The Pope Did Not say …

What the mainscream media has attributed to him.  As usual, in their zeal to paint the Catholic Church a weak, almost secular body, they detoured from the real meaning and/or his actual words to something meaning what they and their friends wish to advocate.

Let us examine his words as a real journalist has determined them to be from the actual words spoken by the Pope taken from the actual interview (see link below to “Interview”).

Here is Tom Trinko’s factual report along with his spanking of the stoops of secularism:

Reading Pope Francis’s interview, the most striking thing is that it bears no resemblance to what it is reported to be (see, for example, “The Pope is a Liberal” in Slate Magazine).

What the Pope said can be condensed to the message that to end sin we must bring people to a love of Jesus.  The Church must heal the wounds of sinners and by doing so the Church will bring people to holiness; if one truly loves God one does not sin.

Instead of wagging fingers at sinners the Church should be teaching them that the God who created them and the entire universe died on a Cross out of love for them.  Once people love God then they can be taught how to live a moral life.

That’s what the Church has taught for 2000 years so it’s not really something revolutionary.

The Pope was addressing how we get people to stop sinning not what is sinful; he was discussing tactics not objectives.

But what the media has done out of ignorance and wishful thinking is to mistranslate the Pope’s statements into his saying that sin is ok or at least unimportant.

It’s clear that the Pope isn’t attempting to usher in a new age of the Church where active homosexuality, abortion, and contraception are ok when we read in the interview:

The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.

Further the Pope says:

We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible.

Clearly the Pope is not saying we can’t speak of or condemn those sins but that they should not be all the Church ever speaks about.

To see the Popes real thoughts on what is sinful it’s only necessary to read what the Pope has said in the recent past.

On abortion:

The right to life is the first of human rights.

To abort is to kill someone who cannot defend himself.

On so called gay marriage:

Let us not be naive: this is not simply a political struggle, but it is an attempt to destroy God’s plan. It is not just a bill (a mere instrument) but a ‘move’ of the father of lies who seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.

Now that you have the beginning of the story and the actual in-context words of the Pope, you can see again how mainscreamers make their very own facts.  The rest of the story can be had by following the link immediately below.  Don’t forget to follow any related articles shown after the link.

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How Can Obama Talk With Two Feet In His Mouth

We believe Obama has inherited feet in mouth disease from Boomer Biden. In a speech in Ireland he has attempted to paint Catholic and Protestant schools as being divisive.  This from an apparent hypocrite after he attended a “reparations,” church for over 20 years.

Do you doubt that he would never denigrate a mosque connected madrasas or other Islamic institution  of education … of course he would not.  And what is also certain: His mainscream media partners would not so criticize.

The following comes from the Washington Times:

President Obama suggested to a Northern Ireland crowd that gathered for the Group of Eight summit that parochial education leads to a divided community, irking some in the Catholic Church.

“If towns remain divided — if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden — that too encourages division and discourages cooperation,” he said, the Scottish Catholic Observer reported.

About 2,000 were in attendance — many of whom were Catholic — and heard the remarks, The Blaze reported.


Follow the link below to see the rest of the story:

The Catholic Church Bumped Its Rump Too


The following piece is posted in its entirety for educational purposes.  No money is derived by this blog or its owner and receipt of such will not be accepted if offered.

