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If you like your coffee and your politics flavorful, served with a heaping dose of civility by a diverse group of interesting people from all parts of the political spectrum then you should be joining us every Saturday. Started in 2007 over coffee and lively conversation by a group of concerned friends and neighbors, ‘Conspiracy Brews’ is committed to finding solutions to some of our State’s toughest problems. Our zest for constructive political discourse is only equaled by our belief that the only way forward is to exchange our views in a relaxed and friendly setting.   For additional information or to be added to our e-mail list contact:

Conspiracy Brews  

“Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none.”

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin 1767

Benjamin Franklin 1767 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not your average political discussion group!

June 21, 2014

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Southwest Secondary Learning Center
10301 Candelaria Rd NE
(northwest corner of Candelaria and Morris)

We think that government should be open and honest at all times.
People from all political parties are welcome.

 ***Quotes of the Week***

“I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.”

John D. Rockefeller

“Recession is when a neighbor loses his job.   Depression is when you lose yours.”

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an American boat in California, 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Suggested Topics


— Steve Verzwyvelt came and Steve Verzwyvelt went…Susana’s debut at Park City Utah for Mitt Romney’s ideas summit…how do these portend for the fall election?



— What is Conspiracy Brews and what direction should it head?



— What are Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s accomplishment? (It wasn’t answered last week)

#GetCovered Press Conference - March 14, 2014

#GetCovered Press Conference – March 14, 2014 (Photo credit: House Democrats)


(Light Quotes of the week)

“The only time to buy these is on a day with no ‘y’ in it.”

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students from the Kansas University School of Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I always keep a supply of stimulant hand in case I see a snake—which I also keep handy.”

W.C. Fields

English: W.C. Fields

English: W.C. Fields (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.”

Oscar Wilde

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Grandfather Harry May Not Tarry

Fair Use Notice

The article found below is followed by a link to the complete story which originally appeared in  the Washington Free Beacon.  This excerpt by Daniel Halper appears in The Weekly Standard as a blog.

‘The Grandfather: The Autumn of Patriarch Harry Reid”

Another man might have assumed, correctly, that launching a campaign of insult and insinuation against two billionaires would result in renewed attention to his own finances. Not Harry Reid. The Senate Democratic leader since 2005, and the Senate majority leader since 2007, is not one to reflect before speaking. His mouth runs far ahead of his brain.

In recent years Reid has declared an American war “lost” while our troops still fought overseas; praised President Obama for his “light” skin and “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”; asserted falsely and without evidence that Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for a decade; and said “Why would we want to do that?” when asked if he would fund cancer research during the government shutdown.

Now, with his majority in danger, his president unpopular, his floor agendaobstructed by members of his own caucus, Reid thrashes about uncontrollably. He calls Obamacare horror stories “untrue.” He says Obamacare numbers are not as high as projected because Americans “are not educated on how to use the Internet.” His Senate Majority PAC launches a $3 million ad campaign tying Republican candidates to two men most Americans have never heard of, two men who, funnily enough, are more popular than Reid.

From the floor of the Senate Reid says these two men, Charles and David Koch, are “un-American,” are trying “to buy America.” Without the terrible specter of the Koch brothers Harry Reid would be disarmed. He has no issue for his Democratic Senators to run on; the minimum wage and climate change are not enough. Nor has he another means of inspiring donors to open their checkbooks. He only has fear, fear of the Kochs, fear of extractive industry, fear of the portion of the elite that favors economic freedom. The Koch brothers, Reid says, “rig the system to benefit themselves.” He should know.

Whole thing here.

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REPOST: Breitbart: Radical Left ‘Catholics for Obama’ Push Alinsky ‘Social Justice’ Ideology

This post was first placed on  August 18, 2012.  It is posted now to make sure those interested have an opportunity to understand some of the tactics, keywords and phrases used by progressives and socialists entrenched in the Catholic and other churches or groups lending their pennies and bucks to “Social Justice,” projects, often with government funds.

Posted on August 18, 2012 by Chuck Ring

They have been around for sometime and they won’t be going away soon. Ever hear of them, or experience them or their antics?  You have, whether you know it or not.  Your President uses them and they use him:

From Breitbart and Michael Patrick Leahy

On Monday, two days after Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan, a pro-life Catholic as his Vice Presidential running mate, the Obama campaign announced the leadership team for the 2012 version of “Catholics for Obama.”  The group  is dominated by radical left wing intellectuals and politicians who promote the “social justice” ideology of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is an organization founded in 1969 with the help of Chicago’s Saul Alinsky, the original “community organizer.” Its members are not typical of the Catholic congregations in America. Instead, they are academics at Catholic universities, nominally Catholic pro-abortion legislators, and labor leaders.

Do we mean to say, Catholics are not united in main doctrine and leadership?  Exactly, if we are to take what we see and hear from this piece, from the piece we mentioned above and much more:

As Matthew Arnold wrote earlier this week at the Cardinal Newman Society blog:

Relying heavily on left-leaning academics at Catholiccolleges and universities, the Obama campaign on Monday unveiled its “Catholics for Obama” team for 2012 in an effort to boost its Catholic vote.

