Gary Birkman’s Garaoke Entertainment


Gary Birkman gets to tell his story about how he came to pursue and realize his current passion,  which just happens to be his livelihood.  We hope you’ll consider Gary for your next party or other special event. The rest is from Gary:

Here is a little about my business and how it came to be…

As many of us are faced with tough times in today’s economy and changing job market, so was I. I had worked as a technical specialist for a worldwide medical company for almost 10 years when my job changed and I was forced to either do a job that I didn’t enjoy anymore or find another path. I chose the other path.

I’ve always had a great love for and been very involved in music. As a teenager, growing up in a very small Montana town, I built homemade audio and lighting equipment and put on dances at local bars and community centers. While attending college I had various DJ jobs and was involved in bands and choirs. Through the years I’ve collected music and played, or attempted to play, several different instruments. I started doing Karaoke about 15 years ago when it first became popular and I set up a personal Karaoke system and would have parties for friends and relatives and everyone loved it! People would frequently ask me why I didn’t open up a DJ business because my system was better than most at the bars they would go to. At the time I was very happy with my medical position and didn’t want it to change.

So, when I found myself among the army of unemployed, I decided to go back to where I started. Where my passion was. Music. Garaoke Entertainment was born! I invested in a lot of new professional audio and lighting equipment and a trailer to haul everything around and hit the streets. It’s been slow going, as is any new business, but things are picking up and thanks to a lot of great people, I’m looking forward to a good year!

What I want to focus on, and what makes Garaoke different from other DJs, is customer service! As my tagline and motto state, it’s “More than music . . . it’s entertainment!” which “Makes the event an occasion to remember!” I personally work with my clients to customize their event. I want them to get something special. Anyone can play music for people, but what I do is get the crowd involved! We can do games and contests, special music mixes, give-aways, and more. Not to mention the extensive light and effect show that we can put on! Whether it’s a small house party for a few people, or a huge wedding for hundreds, Garaoke has the setup and the experience to do it right. We can do strictly  DJ or Karaoke, or a combination of both.

Surprise Birthday Party & Having A Good Time

Currently I’ve got a couple regular weekly Karaoke gigs at a couple local restaurants that have gone great! In fact, one of the restaurants was considering closing its doors a couple nights a week but since business was so good with Garaoke there, they decided to stay open and it’s been doing even better since!

Garaoke is available for; Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Private or Public Parties, Events big or small, and more! With a huge music library that’s growing all the time, we can play almost anything you like!

Spoof Band Competition

You can find me if you do a web search for “Garaoke Entertainment Facebook” (or just click on the link as shown) and take a look at some of the events that I’ve done and stay abreast of some upcoming public events.

New Year's Dance

Wedding Garaoke Trio

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Fun Family Fotos Offers Inexpensive Portraits


A new portrait photography business, Fun Family Fotos, is now serving the Estancia Valley and East Mountains.

Owner of the home-based business and amateur photographer Leota Harriman hopes to provide a service different enough from traditional portrait studios to be attractive in tough economic times.

A half-hour sitting can have as many clothing changes or subjects as the client desires at no extra charge, recognizing that means fewer photographs. The sitting fee is $25 for half an hour, and can be extended in half-hour increments at half the price.

The photos will then be uploaded to, where a variety of print options is available.

Everything from magnets and keychains to large-scale wall mounts are available at reasonable prices on the website. Print when and what you want. The royalty-free personal use license means that while Fun Family Fotos retains the copyright, you are in control of your photographs.

For those without access to the Internet, a CD of the photographs will be available for purchase; photos may  then be printed at your convenience.

From a family of photographers, Harriman finally got bitten by the shutterbug taking pictures for The Independent. “I enjoy photographing people, and my aim is a relaxed environment that will let you be yourself.”

