“Amazing Grace,” X Two For This Christmas Season

Editor’s Note:  I have posted the following on different occasions and since this time of year is celebrated as Christmas by Christians throughout the world and our gift from our Lord is unmerited favor, or Grace, we feel it is appropriate to post it during this December.

Everything below has been left as it was the last time we posted it.

After hearing this rendition, fans of Amazing Grace, will never hear the hymn in the same way as they have heard it in the past.  The singer not only tells of a great event … He makes the singing itself a great and spiritual event.

Related articles and a note:  There is another version posted just after the related articles.  We posted it during June 2011.  Hopefully, you will be blessed after hearing both renditions.  Right click on this once for a fell-screen version.

I found the above at one of the police officer sites I frequent. It was posted as a tribute to fallen Law Enforcement Officers. I’m placing it on my blog for the same reason and for our fallen Servicemen and Servicewomen.

God Bless You — Those who serve their fellow citizens in war zones all over this nation and the world.


This Guy: Did You Know

Steve Jobs

He wasn’t without warts as he impregnated an on again … off again girlfriend he had known since secondary school days.  He was slow to give attention to his daughter born of that temporary union, and he married another woman and had two children from his one and only marriage.  Eventually, Jobs and his first daughter shared a great amount of time together.

What about his religion?  Well Jobs said he was a Buddhist,  but some who have penned articles about him have some doubt and believe he was puzzled about his spritual side … or sides, when he passed.

Here is a link to an article from The Christian Post.  Click here for the article

Out: We Need To Be Out Of Syria & Other Such Places

Enough is enough.  When this nation has switched fully into partnering with and arming militants consistently killing Christians and innocent children and women who were unarmed, then we need to hang our heads with the utmost humbleness and shame for what we have allowed this nation to come to.

In the past several weeks some Syrian rebels have beheaded several Christian men, killed women and children and chanted a well-known term used with clear glee and jubilation.  The “commander,” of one rebel unit sliced into a man’s chest until the heart was exposed;  he continued the slicing until the man’s liver was visible.  Not content with this mutilation, the commander removed the heart and liver.  While the commander placed the heart in his mouth and held it with his teeth and left hand, the liver was held in the right hand.

Syrian rebels are now armed with weapons supplied by the United States and it is likely this nation will become bogged down in the muck and mire of yet another nation, fighting the same sort of people we fought in Iraq, that we are fighting in Afghanistan, and in all probability in places about which we’ve not been informed.

While I generally do not trust or support the United Nations, they have stated:

It is impossible to choose unequivocally good guys among the groups of Syrian rebels and send weapons to them. This warning was voiced by chairman of the UN independent panel investigating possible violations of human rights in Syria Paulo Sergio Pinheiro on Friday.

Besides having a president and an administration, neither of which have never met a lie they would have trouble using, we have Senator John McCain (R-AZ) a hero of action in Vietnam, now believing he is right on immigration and Syria.  Sadly and unfortunately he is wrong on both issues.  Both issues will eventually cost many innocent American lives, but our ruptured government is clueless or deceptive … maybe both.

WARNING: You may follow the related articles below, but please know some of the images are atrocious and not suitable for youth to view without parental supervision.


Not The Law Of God’s Land

Yesterday and today, after being flummoxed by a liberal majority of our nation’s  supreme court, it would be easy for the faint of faith to brush the SCOTUS decisions off as the new, “law of the land.”  But as Christians know, the law of their land is God’s law, and Christians should have a compelling need and responsibility to obey HIS law above any other.

That is why we post today’s piece.  It not only causes us to focus on the real issues of same-sex marriage and homosexuality, but it does so without the flotsam and jetsam of the wreck which homosexuality has shown itself.

We first quote an from the editors of The Patriot Post.  An explanation pointing to what foci each Christian should give to each of the twin issues in the article:

 Consequently, The Patriot editors published The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response online, a comprehensive yet concise review of gender-disorientation pathology. It’s an essay that anyone, inside or outside the Church, making a psychological, theological or social argument concerning homosexuality, should read. Quote Originally Published Here

Now we further quote with excerpts from the article mentioned in the quote above followed by the complete article:

“Marriage is … in its origin a contract of natural law… It is the parent, and not the child of society; the source of civility and a sort of seminary of the republic.” –Justice Joseph Story (Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws)

People of faith are constantly confronted with secular challenges to foundational moral and cultural tenets. Christians, since the dawn of Christendom, have been confronted by secular challenges to the most basic canons of our foundational guidance, those set forth in Holy Scripture. These challenges have increased exponentially in the last century, in large measure because of cultural dissolution, which is the direct result of the dissolution of traditional families — broken marriages, leaving distraught children in their wake.

Marriage is the foundation for the family, which in turn, serves as the foundation for society. The Christian marriage paradigm is built on a foundation of five principles. First, God is the creator of the marriage relationship; second, heterosexuality is God’s pattern for marriage; third, monogamy is God’s design for marriage; fourth, God’s plan for marriage is for physical and spiritual unity, and fifth, marriage was designed to be permanent.

