Edgewood Moving Forward

The following was received from Edgewood Moving Forward:

In response to the Edgewood Town Council’s Resolution 2014-01, we have formed a group called Edgewood Moving Forward.  Our goal and mission is to create an Edgewood School District separate from the current school district.  We have a vision for our children’s education.  We invite you to learn about this vision at the town hall meeting that will be held on Saturday, April 12th at 3:00 pm at Edgewood Middle School.  We believe this is the time for Edgewood to Move Forward and take charge of our childrens’ future. We hope to see you there. 

**Please help spread the word about this meeting. Please forward this email to friends and family that might be interested in attending. Thank you.


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Debunking The Myths Of School Closures

The intent of the Moriarty-Edgewood School District Board and the superintendent for the district is to close 40% of the elementary schools in the district.  Thus far they have been denied this drastic measure by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED). They have attempted to further or bolster their case with supplemental submissions which are now being considered by the PED.

We are posting the “infographic,” found below because we believe it contains valid points against school closures.  This infographic and others to follow were developed when massive school closures occurred in several large cities in the United States.  Not everything contained in the infographic series will be applicable to this district, but each infographic provides food for rational thinking.

Debunking the my ofschoolclosures2

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This Did Not Happen .. Why Not?

Below, you will see a replication of a document sent to some parents from the school administration of the school their child or children attend.  The document bears the typed name of Tom  Sullivan, the Superintendent of the Moriarty-Edgewood School District (MESD).

The text of the document seems to be an attempt to set the stage for helpful and honest dialogue regarding possible solutions to the finanacial conundrum in which the MESD finds itself.

Sadly, we find from the document there are several promises made which remain unfulfilled. Those unfulfilled promises serve to harm the announced transparency of the MESD Superintendent, and the governance provided by the MESD Board of Education.

Why are the citizens of the MESD left wondering why the words of the document were not carried out?  Was it because of secret instructions to the superintendent by an unknown person or a group of persons?  Or were the promises contained in the words of the attachment purposely ignored due to some mysterious and sinister reason?  Or … was the failure due to an extended lapse of memory on the part of the document’s author?  So many questions — So few answers.

You decide:

Dear Moriarty-Edgewood parents and staff,

As you likely know by now, the District has been facing some serious budget and facility problems which, unfortunately, now require prompt attention. We have lost 2,000 students in the last 12 years- over 40% from our highest enrollment point.

During a series of both staff Advisory Committee and public meetings, we have identified a number of options to address the crisis- virtually all of them requiring school closure(s) and identifying other appropriate, alternative uses for existing District buildings.

Although almost everyone recognizes the need for drastic action, no one wants it be their own campus that is selected. While this may be understandable, it creates its own set of additional problems. I absolutely believe certain decisions have to be made NOW to at least stabilize the District’s finances, while more comprehensive, long term planning can then be undertaken. Problems that were 12 years in the making can’t be totally solved between now and August, 2014; especially those that would require major overhauls to curriculum, staffing patterns, facility design, transportation etc.

The MESD Board of Education has scheduled several more public meetings in the next month- the evenings of Dec. 10, 17 and January 21 (emphasis added) at the very least- at which they will continue to weigh options and listen to the school community.

Please try to understand that whatever the final outcome, it will be driven by the Board’s efforts to do what is necessary for the well being of the District as a whole.

Sincerely, Tom Sullivan

Well, we all now know the MESD Superintendent and the MESD Board of Education did not wait to make the decision to close two schools until or after January 21, 2014; but hurried to make the changes on December 17, 2013.

Given the failure of the superintendent and his and the board’s actions is it any wonder that parents, citizens and officials of the Edgewood community give little to no credence to anything they have done or will do in the future,

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Edgewood Chamber: Insty Message, School Closure

     Edgewood Chamber of Commerce
insty message

Please make every attempt to attend the
School Board Meeting Tuesday December 17
at 6pm in the Moriarty High School Board Room.
The members of the School Board are considering
how they will fix a badly bleeding budget.
Closing a couple of schools and moving 6th graders to the Middle school are part of the solution.
Our problem is that they are thinking about closing
the ONLY Elementary School in the  Town of Edgewood.  We have been working very hard to attract new business to our area to create better paying jobs and help our general economy.
Do you know what it looks like when the ONE Elementary School in the actual Town of Edgewood is being closed down?
The school that is actually the star in the school district, with high evaluation grades?
If this is something you want to discuss further with the School Board and Superintendent Tom Sullivan,
I have attached their contact information at the bottom of this mini-blast.
Please, as members of our business community, contact board members, the superintendent, and
Senator Sue Wilson Beffort who has helped in the past.
Tom Sullivan: District Superintendent: 505-330-2600
Todd McCarty: School Board President
505-400-8478   McCarty@mac.com
Audrey Jaramillo, School Board Vice President:
Albert Chavez: School Board Member
505-239-2674  a2011sbm@yahoo.com
Elisabeth Howell: School Board Member
505-903-9762 paranch@q.com
Senator Sue Wilson Beffort
505-514-8667 or 505-292-7116

Edgewood Event: Independence Forever Post 4th time 10/25/13

The Sandia Tea Party, together with the New Mexico Chapter of Americans For Prosperity is sponsoring a presentation from The Glorious Cause Of America Institute (GCOAI)

The GCOAI is a non-profit corporation created to help us better understand those who fought and suffered to establish a new independent nation, and the principles they put into the United States Constitution to establish and protect freedom.

