Lois Lerner: No Lois Lane

She gets to claim the title of Liar Lois Lerner for her part in the cover-up of the alleged “missing,” e-mails in the belly of the beast serving as a secret vault for wrong-doing to the citizens of these United States of America.

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Ser...

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Service. The it: Wikipedia)

Thanks to the Judicial Watch organization and the donations of citizens, their crimes and perjured testimonies have not escaped detection.

You can follow the link below to read how Lois and her friends were finally outed as regards the almost missing e-mails.

Still, the IRS (DOJ) Attornies won’t look for the e-mails because it is too hard.  We guess the final decision on finding the documents will have to wait for a judge’s decisions.  Are there any bets on which way a judge will rule?

Liar Lois & Her IRS Friends

Lois Lane

Lois Lane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liar Lois Lerner

Liar Lois Lerner

Judge orders IRS to account for its actions

Just Received From Judicial Watch

Dear Friend,

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton will appear on “The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly” on the Fox News Channel in the 9 pm ET hour tonight, Thursday, July 10, regarding the Judicial Watch victory for accountability in the hearing held this morning by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan concerning the emails of Lois Lerner and other IRS officials, which were the subject of longstanding Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act requests and a lawsuit.

Judge Sullivan has ordered that an IRS official must swear in writing under oath in the next 30 days about Lois Lerner’s lost emails and computer crash.


The Judicial Watch Team

**All media appearances are subject to change without notice.***

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Lois G. Lerner



Still Checking Everything You Do

The following comes from The Patriot Post and they report the IRS is continuing their investigation of tea parties citing specific examples of their punishment by delay and other subterfuges.

Congress, at least many who have branded themselves “conservative,” have promised to put a stop to the targeting.  Or as I like to say line up with the law and compel IRS to stop their game of pick and choose, whose gonna’ lose.

News From the Swamp: IRS Targeting Continues


During congressional testimony on IRS political targeting of Tea Party and Patriot groups, an unidentified IRS agent revealed that, three months after the “phony scandal” broke, the IRS is still targeting the Tea Party. “[R]ight now we really don’t have any direction or we haven’t had any for the last month and a half,” the agent said. “At this point I would send [a Tea Party application] to secondary screening, political advocacy.”

In other words, applications for special tax status coming from Tea Party groups are still subject to additional scrutiny because the IRS hasn’t yet established new guidelines. But six weeks ago, acting IRS chief Danny Werfel promised Congress to end the IRS’s “be on the lookout” policy for conservative groups, which had continued into June. Even Barack Obama pledged, “I’ll do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again by holding the responsible parties accountable, by putting in place new checks and new safeguards, and, going forward, by making sure that the law is applied as it should be — in a fair and impartial way.” Nothing of the sort has happened.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA), chair of the Oversight subcommittee, are demanding that Werfel provide an explanation and a report on corrective action by Friday.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Lois “Plead the Fifth” Lerner was using a private email account to conduct her official duties. Needless to say, the Obama administration’s espoused virtue of transparency is not a byproduct of such behavior. Lerner isn’t the only Obama bureaucrat to have used private email, either. Since her admission of the targeting, followed by her refusal to testify, she remains on paid vacation. And she’s demanding immunity in exchange for testimony.

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And a correction: In Monday’s Digest, we inadvertently referred to Rep. James Clyburn as a Republican. He is a Democrat. Our sincerest apologies to the Republican Party and to the voters of South Carolina.

More Fraudulent Tax Returns

The following is posted with permission from Watchdog.org and the author of the article, Kenric Ward:

One Virginia address received $163,711 in tax refunds where 100 different tax ids had been issued. . . but that’s not even the craziest of it.

CLICK to read more about giant IRS refunds!

Also read related stories below which are not a part of the Watchdog article:

IRS Discourages Some Churches — Encourages Others


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In a recent oped at Fox News, Daniel Blomberg and Eric Rassbach  argued that IRS has a long history of targeting that has focused mainly on houses of worship. It uses ‘the crushing power to deny or revoke the non-profit status of a synagogue, church, or mosque if it says something the IRS decides is too “political.”‘

There are two ways the targeting works. One way is for an outside group, often one that is anti-religion, to file a complaint asking the IRS to investigate a church they don’t like. The IRS responds to the complaint by opening an investigation and asking the church often hundreds of questions about its activities, with the threat of revocation of non-profit status. This is what lawyers call “selective enforcement” and it is unconstitutional. No one should be singled out in this way, especially because of collusion between the IRS and outside groups with an ax to grind.

