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This piece originally appeared on Eagle Rising on 1/3/15

If more public servants would speak on these two issues as does Sheriff Clarke, there would be more responsibility on the part of all involved and hopefully fewer abortions.


Sheriff David Clarke to Protesters: If Black Lives Really Mattered You Would be Protesting Abortions Not Cops

By Tim Brown / 3 January 2015

I do like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. He speaks his mind and leaves no doubt as to what he means. In an interview during Christmas week on CNN with Poppy Harlow, Clarke gave a special message to those protesting police officers under the banner of “Black lives matter.” Clarke said if black lives matter those protesters would be outraged at abortion and protesting that.

The sheriff wanted protesters to take emotion off the table and have an “objective discussion” about the reality of black on black crime. He also indicated that when the recent deaths of black men due to white police officers were a “sliver of what is going on in America’s ghettos

Clarke pointed out that statistics from 2012 and 2013 indicate that in his own county of Milwaukee eighty percent of murder victims were black. Of those blacks murdered, seventy percent of their killers were black. In other words, Clarke was pointing out that blacks are killing their own people, something we have known for some time.

He also said that there were lots of lies about police put out by those with agendas and said that the use of deadly force against black males is actually down seventy-five percent since 1999. In addition to those statistics, between 2011 and 2012, 386 whites were killed by police versus 140 blacks.

“So I’m just saying let’s put the data out there, and let’s have an objective discussion, minus the emotion and the minus the rhetoric,” he said.

When asked about a tweet Clarke sent to New York Times reporter Mitch Smith in which he said, “If only these faux protestors were asked by media about all black on black killing or black babies aborted in US every year.”

“When I hear these things that ‘black lives matter,’ the only people who really believe that statement are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other,” he said. “All right, so, yes I did say that and I meant it. Look, the abortions? If black lives, if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be. That’s where we’d see protests.”

In addition to that tweet, Clarke provide these tweets on December 23. Though he did not blame Barack Obama, Eric Holder or Mayor Bill de Blasio for the execution of NYPD police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, he did blast the race baiting politicians for creating the pathway that led to their deaths.



Slow as molasses on a cold winter’s day

You can be sure Holder would not allow an ordinary citizen to delay as he has


Thomas Sowell: Politics Versus Education

Fair Use Notice

Politics Versus Education

By Thomas Sowell

thomas_sowellOf all the cynical frauds of the Obama administration, few are so despicable as sacrificing the education of poor and minority children to the interests of the teachers’ unions.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s attempt to suppress the spread of charter schools in Louisiana was just one of the signs of that cynicism. His nationwide threats of legal action against schools that discipline more black students than he thinks they should are at least as damaging.

Charter schools are hated by teachers’ unions and by much of the educational establishment in general. They seem to be especially hated when they succeed in educating minority children whom the educational establishment says cannot be educated.

Apparently it can be done when you don’t have to hire unionized teachers with iron-clad tenure, and when you don’t have to follow the dogmas in vogue in the educational establishment.

Last year, there was an attempt to shut down the American Indian Model Schools in Oakland, California — schools that had been ranked among the top schools in the nation, schools with the top test scores in their district and the fourth highest scores in the entire state of California.

The reason given was that the former — repeat, FORMER — head of these schools was accused of financial irregularities. Since there are courts of law to determine the guilt or innocence of individuals, why should school children be punished by having their schools shut down, immediately and permanently, before any court even held a trial?

Fortunately, a court order prevented this planned vindictive closing of this highly successful charter school with minority students. But the attempt shows the animus and the cynical disregard of the education of children who have few other places to get a comparable education.

Attorney General Holder’s threats of legal action against schools where minority students are disciplined more often than he wants are a much more sweeping and damaging blow to the education of poor and minority students across the country.

Among the biggest obstacles to educating children in many ghetto schools are disruptive students whose antics, threats and violence can make education virtually impossible. If only 10 percent of the students are this way, that sacrifices the education of the other 90 percent.

The idea that Eric Holder, or anybody else, can sit in Washington and determine how many disciplinary actions against individual students are warranted or unwarranted in schools across the length and breadth of this country would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

Relying on racial statistics tells you nothing, unless you believe that black male students cannot possibly be more disruptive than Asian female students, or that students in crime-ridden neighborhoods cannot possibly require disciplinary actions more often than children in the most staid, middle-class neighborhoods.

Attorney General Holder is not fool enough to believe either of those things. Why then is he pursuing this numbers game?

The most obvious answer is politics. Anything that promotes a sense of grievance from charges of racial discrimination offers hope of energizing the black vote to turn out to vote for Democrats, which is especially needed when support from other voters is weakening in the wake of Obama administration scandals and fiascoes.

Eric Holder’s other big racial crusade, against requiring identification for voting, is the same political game. And it is carried out with the same cynical promotion of fears, with orchestrated hysteria from other Democrats — as if having to show identification to vote is like a revival of the Ku Klux Klan.

Blacks, whites and everybody else can be asked for identification these days, whether cashing a check or using a credit card at a local store or going to an airport — or even getting into some political meetings called to protest voter ID laws.

But to sacrifice the education of children, especially children for whom education may be their only ticket out of poverty, is truly a new low. As someone once said to Senator Joe McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His website is http://www.tsowell.com. To find out more about Thomas Sowell and read features by other Creators Syndicate columnists and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at http://www.creators.com.



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Marita K. Noon: The End Of Spectator Citizenship …

The end of spectator citizenship–it is time to get engaged

Marita Noon

“The problem is,” a utility company executive told me, “that there is no one at the table who cares about the ratepayers. There is no one who cares about low-cost energy. Everyone is too concerned about looking PC instead of standing up for the consumer.” We were discussing the “stay” announced last week by the EPA that allows the state of New Mexico more time to find an alternative solution toward meeting the visibility requirements spelled out in the Clean Air Act.

New Mexico has been battling with the EPA over its insistence that the state use selective catalytic reduction technology (CRT) at the San Juan Generating Station, the 1,800-megawatt coal-fueled power plant that is New Mexico’s single largest source of electricity. It also provides power to customers in California, Arizona, and Utah. The state has been arguing for a different plan that would cost less but produce similar results. Bids received for the CRT installation are more than double the EPA’s estimate.

As has been happening across the country, the high cost of the EPA’s mandates, will likely shut down the two older units at New Mexico’s San Juan Generating Station. The Public Regulatory Commission will have to allow the utility company to increase rates to cover the lost depreciation of the units–not to mention the loss of the electricity production.

As the millions of people in the Washington DC area who lived without power for days found, living without electricity is “awful.” In his well-worth reading narrative of life without electricity, When the Moore Family Lost Power, Stephen Moore states: “It was awful, but educational. If anything good has come out of this debacle, it is that our household has a new appreciation for how important it is that everyone have access to affordable and reliable sources of energy.”

Environmental groups have complained that they do not have a seat at the table. Jeremy Nichols of the group WildEarth Guardians, stated: “they’ve got to realize they need to work with us or else it’s not going to get any easier for them.”

As the utility executive explained, the ratepayers’ needs are not being considered. The meetings will likely take place in some “smoky room” where a deal will be hashed out with no one challenging the premise most of these so-called emission reductions are based on: climate change is a man-made crisis caused by humans burning hydrocarbons.

“Who,” I asked, “should be standing up for the ratepayer?” “The Attorney General,” he told me.

While our meeting started out with complaints about the process, I saw the 90-day stay as a positive. It buys us time–though a 120-day stay would have been better. One hundred-twenty days would put us past the election–though not past a potential lame-duck period.

Actions like the EPA’s insistence that power providers use excessively expensive equipment for miniscule reductions (think of the law of diminishing returns) in pollutants or “haze”–which ultimately shuts down power plants and reduces our access to abundant and affordable electricity–emphasizes the importance of electing a new President come November 6.

With the stay, we may be able to put off finalizing the rules until we have a new President and a new EPA Administrator. If an agreement is reached and finalized within the 90-day time frame, it will be harder to reverse. But if a decision is not made, and another stay is granted, it could be a win. We could have a re-think and sanity could return to electricity costs and pricing.

But winning will take citizen engagement on several fronts. If we sit back and watch, we’ll deserve what we get–which could include outrageously high energy prices.

First, in New Mexico, and other states facing similar circumstances, we need to pummel the Attorney General with phone calls, emails, and letters telling him (or her) to represent us, the ratepayers. He needs to fight for abundant and affordable electricity rather than acquiesce to the politically correct notion that CO2 emissions are ruining the planet. Sadly, in New Mexico, it is not likely that the AG will stand up for us.