Marriage, as an institution, is currently under assault from many quarters, one of the most menacing being the challenge to traditional sexual morality. It is no small irony that not only are homosexuals challenging the status of traditional marriage, but sexual immorality leading to broken marriages also fosters homosexual pathology. In an effort to provide some context for understanding homosexuality, this essay briefly addresses the origins and pathology of such deviance, the social “homosexual normalization” agenda, the conflict this agenda has created within the Christian Church, and an appropriate Christian response.

Before you go to the material found at the link for the article, please prepare yourself to spend a fair amount of time to read the article.  Otherwise you may wish that you did.

The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response

Truth Be Untold

Truth be untold might just as well be described as telling a lie.  Exactly what I am referring to may not be clear, but it has to do with this administration’s and its Pentagon stalwarts failing to tell the truth regarding their dislike for Christian proselytizing within the armed forces and how the present direction change came to be..

English: Arlington, Va. (Sep. 12, 2001) -- On ...

English: Arlington, Va. (Sep. 12, 2001) — On the day after a deadly terrorist attack on the Pentagon, a chapel was erected on the grounds of the Pentagon a few hundred meters from the impact area. American Airlines FLT 77 was bound for Los Angeles from Washington Dulles with 58 passengers and 6 crew. All aboard the aircraft were killed, along with 125 people in the Pentagon. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Michael W. Pendergrass. (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has come to light that an immature (perhaps in short pants) Christian basher has met with Pentagon officials on a fairly regular basis to express his opinion on what must be done to armed forces members trying to present aspects of Christianity to their fellow service members.

Thanks to Breitbart’s BigGovernment you can read about the deception by following the link found below.

Satan’s Helper In Short Pants

Jesus Was And Is Involved In Politics

The following may not impact on the atheists or agnostics; however for those Christians among us, it may well be the fuel to push us out of the doldrums and propel us into the reality of what we must do to truly follow our Lord as he was and is.

The title happens to be a reflection of what I believe.  More importantly, it is the belief of an Apologist I have come to respect for his knowledge of our Bible and our Lord.  He has also made presentations before Tea Party organizations (more in the future) therefore he has tea party concepts in common with us.

Neil Mammen is the author of Jesus Was  Is Involved In Politics! Why aren’t You?  Why Isn’t Your Church?  Whether reading or listening to Mr. Mammen’s words, it is next to impossible to walk away without a strong belief in what he proffers about Jesus and Politics.  In fact, I am overjoyed in knowing I have our Lord’s permission to act as he has done and is still doing.

Mr. Mammen has graciously granted permission for my use of some of his work.  He has done so without any expectation of monetary return or other material reward.  His generosity is based solely on my promise to use his work for the Glory of God.  I know I will keep my promise … I pray I will live up to Mr. Mammen’s expectations.

Just below you will find links to an audio and a narrative which sufficiently supports his contention shown as the title of his book.

He Was Involved In Politics (audio)

He Was Involved In Politics (text)

If your interest is piqued in the least, I suggest you follow the link below for more information on the book and other valuable resource links:


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From: Traditional Values Advocacy Committee

We are posting this with permission.  We hope you will help in any way you are able and know your involvement will help our society to awaken to the evil surrounding us.


The 2013 legislative session was an interesting one. Most of our friends think it was one of the better ones. However, when it comes to our values concerning life, marriage, and religious liberty, we saw almost no movement in either direction.Why?  We have almost an even number of legislators on either side of Biblical worldview for New Mexico.  To start seeing change in our direction, we need to win more seats next November. The other side is working harder than ever to defeat us. We need Christians in New Mexico to get involved.You can help us succeed by doing three things:


1. Forward this to your friends personally telling them what we do and how they can get involved.  They can sign up for our alerts by clicking here.

2. Donate.  Focus on the Family and Citizen Link, a Focus affiliate, want to become fully affiliated with us.  These world class organizations would bring incredible financial support, name recognition, and strategic planning to us in a way New Mexico has never seen. Can you give a one time or monthly gift to help us reach our $100,000 goal to bring them here?  We’re already over half way there!

Donate here online.  You can also mail a check to TVAC-NM – PO Box 1366, Flora Vista, NM 87415.

3. Host an open house.  Do you have a group of like-minded friends who would love to get involved? We have great speakers who can come to your venue anywhere.  Email or call Chris Donnelly for more information/availability (chris@tvacnm.com or 505.577.5399).

Thank you for partnering with us on Biblical worldview issues here in New Mexico – we’re here to serve you and your family!

Traditional Values Advocacy Committee
P.O. Box 1366
Flora Vista, New Mexico 87415

Coming To A Mall Near You — If Only It Would Be True

Tony Martinez, a good friend and fellow Christian sent this to us.  We hope you enjoy the presentation and we implore you to pray this would happen in malls across the world.


Bishop E.W. Jackson Makes The Plea …

Yes, the plea for Black Democrats to come in from the darkness provided by the tent of modern-day slavery furnished by the Democratic Party:

It wouldn’t harm the white and yellow Democrats to consider the Bishop’s message.

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