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Is this good news from bad messengers?

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The following article comes from Brietbart’s Big Government.  Taken from the writings of a couple of progressive “misses,” the message seems to be good news for Tea Party sorts and regular conservatives, but perhaps not so much for liberals, progressives and main-stream or establishment Republicans.

Of course being progressives from Harvard, the originators of the supposition of a long-lived Tea Party movement had to insert their obligatory thoughts (opinions?) about radicalism and prejudice against minorities among the Tea Party members. We know by now that that old dog won’t hunt and never has.

Just below is the first part of the Brietbart piece followed by a link to the rest and links to related articles.


by TONY LEE 29 Dec 2013

A government and sociology professor at Harvard writes that the Tea Party is more likely than not to “win in the end” in an age when Americans are becoming more removed from Washington and distrusting the federal government and their elected officials.

“Tea Party forces will still win in the end,” Theda Skocpol writes, unless moderate Republicans can defeat them. Skocpol concedes that the Tea Party “will triumph just by hanging on long enough” as Americans are getting fed up by “our blatantly manipulated democracy and our permanently hobbled government.”

The article, “Why The Tea Party Isn’t Going Anywhere,” was first published in the journal Democracy, and later reprinted in The Atlantic.

Despite the fact that Democrats, the mainstream media, and the Republican establishment again were predicting the “demise of the Tea Party” immediately after the government shutdown ended, Skocpol doesn’t believe so.

“But we have heard all this before,” she writes. “The Tea Party’s hold on the GOP persists beyond each burial ceremony.”

Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson published a book in 2011 that “showed how bottom-up and top-down forces intersect to give the Tea Party both leverage over the Republican Party and the clout to push national politics sharply to the right.”

“At the grassroots, volunteer activists formed hundreds of local Tea Parties, meeting regularly to plot public protests against the Obama Administration and place steady pressure on GOP organizations and candidates at all levels,” they found. “At least half of all GOP voters sympathize with this Tea Party upsurge.”

Though Skokpol and Williamson have their typical biases and describe the Tea Party movement as a “radical” one that may not like minorities–without any evidence of that assertion–they acknowledge that “even though there is no one center of Tea Party authority—indeed, in some ways because there is no one organized center—the entire gaggle of grassroots” and outside groups that support the movement “wields money and primary votes to exert powerful pressure on Republican officeholders and candidates.”

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Listen To This Silly Prevaricating Fool

I love it when a progressive/socialist plan goes awry.  It is so inspiring to see the truth come out when a mainscream medium reports an erroneous account of what actually went on and who the main bad actor is as he is revealed in narative, video and a still photograph.

The following comes from Big Government and it is posted in its entirety.  The piece and video are used under what is understood by users to be allowed under the Fair Use Doctrine.  No monetary receipts are derived by the users; nor is any other value of material reward obtained by our use.  Use of this material is for the purpose of entertainment, education and to encourage dialogue.

What follows below is the article and pertinent additions to it. There are related articles provided for clarification and encouragement of additional study and discussion:

1 Oct 2013

It appears the Associated Press has either been duped by a partisan government union big-wig pretending to be a beleaguered government employee facing furlough due to a government shutdown, or they knew he was an activist and withheld the information from their readers.

The AP released a video titled: “EPA Worker: Furloughs Hit Employees Hard.”  The video is described as “Paul Sacker is an engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency who was furloughed because of the government shutdown. Sacker says politicians don’t understand the impact the shutdown has on workers.”

In the video Mr. Sacker laments the fact that he’s being furloughed. He talks about how it will personally affect him and how he will have to dig into his savings “as the paychecks stop coming.” He decries “the tea party that are using ideological principals to hold the government hostage.” He also says “our president needs to do more leadership,” whatever that means.

Here’s the video:


Now here’s the context the Associated Press didn’t give you.

Paul Sacker is the president of American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 3911.  Here he is in an image from the union’s Facebook page:

Mr. Sacker’s been busy. He also gave an interview to the New York NPR station, WNYC lamenting the horrible conditions he is forced to live under now that the government has been shutdown for about eight hours. To WNYC’s credit, they do make passing mention of his union affiliation in the three minute interview, but not in the written article on their website.

