You Can Call, Email Or Blog The Apology

One of our earnest, or was it actually Ernest detractors, excoriated us for a series of posts on Pigfod I and Pigford II.  His criticisms were tiring and uninteresting at the time and we left him to argue with himself.  The articles we posted contained video and audio verifying and/or supporting the accusations made about many of the fraudulent claims and other actions by some of the Pigford claimants, their attorneys and perhaps government employees.  While we had no problem with the sources, our detractor did, choosing to call Andrew Breitbart and his employees less than honest and grabbing everything Media Matters for America, a progressive site supported by rich progressives, had to say against Breitbart., After which, it was piled it up as the epitome of righteousness.

Now a member of the mainphelm media has finally posted their own investigation and they have indicated Breitbart was correct and not a dishonest journalist as our detractor has indicated as he and others carry water for the Pigford claimants. It is reported Media Matters has deigned to place their apology at the feet of Mr. Breitbart’s successors and former co-workers.

We don’t expect an apology from our detractor, but our personal email address and  cellphone number are still the same.  Oh, did we mention not one single person ever stepped forward to claim the $100,000 smackers reward Andrew Breitbart offered for proof the “N,” word was hurled at federal legislators as they walked back after signing the bill known as ObamaCare.  But, actually the story of those allegations is another story altogether.

So here we are down to linking to the New Your Times and their reporter/reporters work. We hope everyone … we do mean everyone, sees fit to read it and the related articles below:

 Piggy I & Piggy II

The above link will take you to the Breitbart site which will link to the NY Times work.

Special Movie Preview: Hating Breitbart


If you don’t know who Breitbart is/was  and what he stood for, then you’ve been unconscious for a while.  Please wake up and watch the special preview by clicking on the link above.  It is 20+ minutes in duration.

The Company & Pals He Keeps

It has been said, “You are known by the company you keep.”   Aesop’s Fables is given credit for this cautionary tale; although, there are bound to be similar warnings in many languages and cultures.

A recent article, I believe, gives evidence of just how these eight small words point to a failed Presidency of these United States of America.

Whether you are a member of the progressive movement or something much more sensible, such as the Tea Party movement, you owe it to your future sanity to read the article which is found at the link just below:

Breitbart: Ten Friends Of Obama

Now you know, even if the truth escaped you, or you just had scales over your eyes and wax in your ears, you have no excuse for infatuation with the Charlatan In Chief.

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Does HE Know HIS Birthplace?

In spite of what you may read below, I still believe Obama was born in Hawaii.  I hasten to add, folks in his group; i.e., handlers of every area (and the man himself) of supposed expertise are sadly lacking in common sense.  As you read the story you should have no problem in figuring out why this is so.

Thanks to for the story.  Click on the link below to read the article and related material.  Also click on any related articles found outside the story:

Conflicted Youth Caught-Up

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Sting Bee Sting

Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

A report is out indicating  Andrew Breitbart has foisted an elaborate sting against the teachers, unions and free-note doctors in Madison, Wisconsin.  The report comes from a left-leaning blog known or unknown as Crooks and Liars. I don’t know if you are familiar with Crooks and Liars, and I don’t know if they are just trying to live up to their name or if they have changed direction, and are trying their hand at humor.

I am not going to excerpt from their exposé, short as it is on germane facts, but here is a link to their FAIL:

Hail Fair FAIL

Then you can have a deep look into Breitbart”s (extreme right-leaning) exposé riposte (foreign words are so useful when you aren’t serious) which I’m sure is meant to spank Crocks and Liars’ collective bounteous bottoms — but for sure it might cause a snigger of two … maybe more.  Here’s Mike Flynn’s report on the Hook with essential facts in action.  Watch the video, then follow-up with the narrative to see the complete BreitBoogie or would that be BrightBogey, i.e.. a source of fear, perplexity, or harassment (no golf terms here.)

Anyway, enjoy it or not.  It really is your choice in America.  Maybe some related links will drive by and attach themselves to a spot just below.

A sop of slop to Crooks and Liars and a flap of the cap to Big Journalism.

