Really: Real Rocket Launchers?

The Los Angeles Police Department seal

The Los Angeles Police Department seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breitbart’s Big Government reported on the 6th of this month about a repetitive claim  the Los Angeles Police Department has made.  The Chief of Police, Charlie Beck, claimed his department, on December 27, 2012, confiscated two rocket launchers as part of their weapons buyback program.  The Brietbart article reported a similar claim by Beck for a similar confiscation in May 2012.

Breitbard believes the claims by Beck are just so much bovine scat and thrashes the MainScream media for playing follow the leader and reporting the “facts,” as if they were completely factual.

Here’s the link to the story:

Great “Snortage” — Bad Reportage

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Pigs Are Flying To LA

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Progressives and some demagogues (we could be talking about the same folks) have said pigs will fly before the Tea Party welcomes Blacks and other minorities or Blacks and other minorities will join the Tea Party.

It seems that pigs are flying and they have their flaps down and are ready to land in South Central Los Angeles for a rally in the valley. Our source for this information is a website that posted this press release:

S. Central L.A. Tea Party Rally To Expose NAACP Lies


July 14, 2011

Contact: (323) 556-2623

LOS ANGELES—The newly formed black led South Central L.A. Tea Party group will hold a major rally to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) during its102nd annual convention in Los Angeles on July 24. The purpose of the rally is to bring attention to the failed liberal big government agenda of the NAACP and to expose their lies and hypocrisy on race issues.

Who: South Central L.A. Tea Party.

What: Rally to expose NAACP lies and their big government liberal agenda.

When: Sunday, July 24, 2011, from 2-4 p.m.

Where: 1201 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Downtown near L.A. Live. Outside the L.A. Convention Center -West Hall).

“The NAACP is a tool of the Obama administration,” said founding member and President of BOND Action, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. He added, “For decades, this group has supported left-wing policies which have created dependency, destroyed black families, and hurt race relations.” Rev. Peterson cited the following examples:

  • NAACP spreading lies about the Tea Party movement.NAACP has made numerous false allegations of ‘racism’ against the Tea Party movement, but has yet to provide a shred of evidence backing up their baseless claims.
  • Support for failing public schools and unions. The NAACP has aligned itself with the United Federation of Teachers to block 22 of the worst performing schools in New York City from being shut down. This has put them at odds with thousands of black parents in Harlem who support replacing these failing public schools with charter schools.
  • NAACP’s hypocrisy on crime and race. The NAACP has remained silent while black thugs attack white Americans and commit crimes in flash mobs across the country—but NAACP President Benjamin Jealous says he’s “deeply concerned” with the lack of black news anchors on Television.
  • The NAACP supports black genocide. As an ally of Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand, the NAACP has aided and abetted in the death of some 15 million black babies since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion.

This event is open to all Tea Party supporters and like-minded patriots of all races. For more information call (323) 556-2623, or visit


Map and Directions

The “Swabbies” Mop-Up Another One

Parker Center, Headquarter of the Los Angeles ...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Anyone in the Marine Corps or formally in the Marine Corps or Navy, knows what a Swabbie is, just as most United States citizens should know. For any person reading this and not familiar with the term, it is one to describe US Navy personnel who used to swab (mop) the wooden decks of navy ships.  The term is still used to describe those navy personnel who mop the decks of ships and boats and it is still used by Marines as a term of endearment (not) when they speak of navy service folks.

Of course medical doctors, nurses and other health practitioners uses swabs to collect body fluids for laboratory testing to determine a patient’s condition in order that they might be treated appropriately.  Police have used swabbing techniques to collect evidence during homicide, rape and other investigations to help convict or clear persons of interest.  This use of swabs by the police increased with the advent of improved DNA testing and it has been utilized during “cold case” investigations where DNA evidence was not collected during the initial investigation for whatever reason.  It looks as though the police Swabbies or Swabbers in Los Angeles may have mopped up enough saliva to arrest one of their on.  Let’s look at an LA Times article by Joel Rubin and Andrew Blankstein:

A transcript of Det. Stephanie Lazarus’ interrogation shows that LAPD colleagues used a ruse to get her to discuss a 1986 killing in which she was a suspect. Lazarus admitted to having confronted the victim but denied killing her. ‘This is insane,’ Lazarus said when arrested.

Stephanie Lazarus, the Los Angeles police detective charged in the 1986 murder of an ex-boyfriend’s wife, admitted to investigators the morning of her arrest that she had confronted the victim on multiple occasions, but denied having a role in the killing, according to the transcript of her interrogation.

The interview transcript, which became public during a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, offers a detailed account of how LAPD homicide detectives duped their unsuspecting colleague into talking about the case, and of Lazarus’ disbelief and panic as she realized she was the target of the investigation.

“You’re accusing me of this? Is that what you’re — is that what you’re saying?” Lazarus asked near the end of the roughly hourlong interview last year, after one of the detectives alluded to evidence that implicated her in the killing.

“Am I on ‘Candid Camera‘ or something? This is insane. This is absolutely crazy. This is insane,” Lazarus said minutes later after she walked out of the interview, only to be stopped, handcuffed and told she was under arrest in the murder of Sherri Rae Rasmussen.

There are videos of the interrogation and it seems Ms. Lazarus responds to portions of the investigation as one who detects danger arriving and then continuing to what might be a dead-end street for the woman detective and her career.  The story continues with more detail and you’ll find links to other aspects of the woman detectives life before and after the murder with which she has now been charged.  Go here for the story.  The following link will take you to several videos showing portions of the questioning of Ms. Lazarus.  They are not in order, but easily sorted if one reads the unopened titles.  Click here for the  video page.

By the way, I love the last two sentences in the story:

At the end, as she was waiting to be booked, Lazarus struggled to remove her wedding band. An unidentified person offered her advice: “Saliva works wonders.”

