Young Cancer Victim Loses Fight To Survive Cancer

zach sobiech

But, he has left a lasting legacy with his song, Clouds, and through his strong will to overcome a life taking challenge.

Here’s a video of one of his performances:

Inspiration From Young Victim Of Cancer

and here is a link to a FoxNews story about Zach.

2 Million Dogs — Puppy Up New Mexico!


This past Saturday I met Sue Smith from Albuquerque during Edgewood’s first annual Woofstock.  Ms. Smith intrigued me when she spoke to me about a canine cancer project in which she is involved.  I asked her if she would send information which I could post here and she agreed to do so.

Just before I posted this I received additional information from Ms. Smith regarding this and future events:

Right now I and a handful of volunteers ARE in New Mexico…and we are looking to grow the cause. It is my hope to do some other types of dog events in the Winter (perhaps a Winter Ball)  and Spring and for that I would love more input and a wider sweep. We will have a planning session probably the beginning of November to discuss these  possibilities as well as maybe doing some collaborations with the American Cancer Society,
I guess for now the process for this year is to have anyone interested in perhaps marketing the current Event by hanging posters or talking to your local groups (like Seniors, Cancer Survivors, Exercise Clubs) to contact me and I will provide fliers handouts and information. We also would love any volunteers willing to come to Rotary Park on the day of the Event to help out, we would feed them and be sure they get a tshirt…they should also contact me ahead of time.
For the future, to help plan other events and have an opportunity to help shape the 2012 Puppy Up, I suggest contacting me with full information including areas of experience and interest. I will acknowledge and thank at this point but will not be able to focus on that type of planning timeline until after September 25th Walk (which is thundering at us in 4 weeks)!  I have pasted Ms. Smith’s phone number and email address just below:

Yesterday, I received the information found below and I am pleased to post all that was sent by Ms. Smith.  Please follow the links you’ll find in the post so that you may learn all possible about the project and the relationship between cancer in canines and cancer in humans.  Below you will find details of how the project came to be and additional pertinent information.

It began with a promise to raise awareness of canine cancer one mile, one city, and one person at a time. Luke Robinson, with his two dogs, walked 2000 miles from Austin to Boston to fulfill the promise he made to his dog Malcolm who died from this horrible disease.

Now that their 2000 mile walk is over, they need your help to continue fulfilling the promise. 2 Million Dogs was formed on the premise that if 2 dogs can walk 2000 miles to bring awareness to canine cancer and comparative oncology, then 2 million dogs should be able to walk 2 miles.

We are currently planning a series of Puppy Up! Walks in cities across America, including Bernalillo, New Mexico. The funds raised from these events will be used to fund canine cancer and comparative oncology research, particularly focusing on the causal relationship between infections, immune response, and cancer. We are in the early stages of our process as we are currently looking for research partners and raising monies to fund the study.

Research has shown us that dogs and humans get the same types of cancers. If we study already existing cancers in our canine companions, we can help develop not only better treatments for them, but also better treatments for humans as well. Because these studies will also help reduce the cost of treatment for the animals involved, more people will be able to afford to have their companions treated for this deadly disease.

Be a part of this historical event. Puppy Up! against cancer and help us make these events successful by sponsoring the walk in your city.

2 Million Dogs 2 Miles, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization which relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help in its mission to eradicate cancer through investing in comparative oncology studies. Additional information on the inspiration behind this organization can be found at:

The inspiration

Do you know that cancer is the number one natural cause of death in dogs over the age of 2?  One out of four will fight the battle, and it affects dogs of all ages, including puppies.  Luke Robinson and his Great Pyrenees Murphy (9-years-old) and Hudson (4-years-old) walked across the USA for the past two years to raise awareness of canine and human cancer. 

Luke sold his belongings, packed up his tent and they started walking in March of 2008 from Austin, TX to Boston, MA.  They walked 2000 miles to honor his first Great Pyrenees, Malcolm, who lost a hard-fought battle with osteosarcoma and to raise awareness of the similarities between canine and human cancers.

The journey

Luke and the boys walked through rain storms, snow storms and heat waves – carrying everything they need in packs on their backs and camping along the way in a pup tent.  When they did stop, Luke and the boys attended events, helped out at local shelters and met with veterinarians.  They met thousands of people and their pets during their walk.  Along the way, people opened their homes, and their hearts, to the three of them. 

Their journey ended on June 19th, 2010 and just a few weeks later Luke’s traveling companion Murphy was diagnosed with Nasal Cancer. Murphy lost his battle on June 20, 2011 after a valiant fight.

We encourage you to be a part of the Puppy Up! Walk in your area. 2MillionDogs Puppy Up! New Mexico! Will be held on September 25, 2011 at Rotary Park in Bernalillo.

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Little Sensor Makes Big Sense

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We learn from NewScientist about a tiny sensor that promises to make diagnosis of cancer and other diseases a lot easier and much less intrusive to the patient.  The device, barely the size of a breath mint will fit in a needle.  It is easily injected into an area during a biopsy or other procedure.  Other attributes include the ability to read results from the sensor without painful invasive surgery, and to do so over a period of time so that growth or lack of growth of an organ, tumor or other abnormality can be detected.

It looks like a tiny white breath mint. “With this, we are going to bring the laboratory into the patient,” says Michael Cima at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The little capsule is in fact an innovative tool in the battle against cancer that can track the growth of a tumour without repeated invasive procedures.

It is small enough to fit inside a needle and implant in the body during a biopsy. Magnetic nanoparticles fill the capsule’s hollow interior, each sporting a few monoclonal antibodies. These are proteins engineered to bind to molecules of interest, such as human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone that tumour cells overproduce in testicular and ovarian cancers.

Scientist have found the sensors have application in the occurrence and severity of heart attacks.

After embedding the devices in the rodents’ skin and inducing heart attacks, Cima was able to precisely measure the severity of damage: the more protein accumulated in the monitor, the worse the heart attack and the stronger the MRI signal.

These applications make the detection of diseased areas of the body so much easier to detect and they are far easier to conduct.  It is theorized, that it is possible the detection of change in a tumor or other growth could be detected through the waving of a hand-held wand, rather than the need to subject the patient to a time consuming and uncomfortable MRI. This from a radiologist at  Stanford University:

She also points out that current imaging techniques can have difficulty distinguishing tumour regrowth from healthy tissue that is reacting adversely to chemotherapy or radiation. “I think these devices could be very powerful, very useful,” she says.

There is more to this article by Ferris Jabr and you can catch the rest by clicking right here.  Check the related links installed below.

Susan G. Komen For The Cure — Cancer Awareness And Fundraising


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The narrative just below was received from a local friend who asked that I and others spread the word.

Hi Everyone,

A good friend of mine is a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles (for those outside of the US , that is one of our NFL football teams ).  About 136 former cheerleaders got together to do a dance routine to benefit “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” (Breast Cancer).  Each time someone views the video, United Healthcare will make a donation to the Komen organization.  Their goal is to get a million hits, which will lead to $100K raised.

Please can you take a moment to watch the video – and,  just as important,  pass this link on to your network of friends,  family and colleagues.  It benefits a very important cause!

Take care,