Left Wing Evangelicals Try Scripture To Attack Conservative Christians

The quoted narrative below comes from Breitbart.com and it was penned by Michael Patrick Leahy.


Predictions that the United States is in danger of becoming a religious theocracy took an interesting turn on Monday when a supporter of the George Soros backed Evangelical Immigration Table invoked the Gospel in a Washington Post op-ed denouncing opponents of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

Reverend Michael Wilker, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. where the Evangelical Immigration Table held a public prayer service on July 24, wrote that “[w]e are announcing the Gospel that welcomes the stranger and we will denounce those that block immigration reform.”

Wilker’s call for the denunciation of opponents of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill was greeted with alarm by evangelical leaders who oppose the bill for policy reasons and reject the claim it reflects biblical principles.

“The rebuke of Rev. Wilker is ironic,” Kelly Monroe Kullberg, editor and co-author of Finding God at Harvard and organizer of Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration, an informal coalition that opposes the “Gang of Eight” bill, told Breitbart News. “Not only does the ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill not reflect balanced, biblical teaching, but the behavior, money trail and political tactics of its so-called ‘evangelical’ cheerleaders are unkind and unbiblical, as well.”

“It’s not clear why an ultra liberal Lutheran clergy should claim to speak for evangelicals in any sense,” Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy told Breitbart News. Tooley noted that Wilker’s “shrill denunciation of any political resistance to his insistent immigration agenda as anti-Gospel just illustrates an old time Social Gospel redefinition of Christianity in political rather than spiritual terms.”

While some leaders of the Evangelical Immigration Table have at times carefully parsed their words to give the impression that they were not calling for the passage of “immigration reform” specifically detailed in the “Gang of Eight” bill, Wilker was less cautious.

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Left Wing Evangelicals Invoke Gospel to Denounce All Amnesty Opponents.

The Progressive Majority

Progressive Majority candidates

Progressive Majority candidates (Photo credit: KCIvey)

The Progressive Majority is an organization desiring to elect municipal, county, state and federal candidates.  It has been listed in Discover The Networks since at least 2003.  Now it and fellow traveler organizations are using every method available to them to pass socialist laws and elect progressive candidates.

They conduct online and face-to-face training in all of their key areas of interest and have started sending their material and articles to many New Mexico government entities.  We believe this is one reason there has been a marked increase in the number of progressive bills and ordinances introduced in municipal, county and state governing bodies.

We recommend you follow the link below and learn how to use all the bells and whistles provided by Discover The Networks.  Not only will you find information on The Progressive Majority, but you’ll be able to download or just access connection mapping and other connection material on other leftist organizations.

Starting Page — Progressive Majority

American Dream Movement — Is It A Nightmare?

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

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To people who believe their money earned by hard work, initiative and wise investing is theirs to manage; the American Dream Movement is a robber baron formed to divest normal people of their treasure gained from being a part of the real American dream.  Here’s an introduction to the American Dream Movement, their sugar daddies, hand holders and all around supporters.  Thanks to Discover The Networks (DTN) you no longer have to guess or ruminate among the doofus dregs, they’ve found it and offer it free of charge:

Formally launched at a June 23, 2011 New York City rally which was keynoted by Van Jones and co-sponsored by MoveOn.org, the American Dream Movement (ADM) vows to “stand up to say ‘No’ to right-wing attacks on the middle class”—attacks that allegedly have placed “the American Dream … under siege.” “Instead of investing in our shared future,” ADM charges, conservative politicians are “giving tax breaks to the rich,” “slashing vital services families depend on,” and “trying to gut workers’ rights.” As evidence of these trends, ADM cites the example of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s February 2011 “power grab”—a reference to Walker’s request that state workers in Wisconsin, who earned significantly more (in salaries and benefits) than their private-sector counterparts, should begin to contribute a small percentage toward their own pension and healthcare costs in order to help keep the state’s financially ravaged economy solvent. To Jones and ADM, the governor’s suggestion was both extreme and unreasonable.

The information above provides an interesting peek into the organization, but the real information is gleaned from DFN’s study of American Dream Movement.  For the complete story, force yourself, if you aren’t naturally inclined to do so, to read all the information from DTN.

