Sample The Santa Fe Opera (May 3, 2013)

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Moriarty Rotary Club Sponsors:



(Opera, Broadway, and popular music)
FEATURING – Sara Heaton (Soprano) and Joshua Dennis (Tenor)

Friday, May 3, 2013- 7:00 p.m.
Moriarty High School Performing Arts Center

Ticket Prices: Children/Students- $5.00, Adults- $10.00
All proceeds benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund
****** EXTRA EVENT (8:00 p.m.)******
Meet the Artist Reception including refreshments.  Come and mingle with your friends and talk directly with the Artists.
Deluxe Tickets for the show and meet the artist event:

Children/Students- $10.00 Adult $15.00
Come and see what Opera is all about!  Find out if you enjoy Opera and Broadway performances. Enjoy an evening out with family and friends.
Tickets can be purchased at Shorty’s Bar Be Cue and Magnum Steel

Garaoke Entertainment


EDITOR’S NOTE:  As is our custom, from time to time, during these economic trials, we are posting an announcement from an area small business.  There is no charge for this service.

Garaoke Entertainment
  » What’s Coming Up?
Yes graduations are approaching fast! I sent a reminder about a month ago and I’ve still got a couple dates open so book that party now before it’s too late.
Any DJ can play the music, what makes Garaoke unique is the attention to detail and ability to read your crowd and keep the party going. If you want a really fun and carefree party, you should check out Garaoke Entertainment to make it an event to remember!
Call or email today!
Molly’s Bar!

Garaoke is at Molly’s Bar the first and third Monday of each month! Attendance has been low but growing. We need your help to keep it going at Molly’s, so come out and show your support!

El Vaquero Restaurant!
Starting this week:
Friday nights = Family Karaoke & Dance Night from 7:00 – midnight!
Saturday nights = Adult Karaoke Night from 7:00 – midnight!
Connie’s Grill!
Connie has left the Grill, but it will remain open under new ownership and we’ll continue to have Karaoke there on Tuesday nights from 5:00 – 8:00!
We’ll miss Connie, but we wish her the best in her new endeavors!

Until next time,

  » What’s Happenin’?
Here’s what!

Weekly gigs:
1st & 3rd Monday of the month!
Molly’s Bar (Tijeras)
Karaoke, Food, Alcohol Served, Fun!
Next scheduled gig TONIGHT

Connie’s Grill (Moriarty)

Karaoke, Dinner & Dessert Specials, Family Fun!
El Vaquero Restaurant
Family Karaoke & Dance Night!
Dinner Specials, Alcohol Served, Family Fun!
El Vaquero Restaurant
Adult Night, 21 and Older!!!
Karaoke, Dinner Specials, Alcohol Served, Adult Fun!
Garaoke Entertainment
58 Skyline Drive
Edgewood, NM 87015, USA
(505) 307-2616

Cement Mixer

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

There were two men; each made a name for himself as a  music star; each played the piano and sang.  Even if you are twenty, perhaps thirty years younger than myself you have probably heard of only one of the gentlemen, but more on that later.  One of the men was black … the other white.  The white man leaned toward classical music by the masters and popular American music; the black man, to classic  jazz and Be Bop.  I suppose what sets them apart is their color.  What joins them is the brotherhood of music and that each was an American phenomena with more than a touch of flamboyance.

Friends have laughed when I’ve told them about Cement Mixer and sung tried to sing a few bars for them, even more so with Flat Foot Floogie, and they absolutely lost it when I tried Dunkin’ Bagel and Potato Chips.  So foreign is the Be Bop vernacular to some, that the titles are often mangled when posted on the internet.  In fact, my old ears have tangled with my old years and prevent me clear understanding  of the songs “spoken” in Be Bop.

Enough introduction, here’s the first video: Liberace

Here’s the next one.  You’ll have to  enjoy yourself through the first arrangement, before you get to Cement Mixer, but you won’t be disappointed: Slim Gaillard

To each his own, but it just sounds right when Slim performs Cement Mixer, while it sounds a trifle contrived when Liberace “mixes the batch.”   I believe both performances are great examples of great musicians.

A tap of the cap to the YouTube uploaders. For Liberace “showmanlee” and for Gaillard  “Jerry Decker.”  There are many more videos and audios from both artists which can be accessed through the links below:

Mr. Liberace Videos

Mr. Gaillard Videos

Just as an aside, Gaillard is a French derived name meaning forecastle or vigorous.  Vigorous can’t be argued.  As to Liberace, his father was Italian and his mother Polish.  Try as I might, I could not find meaning for the name; although I suspect it might derive from the word liberty.  Please correct me, if you should know better.

