Character Counts More Than Empty Hope


Mitt-Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plain Democrats, those leaning toward leftist and progressive tendencies, and I’m sorry to say, some Republicans and some ersatz conservatives have said they will not vote for Romney if he should be the nominee on the Republican ticket.  Democrats, leftists and progressives can be forgiven  their ignorance — it’s just the way the way they strive.  Republicans and plain-wrapper conservatives know better than to mix someone’s religion with their character.  One does not necessarily make the other;  at least we don’t think they do.

Romney has suffered the slings and arrows from every faction named in the above paragraph, but what do they know about him?  I mean, what do they REALLY know about him.  For instance I came home from a Sandia Tea Party board meeting this evening and found an email waiting from a friend;  the email had a lot to say about Mitt Romney and not an iota was bad or tacky.  The information had me looking for verification and I found it where some Republicans and conservatives have been quick to find fault:

Knowing some would pick on the verification as non-verified because they have a nit to pick with Snopes, I went looking elsewhere:

There will be those that will say the above source is lame and liberal and not to be trusted. So, what else can we find:

That’s probably plenty from me, but there is more if you care to google.  As for me, I’d much rather support a man with solid character giving help to those crying out, than to support a man trying to make political mileage of an act which amounts to finally fulfilling a part of his duty and making a bad show of it as the transparency; finally the transparency; manages to show through.

No vote for the Republican candidate is a sorry vote for Obama

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