The second way the censorship starts is for IRS officials to take their lead from high government officials, including the President, to decide which groups to target for disfavor.

This is apparently what happened to the “tea party” groups, but religious groups have also been targeted in this way.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Billy Graham. Last fall, the famed Christian evangelist publicly advocated on behalf of a ballot measure in his home state of North Carolina, taking a position that the President and other high government officials publicly opposed. The tax man was knocking at the door almost immediately. And while the expensive, time-consuming audit eventually ended without any finding of wrongdoing by Graham, a message was sent to every other religious group that might oppose government policy: the IRS can use its audit powers to harass you or shut you down simply for saying what you believe. That kind of intimidation is wrong–and unconstitutional.

While some Christian churches and organizations were targeted by the Obama administration for audits because of their alleged political activities, others were actually encouraged to to engage in political speech in church. Encouraged by members of the Obama administration. 

Last June, during the Obama campaign’s election year push to mobilize black churches in support of his reelection, Michelle Obama, herself made an appeal to black churchgoers to get informed about politics. At a religious conference in Nashville, she said that there is no better place than church to talk about political issues.

“To anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these issues, you tell them there is no place better – no place better,” Obama told the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s 49th general conference, held in in Nashville, Tenn.
“Because ultimately, these are not just political issues – they are moral issues,” she said. “They’re issues that have to do with human dignity and human potential, and the future we want for our kids and our grandkids.”
Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder and IRS Administrators briefed hundreds of African-American pastors on how to best participate in 2012 election. In May of last year, Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri revealed on MSNBC that lawyers from the ACLU, IRS administrators, and even Attorney General Eric Holder would “soon be speaking with hundreds of pastors in the African-American community on how they can best comport themselves throughout the 2012 election.”
“We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people,” he said, “and we’re going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS.” [Emphasis added]
While they won’t specifically tell people whom to vote for, the respected speakers will discuss “draconian” (hint) voter identification laws, and the Congressional Black Caucus expects the move will only help the Obama’s campaign.

That same month Holder gave a speech  before the Council of Black Churches  reminding the audience of its history fighting for equal voting right for minorities.

The attorney general told them his office is “aggressively” taking on the task of protecting that right, including challenging several state lawsuits that would overturn key provisions of the Voting Rights Act involving redistricting in Southern states and strict new voter ID laws that strips away the guarantee of equal access to the ballot box in the 2012 election.

Valerie Jarrett traveled to Atlanta, GA to speak at MLK’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in January of 2012.

The CBS Atlanta reporter said, at times, it sounded like a political rally. 
On the Sunday before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett visited Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta to give a political speech, in support of her boss (Barack Obama) and congressional Democrats:
“Teachers, and firefighters, and policemen, whose jobs are now in jeopardy because Congress–well let me be specific–because the Republicans in Congress,” Jarrett told the crowd. According to the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, at this point, “Before she could finish her sentence, people in the congregation were laughing, and applauding.”

I think it’s very safe to assume that the Ebenezer Baptist Church was not audited as a result of that politicking.

Related articles

IRS Targets Another Conservative Group

The word Republican was not mentioned in the group’s application for tax-exempt status.  In fact, the organization is an Hispanic organization for education in a variety of areas concerning rights of individuals.

Look at the following YouTube story and determine for yourself whether this is another progressive effort to run amok:

IRS Goes After Hispanics


IRS Agent Preaches To And Browbeats Applicant

The following contains narrative and audio relating to a pro-life organization’s attempt to obtain tax-exempt status for their work.  Any sensible person should recognize the IRS employee is repeating the same thing over and over.  The sad part is she spends her time during this episodic event doing absolutely nothing helpful for the organization seeking tax exempt status. She waste the organization’s time and our money on trivial misleading junk opinions of her own.

As it turns out the organization received the status for which they applied, but only after more stalling by the IRS.  Please access the story from the link found below and don’t forget to read any related articles found after he link.

IRS Agent: Keep Your Faith To Yourself

New York Times Can’t Cut The Cord

The connective tissue between progressives and the New York Times (a progressive mouthpiece) will forever remain secure, never mind the truth of any tale benefiting the conservative agenda. The Isley Brother’s version of “Twist & Shout©,” routines are common operational technique with the “Times,” and their sister prostituted media.

Twist & Shout (album)

Twist & Shout (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Their gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands will forever be the trademark of manufactured excuses placed at the feet of their progressive masters. They will never grasp the truth, or if they do, their lack of conscience and honesty will not allow them to tell it.