Garaoke Entertainment For The Holidays


Garaoke’s Website

Garaoke Entertainment
» What’s Coming Up?
The Holiday Season Is Coming!

That’s right, the holiday season is closer than we think. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas and New Years is following close behind!
There are still a couple dates open for Christmas parties so book now before it’s too late. New Year’s Eve is also still open but will go quickly so get it now! We can make your party one of the best ever offering music, singing, dancing, lighting, games and contests, and more! Remember, it’s first come, first serve!
Time To Bring It On!
Holidays are a great time to celebrate! Unfortunately some people aren’t able to celebrate because of unfortunate circumstances in their lives. Things happen, people lose jobs, have health issues, money issues, etc… The point is, there are many people in our area that are in need and a lot of those people are children.
So, from now through Christmas time, Garaoke Entertainment is going to be collecting toys and food for families in need. When you come out to one of our events please bring a can or two of food and maybe a toy with you that will help give a family in need something to celebrate this holiday season!
Thanks in advance to all my Garaoke friends and fans!
Until next time,
» What’s Happenin’?
Here’s what! 

Weekly gigs:
Carl’s Chili Hills Restaurant
Karaoke, Dinner & Dessert Specials, Family Fun!
El Vaquero Restaurant
Karaoke, Dancing, Dinner Specials, Alcohol Served, Family Fun!
Garaoke Entertainment
58 Skyline Drive
Edgewood, NM 87015, USA

Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition


Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition

Another Great Show!!!!

If you couldn’t make it out to the Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition…you missed a GREAT time my friend! Good food…and good-er folks.

Lonnie and Pattie Wright did a wonderful service to the community by donating their arena for this event. These special athletes were allowed an exceptional experience in the comfort of an indoor arena, because of the Wrights. Thanks!!

Competition opened when our American flag was displayed from horseback by Marteen Wiggins, a Curley Key Rider from Corrales. Roy Dennis sang our National Anthem as we proudly rose in tribute to the greatest country in this world.

Roy was one of 34 volunteers representing Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood. Our judge, Linda Threet shared her expertise from a generous heart. Stanley’s own; Sam James contributed his years of horse savvy as a faithful volunteer, too. These volunteers gave time from their lives, so these athletes could have the time of their lives.

The Rockin’ Wranglers from the south valley of Albuquerque and the Curley Key Riders from Corrales excitedly entered the arena in anticipation for the coming day of competition. And I gotta tell ya, they weren’t disappointed.

We ran 15 riders from four divisions through six events. They showed off their horses in a Showmanship at Halter class; with Lance Robinson, Paul Garcia, Phil With, Amelia Ann Dickey, and Van Pexa taking first in their divisions.

Stock Seat Equitation gave Jessica Chavez, Paul Garcia, Phil With, and Van Pexa the opportunity to shine as first place winners.

Bar-B-Q from Shorty’s was served for lunch with the trimmings. Good stuff!! Can’t forget the ice cream we consumed in the afternoon as a refreshing treat.

Then, new comer, Eric Serna took first in his division in Working Trails, showing his stuff. While former International contestant, Esteban Lujan took first as a level C Independent rider; Phil With took another first as a B Independent rider. Andrew Hosier, trying his hand as an A rider, showed himself worthy by taking home a first place.

In the remaining events; Figure 8 Stake Race, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing; Jessica, Paul, Andrew, Lance, and Phil shared the first place spot light with Lyndara Holmes and Marteen Wiggins.

Hindsight shows the Rockin’ Wranglers taking home 16 first place ribbons while the Curley Key Riders pocketed 7 first place. But these are only numbers on a piece of paper because the greatest award was being there to see the enormous smiles on their faces as they glided out of the arena after each ride. Or witnessing the heartfelt slap on the back, congratulating their competitor for a great ride. Oh Yeah…that’s where it’s at!!

Gotta say; judging from the volunteer’s remarks this is a common consensus. Great time, serving awesome people with good food and good-er folks.

See ya next year?? We’ll be looking for ya.

Steve and Cathy Brunson

Event Organizers

ECOC Belated Friday Blast (FRIDAY 8/20/10)


