This Exhibition Could Gag A Maggot

That is if one could get close to the filth and I’m not talking about the participants, just the trash and junk words on their signs.

Just stuff  hard to believe  … but just look what some of these folks do believe in. Click it, here

My opinion only.  The only reason I can tell these folks were demonstrating in the United States is from the presence of our cherished monuments and landmarks.

Flap of the cap to MAROONEDINMARIN

New Homophobes, Spitters And Hitleresque Sign Submitters

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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After all the remonstrative dialogue offered by some who have decried what they believe the Tea Party to stand for,  it is telling to see them act out  those accusations toward the Tea Party, and Tea Party supporters.  It is not the first time that the progressives and their fellow celebrants have pulled the pins on their grenades of hate.  We well remember the  “F” word Bush and the Hitler moustaches placed on the protest signs of the left side of the equation during the last administration  … it seems as though it hasn’t stopped.

The folks at Founding Bloggers have a round-up, more like a corral full of insulting homophobic comments and an allegation of spitting from within a group transported to attend a “Stop The Hate”  (according to the signs in the midst of the protesters) protest during an event held by Right Nation at the Sear’s Centre Arena in Chicago.  Two of the presenters for the Right Nation event happened were Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart.  A woman at the end of the video identifies the  protest group as Organizing for America (A Project of the National Democratic Committee)  where no matter how long you search OFA , you end up at, and you can see a link to the invitation to take part (or, does it amount to marching papers) on the Founding Bloggers site.

There are other characters who claim kinship to the Democratic Socialists of America and to the Obama administration.  We hope you’ll avail yourself of the opportunity to witness the accusers become the perpetrators.  Just be prepared to park yourself for both extended narrative and video. Click right here.

We almost forgot to provide another example of “mustache marque posters” provided by the supporters of a certain Representative Halvorson.  Can you say the grenade exploded in their hand.   WhoDunIt (?) right here at Gateway Pundit.


An Artist Or Entertainer Be … For Free

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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For free insurance according to Dear Madame Flutterby.  This if true, has to be close to the most inane and insane words ever spoken by the progressive left.  Or maybe it is just what WE knew to be true from the beginning of the magnificent “health care bill.”  We said, but no one listened.  Of course, this is just one mouth speaking for many in the institution known as the Mouse of representatives.

What a wonderful deal for ne’er-do-well types, including illegal aliens who will be citizens if the Progressives and similar folks in the RINO column  get their way with amnesty.  Let us join the anarchists and enjoy our personal individual laws.  Look at the video below.  It is one of the few times that the Madame has failed  to stutter and stumble.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Pelosi on ObamaCare to Artists“, posted with vodpod
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Republicans May Wish On One Hand And Scat In The Other

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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Reports and rumors of the Republican party bringing Tea Party activists (TPA) into the Republican Party sheep pen,  may be comtemplated, but having been involved with the Tea Party, I believe I can say that  TPA folks are in no hurry to embrace any party.  I believe most TPA people are just that … people.  Individuals who have grown tired and weary of the mainstream media and mainstream politics.  What they have in common is not political party membership (although I am a Republican and many others of us are serious party members) but a love for the United States Constitution and the ideals which have made this country what it was and can still be.

A report from Fox News has this quote which seems to point out the problem Republicans have with understanding TPA:

“If you have to run a focus group to understand the tea party movement,” the GOP source said, “you never will understand the tea party movement.”

As one member of the TPA , I am not hard to understand and I am neither radical, nor a “racist”,”birther” or “truther.”  There are some TPA that are admittedly one or perhaps all four, and probably some who are far more to the right, than Marx and Alinsky were to the left.  I try to check facts and point out false information, no matter from what direction it might arrive.

So, we (TPA) do not march in lock-step, nor do we take orders from some central headquarters.  What suggestions we do follow, we follow in the interest of maintaining our position in the world and having an impact on all executive, legislative and judicial levels from local to national, and perhaps even the world. And, we hope to accomplish the foregoing through adhering to the United States Constitution and not a progressive manifesto.

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The Pieces Of Pig

Thanksgiving turkey (LOC)
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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We’re talking about the pieces of pig in the Senate Health Bill which will serve to further satiate the bribed congressional members as us old people finish our emaciated Christmas turkey. The attached video is nothing, if not an illustration, of the consternation and fear felt by the Grey Foxes.

Meanwhile we receive emails from our so-called caring lawmakers about this wonderful bunch of turkey giblets they have crafted into a turkey loaf.  The “You Tube” video just below, along with the article from BigGovernment accompanying it, will offer further explanation. Click on the link, watch the video; then read the article.

Merry Christmas From the United States Senate.

Turkey On, Seniors!

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No More Federal Trough For ACORN … Maybe

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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No More Pork Bank

No More Pork Bank

If the Senate has its way, there will be no more sucking of the public teat for ACORN. On a vote of 83 to 7 the senate so ruled today.

Let’s see if it will stick or be pried off the wall by another group such as the Democratic Socialists of America.

Here’s a link to the story Public Bottle Gone

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