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It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or not.  Please read and forward this to all your e-mail buddies.  Let it go viral.

The 2014 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested in this election. Get out and VOTE!


A movement has started in our armed forces to get out the vote in 2014…They are organizing themselves, but this can be done by all of us.

The President, the Commander in Chief, has made the Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult that our troops are often killed before they can get permission to fight.

Nothing has been done to stop our troops from being murdered by the Afghanis they are training, either.

Now, the President wants the US to sign on to the UNs International Criminal Court (ICC), which would allow the UN’s ICC to arrest and try US troops for War Crimes, without the legal protections guaranteed under US Law, and from which there is no appeal. The President, with his Democratic control of the Senate, has nearly all the power.


If the Non-Establishment Republicans, and Conservatives, can take back the Senate in 2014, our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger. 

Please consider this, and send it on to your mailing lists.

Interestingly enough, when GWB was president you heard about the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan almost daily. With Obama in the White House, the mainstream media has been strangely quiet.

More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the five years before that.


Many have died since August. During the last six month, over 50 additional NATO and US servicemen have been murdered, inside jobs by those who are hired to be a “force for good in Afghanistan .”

The commander in chief is AWOL. Not a peep, although he ordered the White House flag flown at half-staff for the Sikhs that were killed.

There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.


It has taken on a dangerous tone. No one knows what to do about him, but the anger runs deep as the deaths continue with no strategic end in sight to the idiocy of this war.


Obama has had 5 years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform.


There is now a movement afoot in the armed services to launch a massive “get out the vote” drive against this president’s party. Not just current active duty types, but the National Guard, Reserves, the retired, and all other prior service members.


This is no small special interest group, but many millions of veterans who can have an enormous impact on the outcome of the November 2014 mid-term election, if they all respond.


The one million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls.

It might not keep another one hundred U.S. troops from dying between now and November, but a turnout to vote by the military against this heart breaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change to the indifference of this shallow little man who just lets our soldiers die.


Veterans: Please forward to your lists.



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Some Repubs Bow To Obama

Powerful Republican Representatives and Senators are buying another excursion to a place we should not allow our nation to be embroiled.  To begin, we are fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where Al Qaeda is as strong, if not stronger than before we crashed their party in both countries.  Additionally, as it always seems, we have lost both of those conflicts because we are unable to understand there is no winning unless we are willing to inflict collateral damage as part of the price paid to win the war when the terrorists seek refuge among families.  Families which may or may not sympathetic to Al Qaeda or the Taliban, and may despise the “liberator.”

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Logo Muslim Brotherhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We (the United States) supported the Muslim Brotherhood when Mubarak was deposed in Egypt, only to learn the new ruler voted in by popular vote was as bad if not worse than the previous.  The Egyptian military and millions of ordinary citizens forced the duly elected Morsi out of his post and into incarceration.  I believe we will find he was removed for valid reasons and Egypt will be the better for his absence.

There are armies and governments fully able to invest in freeing their neighbors and fellow Muslims.  And, we should allow require them to do so before we spend any more citizens and money to play in another sandbox.  Whatever the reason or justification given, going into or over Syria is tantamount to aiding Al Qaeda and other Muslim fanatics.

We still need answers about what transpired, and the culpable ones for our shameful losses of people and standing in Libya.

Run, don’t walk, our butts out of any intent to become involved in or above Syria.

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Out: We Need To Be Out Of Syria & Other Such Places

Enough is enough.  When this nation has switched fully into partnering with and arming militants consistently killing Christians and innocent children and women who were unarmed, then we need to hang our heads with the utmost humbleness and shame for what we have allowed this nation to come to.

In the past several weeks some Syrian rebels have beheaded several Christian men, killed women and children and chanted a well-known term used with clear glee and jubilation.  The “commander,” of one rebel unit sliced into a man’s chest until the heart was exposed;  he continued the slicing until the man’s liver was visible.  Not content with this mutilation, the commander removed the heart and liver.  While the commander placed the heart in his mouth and held it with his teeth and left hand, the liver was held in the right hand.

Syrian rebels are now armed with weapons supplied by the United States and it is likely this nation will become bogged down in the muck and mire of yet another nation, fighting the same sort of people we fought in Iraq, that we are fighting in Afghanistan, and in all probability in places about which we’ve not been informed.

While I generally do not trust or support the United Nations, they have stated:

It is impossible to choose unequivocally good guys among the groups of Syrian rebels and send weapons to them. This warning was voiced by chairman of the UN independent panel investigating possible violations of human rights in Syria Paulo Sergio Pinheiro on Friday.