Second, we all need to vote! Mitt Romney may not be our first choice, but he is a choice. Sitting the election out will give us four more years of punitive energy regulation–on steroids.

Lastly, assuming we get a change on November 6, we cannot breathe a sigh of relief, sit back, and relax. We must stay engaged. The era of spectator citizenship is over. We, the people, will need to stay on top of the Romney Administration to insist that he appoint people to positions, such as the Secretary of Energy and the EPA Administrator, who understand the important role energy plays in America. Stephen Moore called it “the central nervous system of our modern economy and our 21st-century lifestyles.”

I am optimistic because I have seen citizen engagement work.

We had a victory in New Mexico with the sand dune lizard. I believe it was citizen engagement that kept it from being listed as an endangered species–which could have severely crippled the economy in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas and reduced oil and gas development throughout the region that produces 20% of the domestic supply.

Like the utility company executive didn’t see the “stay” as a win, not all the oil and gas stakeholders saw the sand dune lizard decision as a win.

Back in December of 2011, the sand dune lizard decision was delayed for six months. Many industry executives would have liked to have had the decision made, not delayed, so they could move on to the next step: court. At the time, I wrote that the “delay” option, was a good thing as it allowed for more public engagement and it put the decision just months away from the presidential election. I posited that I didn’t think the Obama Administration would want to make a decision that would hurt such a large portion of the state’s economy months before the election in a swing state.

There was more public engagement and last month the decision was handed down. The lizard was not listed.

One of the reasons the lizard was not listed was because of the Candidate Conservation Agreements (CCA), in which many in the industry have engaged. Some complain that the CCAs are really extortion, and they are. The CCA requires companies that want to drill in the lizard’s habitat to pay money to an organization for habitat restoration–but they can still operate (albeit at a higher cost, which results in higher prices to the consumers).

However, as the environmental groups have complained, the CCAs are nonbinding. With a new administration and new leadership in the agencies, the CCAs could be abandoned much more easily than the lizard could be de-listed. Again, citizens will need to be engaged to keep pressure on a President-elect Romney to appoint appropriate agency leadership.

The “stay” over the regional haze regulations in New Mexico can be a win. The “delay” over the sand dune lizard was a win.

Likewise, the Supreme Court decision on the healthcare law could be a win–but we have to embrace it and get engaged. Agree or disagree with the decision, it is the decision; it is what we have to work with. The campaign cash that flowed in following the announcement ($4.6 million to the Romney campaign from 47,000 donors in less than a day) shows that, perhaps, the Chief Justice has done us a favor. In opining, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices,” he has reminded all of us of the importance of our vote.

Whom we elect has far broader implications than just who occupies the White House. The President appoints people to leadership positions and they pick the people who implement the rules and regulations–like Al Armendariz. We often call these people “unelected bureaucrats,” when in fact, they are there as a result of our vote.

We have 16 weeks to save America. Are you engaged? Are you talking to your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about the importance of this election? Polls following the SCOTUS decision show that nearly half of the public didn’t even know that a decision had been made or what it was. For us, that translates to an understanding that a large percentage of the population–including nearly half of your friends and family–isn’t paying attention to the news. They need us to talk to them.

Each week as you read my column, you should be outraged! I aim to expose under-covered issues that point out the danger of this administration’s energy policy. In doing so, I’m giving you fresh talking points so you can engage in the process. I also hope to encourage you to keep at it; to not give up. As citizens of the United States of America, we can no longer be spectators. It is time to get engaged.

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and, the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts serve as America’s voice for energy.

Energy Freedom

Order a copy of Energy Freedom today!

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Prelude To Brainwashing For Gun Control

From a 1995 video our current attorney general touts brainwashing of folks against ownership of guns.  While he may start advocating getting guns out of the hands of gang bangers and other criminals (even this is not clear) about 3:10 into the video the word brainwash is used by Holder to describe what must be done to prevent guns from being possessed by youth.

Unfortunately, this is the same attorney general that approved the program now known as “Fast and Furious,” which placed guns in the hands of murdering Mexico cartel members.  This program has never been adequately explained by the attorney general; nor is it likely to be because congress will probably give Holder a pass.

The video mentioned above can be seen and heard by clicking this link and don’t forget to access the related articles found below:

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New Mexico Attorney General’s Scam Alert



Thursday, May 19, 2011                                     Follow us on Facebook!

 SCAM:   The U.S. Attorney General claims you are a terrorist and money launderer, but for $170, he can look the other way.