When Pigford Criminals Wallow With Pigford Criminals

Photo of farm pig pen taken in 1934 by Alison ...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

When Huff & Puff  (The Huffington Post)  liberal beacon to many, actually publishes evidence of liberal, some would say progressive, corruption you can be positive there is something rotten in the state where Pigford settlements have reared their tails, er tales.  A writer reporting serially has turned the pig manure upside down on some of the corruption involving the United States Department of Agriculture, fake Pigford claimants and at the risk of repeating myself, “slippery lawyers” mired in Pigford scat. Writer Lee Stranahan has written several articles, and it looks like he will write many more, on the crime and shame that in large part Pigford and its hanger-on groups of  the assorted scammers have managed to become … if they weren’t such to begin with.

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government has both published on its own and republished other work involving the fraud of some Pigford settlements and the agencies and individuals involved.  Today they have published a condensed version of one of Mr.Stranahan’s pieces together with one of Mr. Stranahan’s videos. I am posting the video, along with a link to the condensed version on Big Government and a link to the full version appearing on “Huffington.”  First just below you’ll find the video of an attorney who does some admitting of his own … I think and you’ll see:

Now you’ll find the Breitbart partial and the Huffington complete article by Mr. Stranahan

Breitbart Partial

Huffinton Whole

As you plink around on Breitbart and Huffinton in pursuit of the Pigford mess (You owe it to yourself and Mr. Pocketbook to do do) please remember the Pigford settlements were supposed to be about justice to black farmers allegedly discriminated against and not about general reparations , which it seems in large degree, to have developed into.  In my opinion, you should be be outraged, as should every caring American, no matter the color or ethnicity of the citizen finding the depth of this deep pig trough.

A flap of the cap to Mr. Stranahan, The Huffington Post and the Breitbart Bunch.  Look for more relevant links below.

New Homophobes, Spitters And Hitleresque Sign Submitters

Obama campaigning as a symbol of change in Cle...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

After all the remonstrative dialogue offered by some who have decried what they believe the Tea Party to stand for,  it is telling to see them act out  those accusations toward the Tea Party, and Tea Party supporters.  It is not the first time that the progressives and their fellow celebrants have pulled the pins on their grenades of hate.  We well remember the  “F” word Bush and the Hitler moustaches placed on the protest signs of the left side of the equation during the last administration  … it seems as though it hasn’t stopped.

The folks at Founding Bloggers have a round-up, more like a corral full of insulting homophobic comments and an allegation of spitting from within a group transported to attend a “Stop The Hate”  (according to the signs in the midst of the protesters) protest during an event held by Right Nation at the Sear’s Centre Arena in Chicago.  Two of the presenters for the Right Nation event happened were Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart.  A woman at the end of the video identifies the  protest group as Organizing for America (A Project of the National Democratic Committee)  where no matter how long you search OFA , you end up at, and you can see a link to the invitation to take part (or, does it amount to marching papers) on the Founding Bloggers site.

There are other characters who claim kinship to the Democratic Socialists of America and to the Obama administration.  We hope you’ll avail yourself of the opportunity to witness the accusers become the perpetrators.  Just be prepared to park yourself for both extended narrative and video. Click right here.

We almost forgot to provide another example of “mustache marque posters” provided by the supporters of a certain Representative Halvorson.  Can you say the grenade exploded in their hand.   WhoDunIt (?) right here at Gateway Pundit.


Ms. Sherrod Fired, But Not Forgotten

Ku Klux Klan members march down Pennsylvania A...
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Many things happened after a slew of stories were posted Monday, yesterday,  and last evening about the lady caught on video:

  1. Ms. Sherrod was told to resign her position by members of the Obama administration
  2. Ms. Sherrod did resign
  3. The administration stood by their action
  4. At least one administration official condemned the words and actions shown on the video
  5. At least one NAACP official condemned the words and actions shown on he video
  6. Ms. Sherrod has protested that her remarks were taken out of context
  7. Glenn Beck has come to her defense, noting, among other things, that more of the video might reveal more information favorable to her
  8. The NAACP upon viewing all of the video now alleges they were “duped” by FOXNews and Andrew Breitbart

We will eventually hear the complete tape,  and find that perhaps Ms. Sherrod was illustrating how her life has changed over the years and perhaps Ms. Sherrod’s listeners were laughing and commenting because they were caught off guard with what they were hearing from her.  Perhaps not, on all scores, and  perhaps, we may never know the truth of the matter, but the complete video will help.