The course to be presented is titled Independence Forever and the instructor for the presentation is Mr. G.K Mangelson.  Please see more information below:

Course Title: Independence Forever! The 4 Steps to Save America

Course Description:

  • From this presentation you will learn:
  • Miraculous stories of God’s hand in the founding of America.
  • How to protect freedom from being lost.
  • How restoring the principles in the Constitution would solve major problems facing America.
  • Inspiring words and stories from our Founding Fathers

GK Mangelson Picture

Speaker Bio:

G. Kent “G.K.” Mangelson, CFP,

Author, Constitutional Scholar

G.K. Mangelson is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. For the past 30 years he has lectured to thousands of attendees at hundreds of conventions, conferences, and seminars with rave reviews. Mr. Mangelson is currently writing the book Independence Forever! 4 Steps to Save America. During years of extensive travel throughout America, Mr. Mangelson has become a true patriot. He is now dedicating his time, talents, and career to training and enlightening audiences everywhere on how to protect and save our constitution and America’s future. Mr. Mangelson is a founder of The Glorious Cause of America Institute and serves on its board of directors. G.K. and his wife, Chris, are the parents of seven children and presently reside on Amelia Island near Jacksonville, Florida.

Attendee Comments:

“I left with pride in my country and deep appreciation for GK and his sharing of the founding principles. Thank you.”

“GK is phenomenal! Amen! Let us unite for this cause!”

“After attending the seminar, I now know how I can effectively contribute to guide the direction of our great nation.”

“Thank you for sharing about our great nation & our responsibility to preserve it.”

“I was extremely moved by GK’s brilliant and moving speech.”

Interested?  Then plan to attend this important and inspiring presentation. There is no charge for the presentation although contributions of any amount are encouraged to allow payment for the  venue facilities.

Because of great demand for scheduling we were only able to secure the one date for the presentation.

Location: Valley View Christian Church, SR 344 & Christian Way In Edgewood, New Mexico 87015

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored By Valley View Christian Church

Date: 10/25/13 at 6:30 PM (doors open at 5:30PM) Event lasts until 8:00 PM

Map, contact information and additional Information can be found on the right above under “Upcoming Events.”

REPOST: 10th Annual Father’s Day Car Show In Edgewood, NM

Many of you have watched as Edgewood’s Father’s Day Car Show grew to a size which called for larger exhibit space.  This year Tony Jaramillo Jr and his crew will stage the event at Edgewood’s Wal-Mart.  This larger space developed after the  Wal-Mart’s manager and the parent organization stepped forward to offer a paved area for the show.

The proceeds for the event are to be donated to the Edgewood Mobile Food Pantry as has been the case for the last several years.  Volunteers from Valley View, along with other community volunteers will be working to make this year’s show the best ever. The food pantry will continue to be held at Valley View Christian Church.

The flyer found below, lists the major sponsors for the show, together with other information.  We would like to give special mention to Pastor Dewey Moede and his ministry FGGAM.org for their generous sponsorship donation.

Please call Tony Jaramillo Jr at 505-459-2358 for questions and please support the sponsors of this event.

Last, but not least, there is no entry fee for car exhibitors!


Repost Edgewood 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt (3/24/13)

Easter Egg Hunt 2013 2-1

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ECOC Friday Blast (8/26/11)



Friday Blast 
August 26,
Your Chamber – working for you…
 For those of you who have been following the news about Cow-A-Bunga, you know that the big event is this Sunday at 1pm.  In a specially built pen at RICH FORD
 (Thanks Dominic at Old Mill Feed Store on Route 66 for the cattle fencing),
LUCY the cow will begin her walk around the pen,  when she stops
and leaves a pie, (normally an off-putting event) people will cheer and look on the grid at our table to see who won the up to $2000 in CASH!
Thanks to Bill and Mollie Pittman for bringing Lucy to us for this event!
Because we would like all 500 squares sold, to give out the full $2000 prize,  TODAY Linda Thomas from Juice Plus+ and I will be at a table in front of
Wal-Mart selling tickets from noon to 4pm,  and we’ll be set up in a booth at the Car Show at RICH FORD all day Saturday. 
Please stop by for your tickets…remember they’re only $10 each, and the proceeds after the prize is paid will go to make our
COW AWARDS a successful event as we
honor and reward  the volunteers who help to make Edgewood a better place for all!
“Masquerade Extraordinaire”
Annual Chamber Banquet
  Whew, we just barely get one event completed and we’re planning for the next one!  On Monday evening August 29 at 6pm in the Chamber Conference Room in the Library building (access from the side of the building, our sign is on the door), we’re holding  our first organizational meeting for the banquet.  
 If you have some ideas for the dinner, please stop by and say hi and talk to us.  Cold drinks and some snacks will be your reward…(and of course our undying gratitude for your participation in your chamber)! 
Be looking for the new ads on our ECOC Website