OVERVIEW:  This scam came to the NM Attorney General’s Office from an astute observer who received it by email. Here is a copy of the message:

From: MR. ERIC HOLDER [mailto:111111@mail.eqha.com.cn]Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 4:45 AM

441 4th Street NW, Suite 1145S
Washington, DC 20001

Attention: Sir,

We have received instruction from the Police Department ,Home land Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in the United States of America to prosecute you over allegations of money laundering and terrorist ($10m usd) related activities to which there is over whelming evidence of your involvement.

Note a copy of this email have been forwarded to the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA POLICE/AUTHORITIES and will be ordered for your immediate arrest.

The need for your urgent prosecution arose from your inability to secure the mandatory Clearance Certificate from the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria inspite of several opportunities given to you by the Police Department,Home land Security and FBI.

Inview of the indicting report submitted to the Police Department ,Home land Security and FBI by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Police Department ,Home land Security and FBI has recommended for your immediate prosecution.

You have to obtain the required Certificate from EFCC- DIRECTOR, DR. FRANK WILLIAMS.
CONTACT HIM ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS : drfrankwilliams2011@hotmail.com and the Cost of the Certificate is $170.00 only We are giving you notice of service of writ of summons after seven days of receiving this letter by mail. 
(Highlighting added by the NMAGO)

If after the seven days and you are not able to obtain the Certificate to clear yourself before the Police Department ,Home land Security and FBI, Legal prosecution will begin immediately.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Your’s faithfully,
Attorney General
Eric Holder

PREVENTION:  The U.S. Attorney General does not send personal emails to potential “criminals.” DO NOT RESPOND, DO NOT SEND MONEY.

To UNSUBSCRIBE to this list, please send an e-mail to communications@nmag.gov

Phil Sisneros
Director of Communications
Office of NM Attorney General
Gary K. King
505-827-6792 SF
505-222-9174 ABQ

NM Attorney General Scam Alert (10/25/10)


State of New Mexico
Office of Attorney General
Gary K. King

Monday, October 25, 2010

Contact: Phil Sisneros    505-827-6792 Lynn Southard   505-222-9048
SCAM: Kirtland Federal Credit Union Text Scam 



PREVENTION: Do not respond to texts claiming to be from Kirtland Federal Credit Union.

OVERVIEW: Albuquerque’s Kirtland Federal Credit Union reports that they are aware of a text messaging scam now circulating in the Albuquerque area alleging to be from Kirtland Federal Credit Union.

The fraudulent text states, “Your Kirtland Federal Credit Union Visa check card starting with #### has been temporarily blocked.  Call 990-0360.” Texts similar to this have been received by members and non-members alike.

Representatives from Kirtland Federal Credit Union have assured the AG’s office they are not sending out text messages of any kind.

Kirtland Federal Credit Union does not text its members or request information by email or telephone;  Kirtland Federal Credit Union already has their members information.  If you receive this type of text, do not respond.

Lynn Southard

Deputy Director of Communications
Office of New Mexico Attorney General
Gary K. King
111 Lomas Blvd NW
Suite 300
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
505 222-9048 office
505 231-4731 cell
Email: lsouthard@nmag.gov

New Mexico Attorney General Sponsored Classes (8/25/10)



Please R.S.V.P if you would like to attend one or all workshops by sending a quick e-mail to prael@nmag.gov.

Or by calling Patricia Rael at 505-554-9498




  • Statewide Methamphetamine Alert brief message by AG (video clip) January 13, 2009 before legislators
  • What is Meth –
  • What does it Look like –
  • What goes into cooking Meth
  • Why is it so dangerous (Video Clip)
  • Why is it so addictive
  • What is going on in the body even after just one use
  • What are the long term health affects
  • What are the psychological and physiological affects
  • How and Why it affects the teeth, face, skin
  • How does a normal brain functions
  • How does a brain under the influence of Meth function (video clip)
  • Withdrawal
  • Mother’s interview – how she lost her daughter to murder (video clip)

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New Mexico Attorney General Scam Alert, June 9, 2010

Seal of the State of New Mexico
Image via Wikipedia


State of New Mexico
Office of Attorney General
Gary K. King

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contact: Phil Sisneros    505-827-6792 Lynn Southard   505-222-9048
SCAM: “Grant Award” For Paying Taxes and Bills On Time


PREVENTION: Do not share personal information with someone you do not know; Report to communications@nmag.gov. Visit UNICEF.ORG for recent scam information.