American Dream Movement

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What If The Man With The Odd Name And Assumed Evil Intent

United States of America

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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(continued from title) Actually helped the United States of America.  We refer to Julian Assange.  One that we have detoured around because we believe he is a financed or profit laden individual who has tried to harm the United States and our allies.  Financed by who or what we do not know.  Perhaps George Soros and others like him.  We may have missed the information during all the preceding hullabaloo emanating from every print, broadcast and electronic news outlet, but for now it makes little difference.  It will be important if Assange is arrested, throughly investigated and perhaps hung by the neck until he is dead or cut loose by our liberal court system to continue his mischief.

The question we asked above about the possibility of Assange helping more than damaging the United States, is posed in an article by Leslie H. Gelb writing for The Daily Beast, and the premise will surprise both liberals and conservatives and cause progressives and other extremist to stumble over their assumptions:

The Wikileakers dumped a vast pile of secrets to prove that the United States was selfish, stupid and wicked–but their revelations proved just the opposite. When you remove the gossip and obvious trivia that mesmerized the press, you clearly see what the Wikileakers never expected: A United States seriously and professionally trying to solve the most dangerous problems in a frighteningly complicated world, yet lacking the power to dictate solutions. U.S. policymakers and diplomats are shown, quite accurately, doing what they are supposed to do: ferreting out critical information from foreign leaders, searching for paths to common action, and struggling with the right amount of pressure to apply on allies and adversaries. And in most cases, the villain is not Washington, but foreign leaders escaping common action with cowardice and hypocrisy.

I have little difficulty jumping on Mr. Gelb’s wagon and urging the  mule team forward for more revelation:

In explaining his deed publicly, Assange suggests that what he’s doing is uncovering American misdeeds and lies. His aim, he says, is to inform citizens of democracies and peoples around the world about what their leaders are really doing. Assange also insists he did this for transparency’s sake. Yet when he got to look inside, he didn’t see what was plain: that our diplomats were doing a good job. Indeed, when you turn off his nonsense and stop listening to the strange commentary on cable news and even on the front pages of great newspapers, when you actually read the cables, here’s what you see: American leaders and American diplomats trying to solve crucial world problems.

Mr. Gelb post excerpts from some of the cables and further comments on what he contends is the good sense and responsibility of American diplomats.  You might be interested enough to gain his outlook and opinion of Mr. Assange and what Gelb believes his motives were and are.  If so, here is the link to the second page of the article.

You should not be able to leave the article by Mr. Gelb without having formed an opinion of some depth, whether in agreement with Gelb or not.  If you have difficulty forming an opinion, one way or another, there’s more to read from the links at the bottom of this article.

Thanks  and a flap of the cap to Mr. Gelb and The Daily Beast.  we leave you with more information on Mr. Gelb provided by The Daily Beast:

Leslie H. Gelb, a former New York Times columnist and senior government official, is author of Power Rules: How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy(HarperCollins 2009), a book that shows how to think about and use power in the 21st century. He is president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bizzaro Czaro

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by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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Mark Lloyd, President Obama’s Diversity Czar assigned to the Federal Communications Commission, will be the next to go according to some in the media and more than a few in the public. Mr. Lloyd, it seems is making his living and working toward his day of infamy by touting compulsory roles in radio and television ownership/management for blacks, whether they have or have not earned their way to ownership of microphone or cameras.

Mr. Lloyd, is an advocate of the so-called “fairness doctrine“, which fact does not set well with most conservatives or others who have worked to gain their advantage and have done so by the book. Mr. Lloyd is or was a  devotee of George Soros and some of his organizations and kooky ideas. The same Soros who wants to change this country toward socialism.

Mr. Lloyd has also set about to gain support or approval for implementation of a parallel communication systems that would run  the public spectrum. Real details of just how such a system might work is unknown, but we can guess that in the long run, the government system will finally become the only system.

Here’s the latest article dealing with Mr. Lloyd and some of his crackpot ideas. From American Thinker (thanks to American Thinker)

Scary stuff.

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