Among those leading the group are several pro-abortion rights politicians along with faculty members at Catholic colleges including Sister Jamie Phelps, director of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans; Nicholas Cafardi, a canon and civil lawyer who teaches at the Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh; Thomas Groome of Boston College, a theologian; and Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at Catholic University of America.

Not your general run-of-the mill peace loving proponents of infant life and well-being of the Catholic flock:

Cafardi just last week took to the pages of the National Catholic Reporter to convince readers that Obama was more pro-life than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He didn’t mention in that piece that he would soon be publicly affiliated with the Catholics for Obama group. Presumably, that affiliation will be pointed out in future writings.

Schneck is on the board of directors of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, which was co-founded by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ director of faith-based programs, Alexia Kelley, to generate Catholic support for President Obama’s policies. Last year Schneck led a faculty effort to embarrass Republican House Speaker John Boehner, when he delivered the commencement address at The Catholic University of America. In February Schneck joined with other politically liberal Catholics in an open letter “celebrating” the “accommodation” proposed by President Obama with regard to the HHS contraceptive mandate — a compromise that the U.S. bishops have explained is entirely unacceptable to Catholics, and which has still not been written into the regulations.

Other members of Obama’s 21-member team includes Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the widow of Sen. Edward Kennedy who was uninvited by a Catholic college at the request of the local bishop in May, Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro of Connecticut, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, who pushed for that state’s law legalizing gay marriage.

It all looks and smells like a sour, rotten potpourri of lying politicians and misguided socialist academics and others watering at the trough of government largess.

Just as it did in 2008, the group apparently intends to ignore President Obama’s long history of support for pro-abortion policies (most notably his support for late-term abortions while a member of the Illinois State Senate) and attack Ryan from what it considers the “moral high ground” of “social justice” ideology. As reported earlier this week:

During the 2008 presidential election, a Catholics for Obama effort led by Pepperdine law professor Douglas Kmiec apologized for then candidate Barack Obama’s pro-abortion record. Now, a new group of Catholic professors are leading a new effort to get the pro-abortion activist re-elected.

Kmiec, the former Malta ambassador who resigned from his position after he was found to be derelict in his duties, will not be leading the charge. . .

The outreach page for the new pro-Obama group says nothing of his pro-abortion record.

Deal Hudson, president of the Pennsylvania Catholics’ Network, made the argument at the Beast after the Ryan announcement that Obama’s strategy in the 2012 Presidential campaign among Catholics will be to pit “social justice” Catholics against traditional Catholics:

You may have failed to understand VP Biden enjoys a reputation as a “social justice,” Catholic, what with all his lying and caterwauling about and against his conservative opponents … there he is, Mr. Izzy Idiotic, showing his butt through lame attempts at humor.  We’ll wrap this up and hope the reader will seek to understand the lies Obama and his bunch throw to the pack of dogs eager to follow him and his socialist buddies.

Biden is a “social justice” Catholic who claims to know how to connect with blue-collar Democratic Catholics, like those in his hometown of Scranton, Pa. During four of his last five years in the Senate, he received a 100 percent rating from NARAL. As vice president he supported federal funding for abortion, despite voicing opposition to it in 2008, and the Health and Human Services mandate requiring Catholic institutions serving the public to provide insurance coverage for contraception, including abortifacients and sterilization.

During the 2008 campaign, some of Biden’s remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press defending his position on abortion were publicly criticized by Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wis., and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, then of Denver, now of Philadelphia. Morlino’s diocese, by the way, includes Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wis…

Since being elected to the House in 1998, Ryan has developed a solid reputation with the grassroots as a pro-life, pro-marriage Catholic, and among Tea Party and fiscal conservatives, he has attained hero status for his extraordinary grasp of economic and budgetary issues. At age 42, Congressman Ryan is now often referred to as the “intellectual leader” of the Republican Party, a description repeated by Mitt Romney in announcing his VP choice…

While the choice of Ryan will please the Tea Party as well as fiscal  and social conservatives, it creates an opening for the Catholic supporters of Obama… Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, [a member of Catholics for Obama 2012] who after underscoring her Italian, Catholic upbringing charged:

The Ryan budget does not address debt nor fiscal responsibility. What it does is take care of the very wealthy at the risk of the middle class and people who are poor. That is contrary to Catholic teaching.”

Ryan argued that as a Catholic he was justified in taking into account the bigger picture of the entire economic situation facing the nation. He argued there was a moral obligation “implicit” in Catholic social teaching to address “difficult basic problems before they explode into social crisis.”

It should come as little surprise that President Obama, the “great unifier,” will now apply the tactics of division and envy that have characterized his campaign to the entire population specifically to the Catholic community.  The ideological imprint of Saul Alinsky, the modern promoter of divisive class warfare techniques, is all over Barack Obama’s early career. During his community organizing days, Obama was employed by a non-profit organization known as the Calumet Christian Conference, which received much of its funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Most conservatives anticipate a steady onslaught of “social justice” class warfare attacks on Romney and Ryan from the Alinsky influenced “Catholics for Obama” for the remainder of the campaign.