Anyone, who tells a tale of racism that happened  so far back, and uses it to illustrate a personal life change should be treated with more understanding.

What is most puzzling  to us  …  why did the NAACP throw Ms. Sherrod to the wolves without the most cursory of investigation as to the details of the story before they looked at their own tape.  And further, why as some  say, didn’t they “man up” and face their culpability instead of trying to weasel away from their own blame to claim they were victims of the duplicity of others.

This whole story has wings and jet engines and will travel from point to point for a good bit of time.  You’ll have to watch the complete video to understand that many of us were wrong in that we depended on information that was incomplete, but with the appearance of truth.  There is a video below that tells the rest of the story.  It happens to be a wonderful story and actually has little if anything to do with racism on her part, except in her past.

Ms Sherrod has my apology.  May God bless her.

The minutes between 15 through 25 are most interesting.

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Still Waiting … But More FAIL Time On The “N” Word

Founding members of the {{w|Congressional Blac...
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Father Andrew, Andrew Breitbart that is, the father of Big Journalism, Big Government and another “Big” or two, isn’t giving up and he reports that no one has come forth to claim the $100,000 reward he has offered for proof the Tea Party folks yelled the “N” word at members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on March 20th.  Reader’s will remember that the original allegation was made by members of the CBC, but never supported by evidence.  While one of my friends has asserted that it is no big deal that an accusation was made and not supported, I say that is possible in the eyes of many, but certainly an opportunity to collect $100 K  for a black college fund i$ a big deal.  We have previously written about these accusations in Finger Shakers and Muckrakers.

I’ll leave Mr. Breitbart’s story to Mr. Breitbart, but I do provide the link to his latest story and video for those that wish to read the article and see the video in tandem.The video is complementary to the article, but it is posted below if you wish only to see the video.  Although, I will say that you’ll be hard-pressed to fully understand the gist of the Breitbart article, if you access the video without reading the article.

The video appears here for those with scarce time and as said before, it also appears in Mr. Breitbart’s article.

Comment or not?

ADDENDUM:  I have been remiss in not identifying my friend, so here’s a point to his article and our “back and forth.”

Article In Question

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Finger Shakers and Muckrakers

The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Mic...
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

It’s been a while since the finger of racism and homophobia was pointed by the main stream media (MSM), and some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the Democratic Party, toward Tea Party members and other demonstrators that showed up to protest the actions of the United States House of Representatives in leading up to and finally voting for approval of the “health care bill.”

It has also been a considerable amount of time since a reward was offered for the Democratic Party and the CBC to give proof of their accusations about racism and homophobia.  Proof has not been forthcoming and the chances for its coming grows more scant with each passing hour.

It may be the time for the accusers to dose themselves and their MSM buddies with a liberal shot of Syrup of ipecac to rid themselves of the poison of untruth.

Andrew Breitbart, reporting here and pointed out on this blog, has denied the accusations and had this and more to say:

The press went straight to petrified Republican leaders like John Boehner and Michael Steele over the falsified “N-word” allegations, who dutifully offered apologies that they were not qualified to give. It was a set-up.

I smelled a rat so I offered at first $10k five days after the highly publicized alleged incidents happened. How could we be five full news cycles into this major controversy and not have any evidence? In fact, the existing footage showed the Congressional Black Caucus walking and never once moving their heads toward any “racist outbursts.” Is it conceivable that all of them stoically walked by the N-word as it was hurled 15 times — as they were holding up cameras to convey they were suspicious of the crowd to begin with?

Breitbart further informs that it has been two weeks since the purported incidents and nothing of substance has been presented by the left:

We are now two weeks since the bill was signed and the $10k reward jumped to $20k in a day after it was mentioned on both Hannity and O’Reilly. At the Searchlight Tea Party event last weekend I upped the ante to $100k. So where’s the evidence? Ken Vogel of Politico covered this story and said calls to Rep. John Lewis — one of the originator’s of the N-word storyline – were never returned.

What started out as an ill-conceived (at best) plot to smear the demonstrators, now appears ready to devolve into a series of muckraking hullabaloos with the rakes wielded by Breitbart and the Tea Party crowd. There’s much more to read and contemplate as Breitbart continues his story and  challenges.  Just poke here.

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