We will be adding some new ads within the next two weeks, and we hope that you consider the advantage of having your ads before the public.  With an average of 1000 hits per month (and growing) on our site, you will
have the opportunity to reach people who are looking for YOU here in the East Mountain area!  For Informnation about prices and sizes, 
Because of all of the action in the Chamber office this summer, we haven’t had time to call and talk to all of you about the fabulous new glossy color
Relocation Guide and Directory…so we have extended the deadline for the directory to September 15.  You must be a currently paid member in order to be included in the “Free” portion of the directory. 
 For additional advertising placement,   I will be talking to you soon… we don’t want you to miss being part of this beautiful  new vehicle for getting your business out there!
We plan to unveil the book at our Chamber Banquet on October 29!
For information about the book, including prices and sizes, click here

or give Madeline a call at 850-2523.

AT 6:15pm in the Chamber Conference Room. (Executive Session to follow).
Wednesday September 14
11:30am Edgewood Community Center
Our September Mixer will be held  on 
Thursday, September 22 from 5:30 to 7:00pm at
344 Storage
Host is Cheryl Bonino
  We can’t wait to see you there!
Important Business Information:
A top audit target of the IRS are independent contractors who should really be paid as employees.  The IRS defines an Independent Contractor (ID) as follows:
 The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor (ID)  if the payer has the right to control only the result of the work and not what will be done and not how it will be done.
The relevant facts of a decision whether someone is an ID or an employee fall into 3 categories.  No single fact provides the answer.  Carefully review all of the facts:
1) Behavioral Control – A worker is an employee when the business has the right to direct and control the worker through specific instructions and training.
2) Financial Control – Does the employer direct or control the business of the ID?  Does the ID have a significant investment in their business?  Is the ID reimbursed for expenses?  Does the ID have other clients and is there an opportunity to make a profit or incur a loss in their business?
3) Relationship of the parties – Are employee benefits provided?  Is there a written contract that shows what both parties intend?
If you classify an employee as an independent contractor and you have no reasonable basis for doing so, you may be held liable for employment taxes and penalties for that worker if discovered during the audit process.
If you have independent contractors,m you need to have them complete a Form W-9 for your records.  If they earn more than $600 or more in any calendar year, you must also provide them with a Form 1099 no later than January 31st of the following year.
You can visit www.irs.gov and search Independent Contractor for additional bulletins and information.
Thank you Peggy L. Meyer, MBA
Integrity Bookkeeping Solutions
286-4828 for providing us with this valuable information.
This Friday Blast section is reserved for your events or happenings in the area!
If you have an upcoming event or a special happening that you would like to share, please email your information to our office. The deadline to get info in for a Friday Blast will be Wednesdays by 5:00pm. Information will be reviewed and if acceptable will be featured in this section the following Friday. 


Harvest Festival at Wild LIfe West is this weekend!
Don’t miss the festivities
for event schedule!
Chuckwagon Barbeque
Every Saturday Night through September 3.
A Bit of Nostalgia, Music Show,
and Lots of Humor!
Food Starts at 7pm
Don’t miss Edgewood’s own
Very Special Saturday Night Event!
Admission to the Wildlife Zoo at 5:30 PM,
Live Raptor Show at 6pm
6-7pm Tractor pulled hay ride
7pm Chuckwagon BBQ dinner starts
8pm Music for about an hour.
www.wildlifewest.org for more information!
or call 505-281-7655
Aug 28, 2011 at RICH FORD Edgewood
Bring your Best Recipe!
Forms at Entranosa Water, & Rich Ford
(This will be going on during

About ECOC
Hours of Opperation:
9:30am – 3:00pm
95 Highway 344 Ste.3
Library Building
Edgewood, NM 87015
Phone Number:
(505) 286-2577
Email Address:
Executive Director:
Madeline Heitzman
Gary Birkman
President Elect:
Chris Hopper
Secretary Treasurer:
Mary Dammann
Member At Large:
Howard Calkins
Ray Seagers
Renee Willes
Misty Miller

 Have A Great Weekend Edgewood!

Thanks for the bags… Please keep them coming to the Chamber office.
Edgewood Mobile Food Pantry
could use those plastic bags that pile up after your trips to the grocery store.  If you have some to share, please drop them at the Chamber office, Suite 3 in the Library Building on  State Road 344.
PO Box 457, Edgewood, NM 87015, USA


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