OVERVIEW:  The “Grant Award” scam telephone call comes from an “unavailable” number to consumers, who are offered a $7,000 grant award because they paid their “taxes and bills on time.”  The recipient is told by “Tracy Jones” the money cannot be used for “illegal activity”  after personal information including name, phone number, address and birth date are verified.  “Tracy Jones” refers the consumer to her supervisor, “Nick Richards,” for more information regarding the grant.

Once “Richards” is contacted and the consumers information is verified again, details of the transaction are presented:

  1. The grant will come via Western Union in the form of $2,500 cash and a check for $4,500.
  2. Consumer is to send $100 to UNICEF in Singh Nandjishore in Delhi, India.
  3. The consumer is to fill out a “receive money” form and send to “Max Johnson.”
  4. A “money transfer control number” would not be sent until the $100.00 was received.
  5. A three-way call is initiated by the scammer with Western Union.
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East Mountain Tea Party Eblast #4


EMTP logo


Tax Day TEA Party Rally
April 15,  2010   11:00 – 1:00
Crossley Park in Moriarty
Bring your signs and your friends
and family, and all your neighbors too.
Let’s be heard from the streets of Moriarty.
The Albuquerque TEA Party is holding a Tax
Day Rally from 4-7 PM on Menaul Street between
San Pedro and Wyoming. We will participate in that rally
as well. Sign making party: April 11th from 1-4 at the Coopers
in Moriarty: #13 Sandia Street. Call 269-5617 for directions.

They did it. They really did it. They forced the healthcare bill down our unwilling throats. First line of defense: contact Attorney General Gary King to ask him to join other states in filing a lawsuit against this unconstitutional bill. At the current time, his office states they are no longer taking phone calls on this issue. What they are requesting is that you send a letter with your name and the reason why you want a lawsuit filed.   Here is a letter written by Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation that you may use as an example, or write your own. Write HEALTH CARE on the envelope. Write to Mr. King and give him a call.  Then re-phase your note to Mr. King in the form of a letter to the editor and send it to the editor of your local newspaper. Send letters to:
Attorney General Gary King
P.O.Drawer 1508
Santa Fe , NM 87504
Call King’s office: 1-505-827-6000

Second line of defense: throw them out of office! We had a standing room only Meet and Greet last Sunday at the Lion’s Club in Moriarty, where we heard from candidates running for various offices. They gave us their plans once they get into office, and we followed up with a spirited Q and A, with a strong emphasis on defending the rights of We The People. There was an impressive array of politicians present; although Democrats were invited, none showed up. (See the website for more info on who was in attendance, and comments made: www.EastMtTeaParty.com. More information, photos and videos of the event will be added soon.)
Choose the candidates you can support and call them today and get on their list of volunteers. Do everything you can to further their campaign and get them into office. We must remove those who have betrayed our American heritage, who are voting with others to threaten our freedoms. This is the most crucial time in your life. Act on it now, so help you God.
Remember to sign up for the Constitution Class, coming up on May 1, 2010 in Edgewood. Registration is due by April 1st.
Lori Harris : 505-235-6276
Chuck Ring: 505-263-3268

Moderated by Dale Gregg

The Obama Administration wants to make sure that tomorrow’s leaders are fully indoctrinated into the leftist philosophy of living. Part of that indoctrination now includes lesson plans offered to teachers by the Public Broadcasting Service on how to fully persuade students of their “fundamental right to health care.”

First Episode: interview with Patrick Henry descendant, Therese Cooper. (Scroll down to listen to On Demand already recorded shows.)  Watch for coming episodes: interview with Janice Arnold-Jones,  interview with Jon Barela.

East Mt TEA Party


Roger Lenard
Silvana Lupetti
Char Tierney
Doug Cooper

The Petition Project

Business Supporter

Prestige Carpet Care is our featured business supporter for this eblast.
Prestige Carpet Care services all the East Mountains, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas. Besides top notch carpet and furniture cleaning and repairs, they clean tile and grout as well. Keep their number handy in case of emergency water damage! Call for a free quote today: 505-888-1800
DOUG COOPER, Moriarty resident and owner of Prestige Carpet Care:
I am a strong supporter of the Tea Party Movement because our freedoms are swiftly being taken by a socialist government. Stand with me and together we can turn it around in November.

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