Besides having a president and an administration, neither of which have never met a lie they would have trouble using, we have Senator John McCain (R-AZ) a hero of action in Vietnam, now believing he is right on immigration and Syria.  Sadly and unfortunately he is wrong on both issues.  Both issues will eventually cost many innocent American lives, but our ruptured government is clueless or deceptive … maybe both.

WARNING: You may follow the related articles below, but please know some of the images are atrocious and not suitable for youth to view without parental supervision.


“If We Could Talk To The Animals,” … We Could Negotiate With Monsters

Our dear leader and others in his administration wants to talk to
animals to ease our way from Afghanistan.  We know, or should
know, the Taliban are connected to Al Qaeda and they exchange ways to
kill, torture and mutilate in the most horrific ways conceived by evil

The latest in their circus of destruction has 10 people
from different nations being slaughtered in a mountain camp situated
above 12,000 feet.  Here’s a short quote from a Brietbart piece followed
by the rest of the story from the link after the quote:

The lengths to which the Taliban will go to massacre innocent people have quite literally reached new heights.
Saturday, in a mountaineering camp above 12,000 feet in Pakistan, 10
mountaineers from various countries including America, the Ukraine,
Slovakia, China, Lithuania and Nepal, were shot and killed at
point-blank range. An umbrella Taliban movement called Junood ul-Hifsa
claimed they murdered the climbers in revenge for US drone strikes on
the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Follow the link below to read the rest of Breitbart’s account:

If We Could Talk To The Animals We Could Negotiate With The Monsters

Honor Our Veterans: November 11, 2012

It Was Armistice Day (11th Month, 11th day, 11th Hour, 1918)

The treaty to end the War To End All Wars was signed on November 11th, at 11 AM, 1918. The day was to be celebrated from that time on as Armistice Day.

We know of course, World War I did not end all wars and another World War (WWII) would kill young and old alike from its beginning in 1939 until its end in 1945.

The following, taken from the website explains the history of Armistince Day and how it came to be Veterans Day:

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislation that was passed in 1938, November 11 was “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day.’” As such, this new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.

In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress — at the urging of the veterans service organizations — amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word “Armistice” and inserting the word “Veterans.” With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

And so we do … honor our veterans, today November 11, 2012 and forward in time.


17781943 poster, United States, World War II Artist Perlin, B. Publisher United States. Office of War Information Studio Name/Printer United States. Government Printing Office Historical period World War II


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Let ’em Win or Bring ’em Home

We’ve thought the thoughts that are in Charlie Daniel’s song since I was a preteen, but especially as they apply to Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sometimes it seems our President and Congress aren’t paying attention and have allowed our men and women to be sacrificed in wars they do not intend to win because they (the politicians) have not the courage to fight the wars to win.  Since I believe they are more concerned about so-called collateral damage than they are about the lives of our military protectors, here’s the video that Charlie Daniels has made:

Bring ’em Home

We hope you’ll give considered thought to this message from Mr. Daniels and ask our Lord to guide us to real victory instead of the charade we are now executing and to bless each active service member, veteran and Moms and Dads that have lost their brave defenders.

Avenge The Burning Of An Inanimate Object

First page of Constitution of the United States

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

To the so-called Christian pastor in Florida, I hope you are proud of your bad example.  To the many thousands of Islāmic zealots who killed people to “avenge” the burning of the Koran by the Florida pastor, you ignorantly played into the hands of those who have insisted all along that Islam, is in fact, not a religion of peace.

To the world-wide media that describes the actions of the zealots as revenge for the burning of the Koran — give me a break.  Look at the definition of avenge and explain how killing innocent, or even guilty people, for the burning of the Koran can possibly rise to level of that attributed by your stupid incessant drumming.  Just take a look at the results of this google search and see the omelet of hate you have managed to fold together.

The bottom line as to the silly preacher in Florida,  he is protected by the US Constitution and plenty of case law, but unfortunately he will probably need to guard his backside for the rest of his life.  While we are on the preacher, it might serve him, his congregation and other Christians well, if he would concentrate on saving souls.

Now we wait for the next idiotic act by each side of this debate, but one does not avenge the destruction of an inanimate object … it just does not fit the definition.  One can pray, forgive and go on with trying to convince the world that Islam is a religion of peace or you can continue with your unjustified killing of innocent people and remove all doubt about the character of your religion’s followers.


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Let Us Twiddle Our Thumbs

Muammar Qaddafi, the Libyan chief of state, at...

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

We have citizens of  Libya and other African and  Mid-East people asking for the help of the NATO allies and others.  Thus far, we  can barely pay lip service to any possibility of saving lives of people fighting to be free and then perhaps become members of a democracy.  We can plan to plan and we can lament what might be or what could be, but we can’t get off out collective butts and install a no-fly zone or zones.  We found reason enough in Kosovo and Iraq and NATO seems none the worse for the action.

Certainly we are over extended with deployments of armed forces units in Afghanistan, Iraq and more than one or two other spots or areas we have managed to join with or without the commitment of others.  Now it is time to do something besides saying that it might be the wrong action or we still have our options open and ready.  We need commitment, but we don’t have to mire ourselves in the sands of Libya or any other desert country.  The fighters in Libya and other countries in the area need only to be shown that we are able and willing to give them some respite from the terrible devastation which rains down upon them from the bombs, artillery shells and mortar rounds sent by Qaddafi and other dictators in the area.

Maybe I am completely wrong and there is no good reason to help the citizens which I have mentioned above.  I have said and my friends have said, maybe we just need to butt out of the business  of freedom fighters.  If we can’t hold to a credo and a solid set of values … maybe we need to drop down to the second-rate nation Russia and China tells us we’ve become.

There will be more to see from links found below.

Will Wonders Never Cease


Taliban bounty flyer

Image via Wikipedia


By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

The phrase above has always had a sarcastic connotation for me.  That is why I use it in connection with the mess in Afghanistan that prevents our troops from fighting a winning war.  We should have learned in Viet Nam that politicians do not fight wars well at all, but especially when they do not understand the ways of the enemy.  In the Taliban style of fighting, no allowance is made for time-out.  As they hide among the general populace in battle areas, our troops and our allies troops are placed in the role of soldiers that have to wait and see.  That is, wait and see, if  and when the enemy leaves their sanctuary.  For if they do not reappear in the open our (collective our) troops will be hamstrung and left to wait for another day.

The Washington Examiner through their National Security Correspondent, Sara Carter, paints a particularly dismal image of what our troops go through to arrive at permission to kill the enemy in  Afghanistan:

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — To the U.S. Army soldiers and Marines serving here, some things seem so obviously true that they are beyond debate. Among those perceived truths: Tthe (sic) restrictive rules of engagement that they have to fight under have made serving in combat far more dangerous for them, while allowing the Taliban to return to a position of strength.

“If they use rockets to hit the [forward operating base] we can’t shoot back because they were within 500 meters of the village. If they shoot at us and drop their weapon in the process we can’t shoot back,” said Spc. Charles Brooks, 26, a U.S. Army medic with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, in Zabul province.

It isn’t only the known enemy that makes the troops’  job difficult.  Often, it is a village elder, or other Afghan leaders who act to create senseless rules which work to the detriment of the troops:

Word had come down the morning (sic) Brooks spoke to this reporter that watch towers surrounding the base were going to be dismantled because Afghan village elders, some sympathetic to the Taliban, complained they were invading their village privacy. “We have to take down our towers because it offends them and now the Taliban can set up mortars and we can’t see them,” Brooks added, with disgust.

Although General David Petreaus has said that he was (is) looking at changes in the way the troops engage the enemy,  nothing of the sort seems to have happened and the troops are  still saddled by restrictive rules of engagement:

“I don’t think the military leaders, president or anybody really cares about what we’re going through,” said Spc. Matthew “Silver” Fuhrken, 25, from Watertown, N.Y. “I’m sick of people trying to cover up what’s really going on over here. They won’t let us do our job. I don’t care if they try to kick me out for what I’m saying — war is war and this is no war. I don’t know what this is.”

To the soldiers and Marines risking their lives in Afghanistan, restrictions on their ability to aggressively attack the Taliban have led to another enormous frustration stalking morale: the fear that the Karzai government, with the prodding of the administration of President Obama, will negotiate a peace with the Taliban that wastes all the sacrifices by the U.S. here. Those fears intensified when news reached the enlisted ranks that the Karzai government, with the backing of senior Obama officials, was entering a new round of negotiations with the Taliban.

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Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested On U.S. Base

US Army Training Center & Fort Jackson
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Yes, you read it  right and by all accounts, the soldiers are members of the United States Army.  It is reported that the soldiers plotted to poison the food supply at Ft. Jackson in December.  The soldiers may be connected to the five individuals arrested in Pakistan in December according to this quote from a CBN New report:

A source with intimate knowledge of the investigation, which is ongoing, told CBN News investigators suspect the “Fort Jackson Five” may have been in contact with the group of five Washington, DC area Muslims that traveled to Pakistan to wage jihad against U.S. troops in December. That group was arrested by Pakistani authorities, also just before Christmas.

You can read what little there is in its entirety by clicking right here or you can follow any of the related links found below.

And, while we are on the subject of terrorists on our shores and in our very own armed forces, it is damning to our United States Attorney General that he wishes to try the captured terrorists from Guantanamo in civilian court.

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