Friday Blast
Passing on the Baton
Robin had planned to share with you her plans, however in preparation for her mother’s surgery, she was not able to get done all she wanted.
She is presently transitioning to an Ambassador position with the Chamber of Commerce. She plans to make herself available to encourage our members, however she needed a change in her life in order to help her family, so she has stepped down as Executive Director.
You are not left without a Director. I, Sheri Cox, have stepped into the position. My intent and desire is to help the members be as successful as possible. I am happy to answer your questions. If I don’t have an answer…I’ll get one for you.
In the mean time, I look forward to meeting or speaking with each of you very soon! I am in the office from 11 – 3 Monday through Friday. You can reach me there at 505-286-2577 or by email at
Change on the Horizon
You may or may not know…
The Board of Directors has made some decisions regarding the Chamber which they believe will help them to better serve you, the Members. Their desire is to help you, as business owners, be as successful as you can. They also want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.
The big change is regarding the office. In September we will serve you from a virtual office.
On Friday September 10 we will begin the move out of teh current office space. Our contact information will remain the same.
This change means we will no longer have meeting space available for meet and greets or for business meeting or mixers.
We would like to find a meeting room approximately 800 square feet for eveing meetings. It will need access to tables and chairs as well as high speed internet. If you have an idea or have space to DONATE for this purpose please contact the office between 11 and 3 Monday through Friday by calling 505-286-2577. Or you may send an email.
If you have questions, you may feel free to contact the Board of Directors President, Tony Scott at 505-281-6332 or send him an email.
Run Rally Rock
What do Runners, Pancakes, Parade, Arts & Crafts, and wild animals all have in common?? That’s right…RUN RALLY ROCK!
It’s happening THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY (August 28 and 29) at Wildlife West in Edgewood!
We still have room for 5K runners. You can register online, at the office, or just show up. The cost is $20 per runner. Registration begins at Wildlife West at 7 am on Saturday morning.  Be there to get your numbers and t-shirts and be ready to go when the race starts at 8 AM! Runners are treated to pancake breakfast afteward!
Pancake breakfast is 8:30 – 10. Knights of Columbus is preparing at the Amphitheater at Wildlife West. If you are NOT a runner, you may purchase yoru breakfast for only $4. They’ll be serving juice and bacon with the pancakes!
If you’re in the parade or want to be, lineup begins at 7 am at the Elementary School. If you haven’t yet signed up….HURRY, we dont’ want to leave you out! Parade begins at 9.
Vendors may set up beginning at 5 pm on Friday or at 7 am on Saturday. The show starts at 10 and runs until 4 or 5. We do still have room for you! You may participate Saturday OR Sunday or BOTH. Information only $50 for 1 day, $75 for 2 days, Product sales $75 for 1 day, $100 for 2 days. We are not taking any more food vendors.
You may go to the Chamber page to register to run, vend, or participate in the parade. You may visit the same page if you wish to sponsor the event in any way!
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the office (505-286-2577) 11 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday!
Make it a great week!
Sheri Cox
21 Pine Ridge Road, Sandia Park, NM 87047, USA

Wildlife West Music Festival Next Weekend (August 6th – 8th)


This is it again according to Richard Eager who should know.  Richard has gathered the talent for each of Wildlife West’s great annual music events.  This is the 8th annual music event and Richard, the folks at Wildlife West and the many entertainers have had it right every time.  So don’t miss the show this year as it looks to be the most successful yet.  Don’t forget the Almost World Famous Pie Auction where you can bid on pies baked by folks you never imagined could walk and chew gum at the same time  (such as myself) … much less mix ingredients. You and your friends and family get to enjoy the pies, while Koshari the Bear and perhaps other animal residents get to eat food purchased with the auction proceeds.

If you believe you can bake pies worthy of the competition, you can drop your contributions off at the Wildlife West office on Friday the 6th or Saturday the 7th by 5:00 P.M.  The auction will begin at 6:30 P.M. Please place your recipes along with your name in some fashion on the pie, so you can get the recognition you deserve, and the lucky purchaser can bake your pie forever.

If you have been lucky enough to have attended the shows in the past, why not post a comment about the great time you had and the wonderful pie you brought.  Here’s this from Mr. Eager:

Don’t miss the Wildlife West Music Festival next weekend.

You’re not sitting in the sun and it’s 10 degrees cooler in the

East Mountains.  Bring the kids, bring your grandmother, and please tell

a friend.  A very fine Violin and Mandolin will be awarded

the 1st Place Winners at the Contest Sunday at 3pm.

August 6 – 8th, just 20 miles east of Albuquerque.

The Claire Lynch Band, Pat Donohue, Spring Creek,

Small Potatoes, Syd Masters, Hot Club of Santa Fe,

Atomic Grass, Muddy River String Band,

Cheap Shots, Old Time Martin Family Band

and more!  Saturday & Sunday begin at 11am.

Sunday Gospel at 11am with The Martin Family Band.

Fiddle Contest and Mandolin Contest Sunday at 3 with instruments awarded the winner courtesy Robertson & Sons Violin Shop and GuitarVista.

Sunday afternoon Open Stage Youth Groups, 4pm

Two Stages on Saturday. Covered Amphitheaters.

Food, Drink and children’s activities on site.

There’s Free Camping at this environmental education center featuring plants and rescued animals indigenous to the Southwest. 505-281-7655

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