woodsEnd Church Food Distribution 2.20.15


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Edgewood Food Pantry (date changed)

For those who may have read advertisements  for the food pantry occurring on this coming Tuesday, please note it will be held on Monday (12.22.14) as stated at the November food pantry.  Please keep in mind, we will open the doors for your entrance as soon as possible, but we ask that folks not come any earlier than 2:00 PM, unless absolutely necessary.  Distribution will start at the usual time of 4:00 PM.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you.


Fraud report for today

Borrowed From Watchdog.org with permission:

Left holding the bag

By   /   May 20, 2014

money bagsWhat would you do with $14.9 million? Would you buy a mansion on a lake, take a trip around the world and stay at every five-star hotel you could find, or would you put this small fortune in the bank and watch it grow? An article in Crain’s Detroit Business describes the case of three men who reaped nearly $15 million from a scheme they set up to falsely bill Medicare.

The story states that over a three-year time period, a physical therapist, a physical therapy assistant and a medical school graduate involved four home health care companies in their scheme to bilk the government benefits program of $14.9 million for services that were never provided. One of the companies hired unlicensed physicians to visit patients, provide them with prescriptions and collect their Medicare number to bill for unnecessary home health care services. (Did I mention that these fraudsters paid kickbacks to patient recruiters including cash and access to narcotic prescriptions?)

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– See more at: http://watchdog.org/145488/left-holding-the-bag/?roi=echo3-20556126193-19888367-d4246d67d0b52851c44098b4b9bde75d#sthash.i8WY61hs.HBAcaE7t.dpuf

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Medical Student James Besante: Is Health Care a Human Right? A Community Discussion

Please Read The Flyer And The Narrative From Mr. Besante And Plan To Attend This Event This Saturday (6/15/13)


Is Health Care a Human Right? A Community Discussion

James Besante

Edgewood, New Mexico

The Town of Edgewood stretches out over a 16 mile area in the southwestern portion of Santa Fe County. It is home to approximately 4000 residents many of whom encounter barriers in accessing needed medical care. Unequal access to health care resources in Edgewood leads to different health outcomes for town residents. The purpose of my community project is to create a space where community members can discuss their own experiences with the health care system. This interactive discussion will take place at the Edgewood Town Hall during the second week of June and will be open to the public. I am coordinating this event with town councilor, Charles Ring, who has allocated the space and is helping me advertise the event around town. I am also working on this project with my classmate Monica Miller (MSII) who is co-hosting the event in Edgewood as her community project.

I believe this public discussion is a novel approach to addressing health inequality in Edgewood. The talk will take place in three parts. First, the attendees and hosts will voluntarily offer their own experiences with the health care system with close attention paid to creating a safe and comfortable space to discuss intense personal experiences. Second, the question “Is health care a human right?” will be posed to all in attendance. Community members will be asked to expand on their views and/or clarify their positions to other attendees. Third, possible solutions or actions will be discussed. Hosts, Monica Miller and Myself, will facilitate all sections of this event. The final output of this project will be a paper on the ‘right to health care’ supported by commentary elicited from the Edgewood community. This project also hopes to produce an editorial in the The Independent, a locally owned and managed newspaper distributed in the East Mountains and Estancia Valley. A press release for the event has been created for members of the local press and will hopefully bolster interest.

This project is an interactive discussion lead by community members, who bring with them the content of the event through their experiences and insights. It is not a class or lecture. It is not a good or service to be dispensed. Monica and Myself, while active in the organization and coördination of this event, will take on the roles of facilitators during the discussion. In summary, our community project belongs to the members of the community. It is our sincerest hope that this discussion stirs a desire for change by those affected and invested in the Town of Edgewood. I believe true, lasting, and fundamental change to ameliorate the current health inequality in Edgewood will be the product of relevant shareholder action. This proposed human rights based discussion may unveil a moral imperative in some, while in others it may elucidate commonality or shared hardship. Regardless, I believe this conversation is overdue and stands to advance the health and well-being of the population I currently serve.


ObamaCare: With The Peeling Pulled Away

The following six minute video, sent to me by a great friend,  should serve as an explanation as to the hypocrisy and wrongheadedness of ObamaCare.