To learn more about Fun Family Fotos, visit, call 702-1033 or email

Examples Of Leota's Work


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Albuquerque Named Tops For Movie Making

New Mexico scenery
Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

New Mexico Business Weekly has published an article which relates how Albuquerque has gained recognition as the number one place to shoot movies AND live.  According to this article, the magazine MovieMaker has heaped praise on Albuquerque, naming several areas and facilities which offer the ultimate for moving making.

I’m sure everyone is serious with their praise, but it does come when some are suggesting that incentives should be reduced, or taken away altogether for the movie industry. When you’re are counting pennies, as New Mexico lawmakers are, a dollar saved can come as a welcome sight.

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Part Two, Red Tags In The Sunset In Edgewood, New Mexico

New Mexico state welcome sign
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by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudoynm Alone

This article will be a short update to Red Tags In The Sunset In Edgewood, New Mexico posted on October 16th.

Since publication of the article referenced above, I was told  by Mr. Jason Davis, the inspector who posted the red tags and the other document on the library building, that he could not find a record of the electrical work having been permitted; nor, is he aware of any other work for the remodel of the library space being permitted.  Mr. Davis further advised that since the work was not permitted and inspected, the library could be dangerous to library staff and patrons.

I was informed by area citizens, who are to remain anonymous at this time, that town authorities were told on more than one occasion,  that the work on the library required that permits be obtained due to such permits being required by New Mexico Construction Industries Division (CID) and the safety factors presented if the work was not performed in a professional or workmanlike manner. If the advise was ignored, one has to wonder why.  Did the Town of Edgewood, acting through it staff or elected Mayor decide that permitting the work was not required or did the Town just forget about the permits?

I believe the Town of Edgewood should act to rectify this situation with the library and if evidence warrants, that the entire building should be subjected to through inspections for compliance with CID regulations for earlier work on the building. To do less could place the safety of building occupants and patrons at risk and also place the Town and building owner in financial peril.

I had argued in the past, that the library should be owned by the Town and that it should be on Section 16 and the amount for the lease could pay the debt service on a new building. In addition, I was not in favor of utilizing this space for the library without full knowledge of the building condition, which was one of the requirements (along with proper permitting) that the council required of the Mayor during an open meeting before they voted to go forward with the remodel.

I have said in the past that the Mayor was to be commended on working to open the library and it has been clear the library is enjoyed by many in the community. It seems a shame the library and patrons may suffer due to what are or were major mistakes in the decision making progress.

Here’s hoping that the discrepancies with the library and library building are resolvable and the  library can continue to serve the community.

The governing body for the Town of Edgewood should insist on definite proof of full compliance of safety and fire issues that pertain to the library.

If further details become available they will become public on this blog.

Edgewood’s Website

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Red Tags In The Sunset In Edgewood, New Mexico

New Mexico Sunset
Image by MartusJaav via Flickr

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

We are working on an article that has to do with at least two of the Town of Edgewood’s projects being red tagged by a New Mexico Construction Industries electrical inspector. One of the projects is the Edgewood Town Library. The rumor is that the other project is the Edgewood waste water treatment facility located about two miles east of New Mexico State Road 344.

If the Town of Edgewood or its agents were required to obtain permits and did not, or the work was performed by unlicensed contractors or the work did not meet required standards or specification, the Town will have placed themselves and the citizens in a potentially dangerous situation which could lead to serious consequences and litigation.

We will report further when more details are obtained, or the details we have obtained thus far, are organized. In the meantime you can find the photos of the Red Tag documents below which are posted on the Edgewood Public Library. They are not the best, but you can see them yourself if you go to the library. Incidentally, the library is still open in possible violation of the documents below.


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Edgewood — Pine Ridge Politics, Episode XXVII

Mutual Broadcasting System
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A respite from things political while Lum tries to hear the 1000 broadcast of a show on the Keystone Network. He tries, but he can’t seem to wrest the headphones or controls from Abner because Abner wants to listen to every station he runs into as he glides across the radio dial.

Finally, grandpap shows up after the 1000 broadcast is over to let the boys know what he heard from the broadcast. Let’s listen in:

Keystone 1000 broadcast

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