Mr. Ego Head and His “I,” “Me,” & “My.”


‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 91 Times in Speech on Immigration

November 27, 2014 – 10:52 PM

More Fraudulent Tax Returns

The following is posted with permission from and the author of the article, Kenric Ward:

One Virginia address received $163,711 in tax refunds where 100 different tax ids had been issued. . . but that’s not even the craziest of it.

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Nothing New — He’s Consistent In Wasting Money

He’ll travel most anywhere for a photo-op or vacation paid for by your scarce money.  At this moment, instead of taking care of real business, he is in Las Vegas, NV speaking to people at a high school.  The subject? His idea of immigration changes, never mind Congress already has a plan which includes a secure border … something absent from Obama’s plan.

Read the story found at this link and keep scratching your head like a pensive baboon might scratch his backside, as he puzzles at something which has gained his attention.

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Border Chaos Worse … Much Worse


Obama’s policies along our southern border just keep getting worse … is that possible?

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Support Governor Martinez On Repeal Of Illegal Alien Driver’s License

Logo of the 9-11 Commission

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By Bob Steiner

Governor Martinez announced on Friday (12/09/11) she will once again introduce legislation to revoke the state law which permits illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses in New Mexico. She said she would do this during the state legislative session next month. Her earlier attempt to pass such legislation was hampered by the intransigence of the Democratic majority in the state legislature, as well as the extra-special efforts of Speaker Lujan in the House of Representatives.

I believe all residents of our state are sympathetic to the plight of the illegals who come in to our country. Many of these illegal border crossers are of good character and are just seeking a better way of life away from the corruption and drug cartels which have become so entrenched in the daily lives in their home country. We need to be compassionate, if possible, until we can help them back across the border to their own country. Unfortunately, this does not allow us the luxury of forgetting the potential security risks that our open borders bring with them, not to mention ignoring the many serious crimes committed by those who are criminal offenders.

According to the U.S. Business Council and Fox News, the 9-11 Commission documented that 18 of the 19 terrorists who participated in the 2001 attack had what appeared to be valid drivers license’s or state I.D. Cards. These documents provided these self-professed martyrs with unrestricted travel privileges and the identification which enabled them to take part in the flight training they needed to carry out their cowardly attacks of 9-11. Perhaps inadvertently, but some U.S. State authorities did indeed assist the 9-11 terrorists in the accomplishment of their cowardly mission.

With this in mind, I believe it is important for all citizens to take an early stand on this issue and to be ready to repeatedly impress upon our elected representatives that we expect them to support the Governor’s attempt to repeal this flawed law. If you meet any elected representative who does not support this repeal, ask him or her how they would feel if another terrorist attack were to occur and it was later documented that one or more of the attackers had a New Mexico license in their possession. Would they not consider themselves partly responsible for the deaths of the victims? Drive this point home. Start early and repeat this point often. We’ve got to remind our legislators that they are accountable to “We The People!”

New Mexicans have a chance to enhance state and national security.  Keep in touch with your elected officials and support what our perceptive Governor is trying to do!

Here is the link to the members of the legislature contact information:

Legislators’ Contact Information

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This Recently Happened — Pay Attention Illegal Employers Of Illegal Alien Workers

The United States Supreme Court.

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Both employers of illegal alien workers in the United States and the illegal alien employees might want to place their attention toward understanding and complying with the SCOTUS decisions and therefore the Arizona law.  The Christian Science Monitor  (CSM) in an online article by their staff writer, Warren Richey reported:

The US Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a controversial Arizona law that threatens to shut down businesses that intentionally hire illegal immigrants.

The ruling gives new momentum to state efforts to crack down on illegal immigration in the face of what some state officials view as lax federal enforcement of America’s borders.

Voting 5 to 3, the high court said federal immigration law does not preempt the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act.

We will see that the usual gnashing of teeth and tearing of flesh (by way of illustration of the power of their tears) from the advocates of open borders will continue, along with with their sympathy spectacles across the nation in locations where there are large enclaves of illegal aliens … working or not. The CSM continues to explain the rationale of the majority opinion in part, as given by Chief Justice Roberts:

“[Federal immigration law] expressly preempts some state powers dealing with the employment of unauthorized aliens and it expressly preserves others,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “We hold that Arizona’s licensing law falls well within the confines of the authority Congress chose to leave to the states and therefore is not expressly preempted.”

The majority justices also upheld Arizona’s requirement that employers use the federal E-Verify system to ensure all employees are legally authorized to work.

The E-Verify requirement “is entirely consistent with the federal law,” Roberts said. The consequences of not using E-Verify, he added, were the same under both the voluntary federal system and the mandatory Arizona one: Employers forfeit the legal presumption that they fully complied with the law.

As some might expect the two minority decision crafters are perhaps two of the most liberal justices presently sitting on the SCOTUS.  In their opinion which focused on whether the law is a licensing law as allowed by federal statute or whether it fell short of being so.

In a dissent, Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the majority justices adopted an excessively permissive reading of federal immigration law in authorizing the Arizona statute.

Federal immigration law bars states from imposing civil or criminal sanctions on those who hire illegal immigrants. But it allows the states to adopt licensing regulations related to the employment of illegal immigrants.

The question in the Arizona case was whether the state statute is a valid “licensing” law.

“Arizona calls its statute a ‘licensing law,’ and the statute uses the word ‘licensing.’ But the statute strays beyond the bounds of the federal licensing exception,” Justice Breyer said in his dissent. “Congress did not intend its ‘licensing’ language to create so broad an exemption.”

There’s more to be found in the complete article, including what Arizona intends to pursue regarding their immigration law allowing for probable cause stops of suspected illegal aliens .  That law known as SB 1070 was struck down through an injunction by a federal judge.  The Obama administration has continued to protest Arizona’s right to enact and enforce the law and Arizona, thus far, has stated their intention to appeal the injunction to SCOTUS.

You can access the rest of the article by clicking right here.  Look for any related links which may be posted below.