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Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Writing in tomorrow’s (3/12) Washington Post (WAPO) columnists and former pollsters to Presidents Carter and Clinton warn the Democrats away from forging ahead with passage of the current health bill.  Patrick E Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen quote Barbara Tuchman from her book, “The March of Folly,” as follows:

“Why do holders of high office so often act contrary to the way reason points and enlightened self-interest suggests?” Her assessment of self-deception — “acting according to wish while not allowing oneself to be deflected by the facts”

They continue by expressing their opinion that is exactly the path that President Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party are now following in their quest to push health care through the legislative process.  According to the writers, the players, who are pushing again for passage should have received the message from the last Senate election in Massachusetts, but they seem blind or deaf to the signal and carry on with their very own march of folly.

Caddell and Schoen are gruff, if not tough, when they state what they believe to be the truth of the issue:

First, the battle for public opinion has been lost. Comprehensive health care has been lost. If it fails, as appears possible, Democrats will face the brunt of the electorate’s reaction. If it passes, however, Democrats will face a far greater calamitous reaction at the polls. Wishing, praying or pretending will not change these outcomes.

They continue with what seems almost an excoriation of the Democrats when they point out that a popular poll say that four-fifths of those who oppose the health plan strongly oppose it.  They say that the Democrats and the White House fool themselves if they truly believe that time will make the bill more palatable once it passes.

The story continues with more surprise opinions that the Democrats (including the President) will rue the day the bill passes and  will suffer greatly at the polls coming in November and I would add … in 2012. You can catch the rest by flipping here.  And, here’s a flap from another columnist that writes that Caddell is not a Liberal Democrat. Meaning, I would suppose, that he can’t write about liberals in a truthful way.

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