Is this a fitting end to a detective’s twenty-five year deceptive career?

Hot Waters

Damario Solomon-Simmons with U.S. Representati...
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Looks like things will not cool down for Representative Maxine Waters, at least for a while.  She has chosen to face trail before some of her peers, and not deal with the charges through negotiation.  No doubt, some will say that her actions as reported by several news concerns was really nothing about which to be overly concerned.  Others will actually think and say that if the allegations are true, Waters needs to be punished for lining her husbands pockets and also her own, since California is a community property state.  According to MSNBC and NBC News waters faces the following:

A House ethics subcommittee says Waters, 71, improperly intervened in 2008 with federal regulators to help get bailout funds for a bank that her husband owned stock in and on whose board he once served, said NBC and other media reports. Waters also once held stock in the bank.

The New York Times (NYT) said that several congressional officials spoke to the paper on condition of  anonymity and based on their conversation, the NYT reported the following:

The expected trial, coming just after the start of a similar proceeding on Thursday for Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., would be a modern-day precedent for the House, congressional officials told the Times.

At no time in at least the last two decades have two sitting House members faced a public hearing detailing allegations against them, the Times said.

Waters is accused and has herself agreed that she called Henry M. Paulson to ask that he met with executives from black-owned banks.  Paulson was, at the time, Treasury Secretary.  The meeting took place, but it is said that Paulson did not know that Water’s husband was a board member of the bank:

Paulson did not know at the time that Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, owned stock at least $250,000 worth of stock in and had served on the board of Boston-based OneUnited, whose chief executive turned the Treasury headquarters meeting into a special appeal for bailout assistance, the Times said.

OneUnited also had branches in Miami and Los Angeles. Waters’ district includes part of Los Angeles.

The executive from OneUnited, one of the nation’s largest black-owned banks, asked for $50 million in federal aid, the Times reported.

OneUnited got $12.1 million in TARP money soon after a second meeting, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The Congressional Black Caucus, of which Waters, and coincidently, Rangel are members has recently stated that their members are targeted for wrongdoing out of proportion to Congress in general.

The complete story can be accessed here.  Be warned that the story is divided into three sections and you’ll have to click a link after the first and second portions.

Here’s a list of 15 alleged most corrupt members of congress.  And, they aren’t all Demorats.

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Gary Birkman’s Garaoke Entertainment


Gary Birkman gets to tell his story about how he came to pursue and realize his current passion,  which just happens to be his livelihood.  We hope you’ll consider Gary for your next party or other special event. The rest is from Gary:

Here is a little about my business and how it came to be…

As many of us are faced with tough times in today’s economy and changing job market, so was I. I had worked as a technical specialist for a worldwide medical company for almost 10 years when my job changed and I was forced to either do a job that I didn’t enjoy anymore or find another path. I chose the other path.

I’ve always had a great love for and been very involved in music. As a teenager, growing up in a very small Montana town, I built homemade audio and lighting equipment and put on dances at local bars and community centers. While attending college I had various DJ jobs and was involved in bands and choirs. Through the years I’ve collected music and played, or attempted to play, several different instruments. I started doing Karaoke about 15 years ago when it first became popular and I set up a personal Karaoke system and would have parties for friends and relatives and everyone loved it! People would frequently ask me why I didn’t open up a DJ business because my system was better than most at the bars they would go to. At the time I was very happy with my medical position and didn’t want it to change.

So, when I found myself among the army of unemployed, I decided to go back to where I started. Where my passion was. Music. Garaoke Entertainment was born! I invested in a lot of new professional audio and lighting equipment and a trailer to haul everything around and hit the streets. It’s been slow going, as is any new business, but things are picking up and thanks to a lot of great people, I’m looking forward to a good year!

What I want to focus on, and what makes Garaoke different from other DJs, is customer service! As my tagline and motto state, it’s “More than music . . . it’s entertainment!” which “Makes the event an occasion to remember!” I personally work with my clients to customize their event. I want them to get something special. Anyone can play music for people, but what I do is get the crowd involved! We can do games and contests, special music mixes, give-aways, and more. Not to mention the extensive light and effect show that we can put on! Whether it’s a small house party for a few people, or a huge wedding for hundreds, Garaoke has the setup and the experience to do it right. We can do strictly  DJ or Karaoke, or a combination of both.

Surprise Birthday Party & Having A Good Time

Currently I’ve got a couple regular weekly Karaoke gigs at a couple local restaurants that have gone great! In fact, one of the restaurants was considering closing its doors a couple nights a week but since business was so good with Garaoke there, they decided to stay open and it’s been doing even better since!

Garaoke is available for; Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Private or Public Parties, Events big or small, and more! With a huge music library that’s growing all the time, we can play almost anything you like!

Spoof Band Competition

You can find me if you do a web search for “Garaoke Entertainment Facebook” (or just click on the link as shown) and take a look at some of the events that I’ve done and stay abreast of some upcoming public events.

New Year's Dance

Wedding Garaoke Trio

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More ACORN Nut Stuff

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

The Los Angeles Times (LAT) carried a short story yesterday focusing on another video from James O’Keeth and Hannah Giles where they video taped another acorn facility and at least one of its employees. carried the same story with a video of the visit along with a written narrative by Mr. O’Keefe. Mr. O’Keefe pointed out that although the employee did not throw them out of the facility, he also didn’t seem to mind that they were in the prostitution business. That is, until O’Keeth mentioned that the prostitutes were underage. The employee said that ACORN does not do anything outside the law and he would not help them for the underage prostitution scheme.

In his written narrative O’Keeth seems to praise the employee, but I believe it was faint praise and a set-up for what will be more revealing video. In the meantime, access the video with the link above and wait to see what if anything follows.

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