Father Phillip W. De Vous, pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Crescent Springs, Ky., wrote his own post-election reflection that’s worth quoting at length:
Given the Catholic Church’s failure to adequately address the cultural, political, and even existential threat posed to it by President Obama’s agenda, the credibility of the Church’s witness has been further eroded and enervated, making it less likely to be courageous and effective in speaking the hard truths necessary for personal, ecclesial and national renewal. Because of this, the leftist cultural and moral agenda will continue to increasingly form and even invade our personal, familial, and communal lives. The effect on our national life and civil society will be devastating. Trends of cultural degradation, normative moral turpitude, debt, deficits, and fiscal ruin will likely be super-accelerated.
.I have grave reservations about the future of many of the Catholic Church’s integral apostolic activities, not only because of the policies President Obama will continue to pursue unabated, but also because many Catholics, especially suburban women as initial vote analysis suggests, are firmly in the camp of a gentle yet cautionary statism and hedonism which emphasizes material prosperity, extensive superficial education, ‘choice’ and comity over the substance of moral and economic truth and the demands such truths call forth. This reality, as early vote totals according to issues indicate, is bad for the political agenda of the nation and poses tremendous challenges for authentically Catholic apostolic efforts in the coming years.
The other fact supporting such concerns about conservative initiatives, especially those drawing their inspiration from orthodox Catholicism, is that the bishops ran a largely incompetent campaign against the religious liberty restrictions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which they helped pass legislatively by giving it the hierarchy’s moral cover at a politically critical moment when its passage was far from a given. Given that the president and the Democratic Party ran a pugilistic campaign against the Catholic Church regularly mischaracterizing the Church’s teachings, President Obama has no political nor personal reason to reach a compromise with the Church on those issues essential to the free exercise of religion. No doubt, given the hostility of Democratic campaigns to Catholic concerns on the question of the HHS mandate and the broader question of religious liberty, the president and his administration will proceed with the notion that he has a mandate to continue his aggressively anti-Catholic, anti-religious, and culturally libertine agenda.
To be honest, my dark assessment of this emerging reality for conservatives, especially orthodox Catholics and other Christians, is this: We are going to be marginalized, our institutions reduced, our liberties restricted, and our persons attacked. Evidence suggests that we have few deeply principled and thoroughly well-informed leaders who enjoy support locally, parochially, and beyond who are in a position and possess the courage to be effective in keeping our views and positions viable in the public square. President Obama’s victory is not about a popular policy agenda, but about the triumph of emotionalism and relativism in the face of an inarticulate, ineffective, and ultimately uncourageous opposition that has convinced a majority of the American people that perception is reality, that feeling is the same as fact, and ‘being nice’ is a moral imperative.

Coming To A Church Near You — Pastors To Defy IRS

Next month on a particular day, pastors will preach for freedom of speech from the pulpit.  You may or may not agree with the message, but the IRS will be challenged on their rules on the issue.  The story is linked below:

Coming to A Church Near You — A Bit Of Defiance

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service


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For Greater Glory: The Movie

Pastor Max Comments:

Catholic, non-catholic, believer or non-believer should see this movie “Greater Glory” to grasp a glimpse of what we may be faced with if government takes control of our main family value “Faith”. When in the U.S. Navy in service for this country, I was willing to lay my life down in protection of our freedom. As a family man and a Christian I am more so willing to do so for the protection of my family and certainly to practice my faith in obedience to my Father in Heaven…..For I serve God, Family and Country in that order as they stand together.
Pastor Max

Call to Action
Opening in Theaters Nationwide on June 1st!

For Greater Glory – starring Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria and Peter O’Toole – is the true story of how the Catholic Church, through a three-year conflict called the Cristero War, won its freedom from the government of Mexico. Pope Benedict XVI, during his recent visit to Mexico, visited the Cristo Rey Monument that honors the Cristero fighters, who took up arms in 1926 when the Mexican government outlawed and forcibly suppressed the Catholic faith – including the public execution of priests and parishioners by hanging and firing squad. Many were martyred for the freedom the Cristero fighters eventually won in 1929.

The film opens June 1st across the country, and we would very much appreciate you helping promote this epic piece of cinema. Cardinal Se
án O’Malley blogged about the film and recently offered this:

“As a nation established on the principal of freedom for all people, For Greater Glory reminds us of the important values that we as Americans and Catholics share and must be willing to protect.  This film helps us to understand the history surrounding the Cristero War and its importance in the Mexican Catholics’ efforts to fight for religious freedom and tolerance.  Those values are as relevant today as they were almost one hundred years ago.”    

Below are just two of the recent stories highlighting For Greater Glory. Click on the links below to read each article.

National Catholic Register

 Hollywood Reporter story

With the struggle for religious freedom mounting in our country today, this a film we should all see opening weekend. Consider that the U.S.C.C.B. in its statement on religious liberty from the Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty has plainly emphasized that “the age of martyrdom has not passed.” This film chronicles exactly that and alerts us what lies ahead if we don’t mobilize ahead of November.!/CathCitizen

A Liberal Lady Wants To Know …

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

Image via Wikipedia - Obama's Signature Approval For ObamaCare

Why courts keep ruling ObamaCare unconstitutional.  Of course some of them have … some have not.  But let us watch the video for the humor; if for no other reason: