AFP California: Time To Sequester Obama’s Aircraft

Who will disagree?  Obama and his family, the vice dude and most progressives we would guess.

Americans For Prosperity

Americans For Prosperity (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Here is a video from California’s Americans For Prosperity which pursues the idea.  It is a little over three minutes duration.

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Little Chrissy Wets Himself (Again)

Chris Matthews, AKA Tingle-Toes, the slash-mouth worshiper of Obama is back, and he is just as inane as he has ever been with his silly pronouncements.

Chris Matthews at Quinnipiac University Commen...

Chris Matthews at Quinnipiac University Commencement 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Overdressed & Undereducated

Follow the link just below to see the video and to read a story from MRC:

Tingle-Toes and His Newest Ignorant Pronouncements

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What She Most Admires About James O’Keefe

Michelle Malkin, in a blog piece posted yesterday (1/15/12) lists several reasons she continues to admire James O’Keefe.  Those reasons are valid to those who do not wear the opaque progressive goggles popular with supporters of this administration.

She further demonstrates her support of O’Keefe’s actions through the posting of a video covering … well, just hit the link below and enjoy the video:

What She Most Admires About James O’Keefe

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin with Repub...

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin with Republican Steve King. Originally sourced from: Retrieved ultimately from archival copy here on, as the original source was moved. As is simply using a non-copyrightable copy of the US Government image, we can as well. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Splat-Mouth Ed Schultz Lies

Ed Schultz is one of the unhinged progressive radio heads that manages to get the story wrong in cases where the story could, if true, cast a negative light on conservative folks.  Below you will find a classic example of such a case:

Splat-Mouth Gets It Wrong

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Tell ’em Exactly How To Vote MSNBC

No pretense of impartial journalism at MSNBC.  But, then again, did we ever really expect them to be so.

Click below for a link to the narrative and video:

Be sure to follow the dictates of these ignorant people.  NOT!

Here’s the way you need to vote

Merriment & Mirth For The Future President’s Camp


And nothing but despair for the mainScream media.  John Sununu rules over Andrea Mitchell in this video exchange.  Have a listen and look:

Sununu Helps Mitchell Understand Significant Facts

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Andrea Mitchell: Stuttering, Stammering and Struggling

A stand-in for Mitt Romney has great fun watching, listening and laughing as Mitchell loses her composure when her insincere proffer on the worth of Obama’s achievements, his outsourcing and his general liberty taking with facts, doesn’t pass the truth serum of life.

Read and look for yourself. Click the link just below:

How Long Will This Continue

Congressman Poe and Governor Mitt Romney

Congressman Poe and Governor Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Reverend” Sharpton Confesses To Manipulating “Some” Fools In The Media

This was before the “Reverend” shed himself of a few pounds:

Rev Al Tells All

A Liar To Many — A Hero To Fools

Obama: A Man Of Few Words — Repeated Many Times Over

Since no one within our country has figured this out … let us look to Denmark for the revelation:

“Must said, we much!” Attributed to Al Sharpton