Bible Study At Home A No-No

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It appears you cannot, as a “sizable” group, use a residence to study the Bible in San Juan Capistrano, California.  At least it is reported that way by CBS, Los Angeles:

MISSION VIEJO (CBS) — An Orange County couple has been ordered to stop holding a Bible study in their home on the grounds that the meeting violates a city ordinance as a “church” and not as a private gathering.

Homeowners Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, of San Juan Capistrano, were fined $300 earlier this month for holding what city officials called “a regular gathering of more than three people”.

That type of meeting would require a conditional use permit as defined by the city, according to Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), the couple’s legal representation.

The Fromms also reportedly face subsequent fines of $500 per meeting for any further “religious gatherings” in their home, according to PJI.

Here’s a short video clip which addresses the issue in a brief way:

Bible Study — No Way

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