Establishment Republicans Beat-UP Conservative Republicans

Tony Lee writing for Breitbart reports on what Mark Levin has to say about the “establishment,” Republican Party and why he (Levin)  believes they are wrong to denigrate and challenge certain of the more conservative Republicans.  Follow the beginning of the article just below and continue with the link to the rest of Mr. Lee’s report.

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin blasted the Republican establishment at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday, calling the way the federal government is currently operating a “soft tyranny.”

Values Voter Summit

Values Voter Summit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Levin accused them of spending more time attacking conservatives who are fighting a federal government rife with crony capitalism than in becoming more accountable to the American people.

Levin said there is a problem with the government when there are only a “handful of conservatives defending this nation against Obamacare” on the Senate floor. He said something is wrong with the Republicans when “[conservatives] are under brutal assault in their own party.”

“When Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul are the exception, something is wrong in that party,” Levin declared.

Saying he did not believe “Washington intends to reform itself,” Levin said conservatives have to accept that the Republican Party today is not the Reagan Republican Party or the party of Barry Goldwater. Levin mentioned his support for Reagan in the monumental 1976 and 1980 Republican presidential primaries and his work in the Reagan administration’s Justice Department.

He called the current Republican party the “status quo, neo-statist” party.

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The Company & Pals He Keeps

It has been said, “You are known by the company you keep.”   Aesop’s Fables is given credit for this cautionary tale; although, there are bound to be similar warnings in many languages and cultures.

A recent article, I believe, gives evidence of just how these eight small words point to a failed Presidency of these United States of America.

Whether you are a member of the progressive movement or something much more sensible, such as the Tea Party movement, you owe it to your future sanity to read the article which is found at the link just below:

Breitbart: Ten Friends Of Obama

Now you know, even if the truth escaped you, or you just had scales over your eyes and wax in your ears, you have no excuse for infatuation with the Charlatan In Chief.

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