Mr. Sacker is one popular government worker. In June he wrote an article for the Times Ledger in Queens. this time, lamenting the sequester cuts. The narrative is the exact same as we are seeing today regarding the government shutdown.

Needless to say, the AFGE endorsed President Obama for reelection in 2012.

If the Associated Press knew of Mr. Sacker’s union affiliation, certainly they should have mentioned it in their report to provide some context. If they didn’t know, they know now.

Does This Text Book Change The Constitution

Continuing to the article below, the author concludes the textbook does change the second amendment to connect to the present day belief of progressive detractors.

High School Textbook Changes Constitution–Literally


18 Sep 2013, 2:47 PM PDT 
The authors of United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination have taken it upon themselves to change the

Constitution of the United States. The high school textbook contains a summary of each Amendment that alters the initial intent in which they were created.

The textbook notes the Second Amendment as, “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

Here’s the link to the rest of the story and a video and don’t forget the related articles:

Cover of "United States History: Preparin...

Cover via Amazon

Can You Find The 2nd Amendment    The Right One?

 Cap Flap: Breitbart Big Government

One Of Obama’s Front Men — Krugman The Plug Man


English: “Paul Krugman lectured on “After Bush – The End of the Neo-Conservatives and the Moment for the Democrats” to over 500 guests in the jam-packed big lecture hall at the German National Library in Frankfurt” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Breitbart’s Big Government, their writer, Mike Flynn takes Paul Krugman and the progressives to task on their soon to fail harping on the debt ceiling.  If the Republicans can get a pair and connect them to their backbones, we might just come up with real resolutions to the canine excrement laying against the curb of good government … at least, that which has not already made its way to the sewer.

Here’s a link to Flynn’s article, we hope members of the Tea Parties will read it — even more we hope a Republican will find time to study the words and do something with the ideas proffered by Mr. Flynn:

One Of Obama’s Front Men — Krugman The Plugman

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Obama Gives Our Money To Labor Movements In Foreign Domains

William Bigelow, in Breitbart’s, Big Government tells us that Obama and his Department of Labor is trying to solidify their standing in the socialist and communist labor movement through donation of our money to labor organizations in different parts of this world.

We know we don’t have to remind you that Obama is abed with labor unions in the United States, but we figured we would pull back the bed covers, to give you a more detailed view of his illicit affair with world labor unions.  Follow the link below and don’t forget to get access to any related articles found after the link:

More Gifts From Santa O

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Special Movie Preview: Hating Breitbart


If you don’t know who Breitbart is/was  and what he stood for, then you’ve been unconscious for a while.  Please wake up and watch the special preview by clicking on the link above.  It is 20+ minutes in duration.

If The Government Doles It Out … It Will Eventually Become A Sham

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобильных телефонов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It,” in this case is free cell phones and service for those who receive other forms of “welfare,” from Uncle Sam.  It did not start with Uncle Obama, but it has grown substantially under his watch.

To understand the extent of the growth in phones, usage and fraud, have a look at this:

“Fones,” Failure & Fraud

Thanks to Breitbart’s Big Government for making the information available to the people.

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Big Government Wants To Know: Do US Corporations Pay Their “Fair Share?”

And we want to know who the profits belong to?  According to some who visit this blog, we are not wise enough to determine at this point, but we do believe the profits after fair taxes paid to the US Government, should accrue to the corporations.  Let us see what Big Government via Ben Shapiro has to say:

As usual, the left is wondering whether corporations pay their “fair share.”  This time, it seems they may have a point.  As Time magazine reported yesterday, a recent Wall Street Journal study of Congressional Budget Office statistics showed that American corporations paid an effective tax rate of 12.1% last year.  That’s the lowest number in four decades, despite a nominal tax rate that runs 35%, second only to Japan’s 39.5%; if you include state corporate taxes, America is now number one in the world.

Now, focus your eyes on the last link in the above quoted paragraph.  Click on the link, read the material and then come back.  Perhaps it was not what you expected; perhaps you were already well versed on the information found in the linked article.  How about this then from Shapiro’s article:

So why the low effective tax rate?  According to both the Journal and Time, it’s due to a corporate tax break set into the stimulus package, which allowed corporations to use an accounting trick: they could take write-offs on capital investments all at once rather than over time.  Typically, you take a tax write-off as the value of a good depreciates – if you buy a computer, it loses value over time, and you write that in your tax returns.  Under the stimulus package, you were allowed to basically write off the whole purchase.  The result was huge write-offs for corporations.