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Agenda 21: Still Trying After All These Years

The following was sent by Ralph & Susan Hill & Jim and Donna Crawford.  More to follow tomorrow.
Those who have been opposing the onslaught of Santa Fe County’s implementation of UN Agenda 21 (though County planners try to hide the connection) should take inspiration from this speech by Tom DeWeese.  It is rather lengthy (30 minutes) but in the middle he talks of success of a number of states, counties and towns that have defeated Agenda 21/ICLEI and how it was achieved, especially in the legislature.  I seldom watch anything over 3-4 minutes at most, but was intrigued with it.  Wonder if we could get Mr. DeWeese to New Mexico.  Ralph Hill
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The RNC Failed – Not You!

Hello James,

I know, as a result of the elections, you are feeling down and perhaps not ready to jump back in the battle. I know how you feel. Sometimes it’s just hard to get up in the morning after being kicked like that.

But let me give you some uplifting news and insight.

First, I want to share with you video of a speech I gave a few months ago to the John Birch Society’s Executive Council. This talk focused on our victories over Agenda 21/Sustainable Development forces. Now, you may say, Tom, your views just aren’t realistic – especially in view of what happened Tuesday. We’re done. We’re defeated.

Well, the fact is, everything I say in this talk is absolutely true – just as much today as it was before the election. We have scored some major victories. And no matter what happened on election night, the Left is terrified of us because of those victories. We are now learning new ways to fight. We are training grassroots activists.And we can win more. In the state legislatures, in the local communities. And even on the international level. Take a look at my video and see why.

Click here to view the video

Second, for the most part, the Republican defeat Tuesday was a defeat for the old guard establishment that leans more to the left than the right. In fact, they fear us “crazies” from the Right. We’re just too radical, they say. So, in the past 4 years they have forced on us candidates like John McCain and MItt Romney as cannon fodder against a committed Marxist like Barrack Obama. You can’t beat someone like him by being nice, or hesitant to speak out. Both McCain and Romney found that out the hard way. So don’t take the election results as a defeat of the ideals and principles you and I hold so dear. These ideas didn’t lose –because they weren’t even in the debate.

Third, OUR ideas did win – big. For example, in Virginia, there was a ballot measure to amend the state Constitution to protect private property rights against the use of Eminent Domain. Voters in a state that ultimately gave its Electoral votes to Obama, voted 82% in favor of protecting private property rights. THAT is OUR victory! More states are ready for such legislation. I am helping to write sample legislation that will have teeth and meaning in protecting your property rights.

We must not give up. We must believe in our principles and fight for them. Specifically, if we focus on the local and state level, we can, in many ways, stop federal (Obama) efforts.

You and I have circled the wagons tightly enough – now it’s time to charge!


Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

Vote Bibical Principles — Vote The Word

This post is provided as a public service. Other candidates may avail themselves of this service.  No money or other payment of value was paid for this posting

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Failing And Falling All The Way To The Tank

Stimulus fails one after another.  There has to be an end somewhere along the line.  Or does there?  I suppose not so long as this administration is able to print fiat funny money.

From The Washington Times, here’s another “stimulated,” or stroked energy company story showing just how this administration and its agencies exercise due diligence

Another Failure For Obama’s Simulated Stimulation.

Many a dollar has been wasted and deposited in Obama’s vast wastage pit.

Just think about it and the others meeting the same fate.


Wanted: A Real President

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We’ve almost lost this seal as a sign of respect.

If all the polls coming on like a gathering storm (no pun intended)  are any indication, Obama will serve out his term and leave the country in decent hands.  There is hardly a poll, “exit,” or otherwise,  which grants much chance for Obama to fast forward.

There are news stories coming daily adding to the corruption in this president’s regime.  Still, the stalwarts among his MainScream media supporters continue hiding the truth from their readership and the sap citizens.

Here’s a link to a story of corruption which hurt at least 20,000 little people to line the pockets of unions and bigger people:

Pensions decreased … Complaints dismissed

Tell ’em Exactly How To Vote MSNBC

No pretense of impartial journalism at MSNBC.  But, then again, did we ever really expect them to be so.

Click below for a link to the narrative and video:

Be sure to follow the dictates of these ignorant people.  NOT!

Here’s the way you need to vote

Obama’s So-Called Environmental Plans

Jim Crawford sent the link posted below.  It involves Obama’s wish list of environmental regulations he will push if he is reelected.  There is a cost to all of us should his agenda come to fruition,

As an example, he will set out to regulate farm dust in such a manner as to severely curtail farming operations which will bring added expense to our dinner table and effect the livelihood enjoyed by the farmers and their families.

Please take the time to access the link below and read any related articles found below:

Obama’s Delayed  Wish List

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Why You Can’t Depend On People (Can You Guess Their Politics)

Well, I can’t either.  I could hazard a guess, but I “guess” I won’t.  This came from Jimmy Kimmel and then to us through New Mexico Watchdog and Rob Nikolewski

commenting on last Tuesday’s Romney/Obama debate before it happend

You just never know … but I guess you can “guess.”