The American Spectator offers some perfect examples of the progressive way of reporting imperfectly in the cribs of the publishing houses of ill repute.

The Left-Wing News Bubble

Posted: 29 May 2013 12:59 PM PDT

Kaylin is absolutely right about the recent New York Times article on the IRS scandal. The piece alleges that certain groups applying for tax-exempt status deserved to be scrutinized, and that may be true. But it also ignores two weeks of developments in the scandal, including that conservative applications were blocked entirely for 27 months; that the scope of the audits went far beyond 501(c)(4)s; that the harassment wasn’t just carried out by the IRS, but also the Department of Labor, the ATF, the FBI, and OSHA; and that several applications were inappropriately leaked by the IRS to left-wing news outlet ProPublica.

Now the Times’s myopic article is metastasizing across the left. Here’s Steve Benen:

Given this, it’s simply absurd to assume that every conservative group subjected to lengthy IRS examination is a victim of an out-of-control agency acting on partisan motivations. If our tax laws are going to have any meaning, groups like these should be subjected to detailed IRS scrutiny. These aren’t examples of the agency going too far; they’re examples of the agency doing its job.

And Jamelle Bouie:

None of this is to say an investigation of the IRS’s process is unnecessary. There are documented instances when the agency stepped beyond the lines of acceptability. What this shows, however, is that there’s still no substance behind the idea that it was engaged in political or ideological targeting.

And Think Progress:

Under the law, 501(c)(4)s cannot be “primarily engaged” in electioneering activity. Though the guidelines for acceptable levels of political activity are unclear, organizations with such designations operate under the understanding that they are prohibited from spending more than 49 percent of their funds or time on political advocacy.

The IRS wasn’t engaged in political targeting…when it stalled all Tea Party applications for more than two years while waving through liberal ones? The groups were violating election law…and that’s why the DoL was sent in to audit a Romney donor? It may very well be true that 501(c)(4) status is abused and that several conservative groups should have been more closely examined. But that information must be placed in the greater context of this story.

And for the most part, that greater context has been ignored by left-wing pundits. We’ve sat through a lot of supercilious back-patting over the past few years about how conservatives, unlike liberals, are stuck in a bubble where they only communicate with each other in between painful flare-ups of epistemic closure. But what happens when a real story, amounting to an authentic and widespread abuse of power, is discussed almost exclusively within that conservative bubble? It means that those who don’t follow right-wing media end up gazing at the spectacle through a keyhole, discussing that tiny view with those of like minds while missing out on the lion’s share of the story.

Come to think of it, that sounds a bit like a bubble doesn’t it?


New York Times Behind the Times on IRS Scandal

Posted: 29 May 2013 10:27 AM PDT

Over the weekend, the New York Times published an article asserting that some conservative groups targeted by the IRS deserved it.

The headline, “Groups Targeted by I.R.S. Tested Rules on Politics” makes it sound like the only groups that were targeted were breaking the rules. Then they go on to cite several examples of groups that may have been engaging in too much political activity to be considered a 501(c)(4).

It says:

After the tax agency was denounced in recent weeks by President Obama, lawmakers and critics for what they described as improper scrutiny of at least 100 groups seeking I.R.S. recognition, The New York Times examined more than a dozen of the organizations.

This explanation is incredibly limited. In the past few weeks, the true depth of the scandal has been exposed. It wasn’t limited to a few lower-level employees in the Cincinnati office, which was the original story. It wasn’t even limited to the IRS. Conservative groups have said they were targeted by the Labor Department, the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

And it certainly wasn’t limited to groups applying for 501(c)(4) status. Romney donors, conservative columnists, and a 34-year-old conservative training organization were harassed too.

The idea that this targeting was limited to 100 groups and that many of them deserved it is outrageous. Did some groups participate in activities that should have disqualified them from 501(c)(4) status? Probably. And I’m sure the same abuses could be found with some liberal groups, too.

But the extent of the targeting is not reflected in the article. It makes it sound like these groups just had their applications pulled aside, which is absolutely false. No conservative organizations applying for 501(c)(4) status had their applications approved for 27 months—not one—while progressive groups participating in similar types of activities had their applications approved without trouble.

Liberals love to complain about a right-wing noise machine that adds no substance to the conversation. It’s clear from this article, though, that the New York Times needs to pay more attention to the reporting coming out of that “noise machine,” because it’s way behind on the facts.