Now, normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing.

We’d expect corporations to take that money and dump it back into the economy by hiring and producing new products.  But that hasn’t happened – largely because this is a tax break rather than a permanent tax situation.  In other words, at some point, we’re going to go back to the old system, taxes are going to hike, and the corporations are saving up for a rainy day.

Pay attention to a few key phrases or words in the two paragraphs above:

  1. stimulus write-offs
  2. all at once
  3. result was huge write-offs
  4. all at once
  5. normally not a bad thing
  6. we would expect corporations to dump the money back into economy by hiring and producing new products
  7. that hasn’t happened because this was a tax break
  8. at some point, we’re going back to the old system, taxes will hike, and the corporations are saving up for a rainy day

Got that?  Yes I know, the short clipped phrases sound or look like a bunch of Occupiers following their cheerleaders while making silly little hand-signals.  Nevertheless, you get the idea.  I could quote the rest of the article, but then you’d be depending on me to bring the gist of the article to you.  I’d much rather have you read it for yourself.  The link is just below … enjoy.

Whose Profits — Not Yours

Dimwito’s In Houston Celebrate With Potluck At A Planned Parenthood Facility

Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879)

Image via Wikipedia - Margaret Sanger

And we say to ourselves:  What A Wonderful World?  Not so much with people like these celebrants below. The information following comes to us from Breitbart’s  Big Government.  You can see the story and the “party” invitation by clicking on several links found below:


Houston Democrats Throw Christmas Party at Planned Parenthood

by Mike Flynn

Talk show host Michael Berry alerted us to the upcoming event of the Harris County Democrat Party. One doesn’t have to be a dedicated pro-life activist to find the idea of this event kind of sick. I think even the majority of those who believe abortion services and clinics should be available would agree that an abortion clinic is the wrong venue for a Christmas Party.  (Yes, I realize they say “Holiday Party,” in the invitation below but for the vast majority of Americans, the holiday they celebrate in December is Christmas. Heck, the invitation even used green and red lettering, the traditional colors of Christmas.)


Considering that, for many Americans, Christmas is a celebration of  the birth of a child, a party at an abortion clinic is a particularly sick irony.

Anyway, looks like they’re having a pot-luck and are providing wine, so that’s nice. They note folks can BYOB for a “stronger celebration”! Again…at an abortion clinic.

Of course, one of the sponsoring organizations is “BAAD Women” (Bay Area Association of Democratic Women), so maybe the choice venue was absolutely intentional.

Stay classy, Houston Democrats.

(Note: I initially thought that perhaps this was strictly an administrative building for Planned Parenthood where, perhaps, no abortions were performed. Nope. They do abortions there. And Christmas Parties!)

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Pigford: Perhaps A Comprehensive List Of Investigative Articles

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

I have, from time to time, posted articles regarding the Pigford settlements and some of the implications of the settlement processes seemingly gone mad or made that way to begin with.  The material we have quoted or referenced is extraordinary for two primary reasons:

  1. there are scarcely any reports from the “main-scream” media which impact to any degree on the fraud and real magnitude in dollars meted out with the settlements
  2. the reports, and there are a few, have been made available in the main by blogs

Perhaps your thoughts might run counter to mine and you feel this whole episode is nothing about which to be concerned.  Or, maybe you are incensed that the big media boys have rested on their holly since they are absent any “laurels.”  Whatever the case, maybe someone, somewhere and sometime, with a little authority will do the right thing and an in-depth investigation to be completed.

Meanwhile, if you have nothing else to cause you to be a little dizzy, perhaps a complete reading or partial review of the articles to be found here will spur you on after a fine first day of the New Year (Saturday) and on through the weekend.  And no, the moon is not intoxicated … just a little dizzy to join us!

Here is a link to many articles on the subject:

If  The Pigford Settlements were A Pile Of Manure, They’d Reach To The Moon (with the obvious exception of the several thousand justified settlements)



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