Nation Of Islam’s Farrakhan Tries To Toss President Under The Bus

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

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Is this leader of America’s Nation of Islam sincere, or is he safeguarding his pot of gold under the rainbow?  We believe the latter, but you are invited to view and hear AND make up your mind on his latest attack on the President, which emanates from the United States’ participating in armed action against that model of democracy known as Libya.  Here the video brought to you by WVOM Chicago, and host Cliff Kelley, who cheer-leads while Farrakhan harangues.

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They Are Asking …..

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They being some members of the mainstream media and in particular and their reporter Anna Pukas.  In the lead-in to her article, Ms. Pukas proffers:

INEFFECTUAL, invisible, unable to honour pledges and now blamed for letting Gaddafi off the hook. Why Obama’s gone from ‘Yes we can’ to ‘Er, maybe we shouldn’t’…

This doubt and the analysis to come in the article is not new to many, if any, US citizens, but coming from a foreign journalist, it seems our President’s idiosyncrasies and perceived short-comings in various areas of his job as POTUS are  arriving to the forefront.  They, the journalists now, to paraphrase words of the Christian Bible, ” … have ears to hear and eyes to see …” and it seems they are hearing and seeing what many have recognized far in advance of the opinions being put forth by the journalists come lately.

We should ask, “just how much does articulate, urbane and cosmopolitan count for when there is a world falling down around one’s ears?”  The answer is, it can’t count for much, because empty words are far from filling in any sense.  Were I to attempt to gauge, the angst  Ms. Pukas finds for herself in Obama  as a promise keeper as opposed to a promise maker,  I would use the word, FAIL.  And remember, there are millions of ordinary people that were not ever and will never be enamored of our President.

Ms. Pukas comments that Obama’s slogan was topped-off with self-belief.  I suppose confidence can say much about an individual, but in and of itself, confidence has no substance — no meat and no potatoes:

Obama’s campaign slogan was mesmerisingly simple and brimming with self-belief: “Yes we can.” His presidency, however, is turning out to be more about “no we won’t.” Even more worryingly, it seems to be very much about: “Maybe we can… do what, exactly?“ The world feels like a dangerous place when leaders are seen to lack certitude but the only thing President Obama seems decisive about is his indecision. What should the US do about Libya? What should the US do about the Middle East in general? What about the country’s crippling debts? What is the US going to do about Afghanistan, about Iran?

Ms. Puka’s slicing and dicing continues through several paragraphs and finally comes to a point where she seems to have put everything wrong about Obama and his administration on the top shelf for everyone to examine:

All of which means that it is starting to look as if Obama and the Democratic Party have but one aim in mind for the rest of this presidential term: to get elected for a second. That means not doing anything that might upset any number of special interest or niche groups, which in effect means not doing very much at all. So, not too many harsh but necessary measures to tackle the financial deficit; no clear direction on where America goes with Afghanistan, even though the war there is going nowhere except from bad to worse.

The Obama government can’t even give clear direction on whether the American people are in danger of exposure to nuclear fallout from Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin advised San Francisco residents to stock up on radiation antidotes, prompting a run on potassium iodide pills, while the President said experts had assured him that any harmful radiation would have receded long before reaching the Western shores of the US.

Sad, very sad. The story is really about how silly and weak some American citizens have become.  Check for other links below and here is a link to the entire article by Ms. Pukas.

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Perhaps The Worm Will Turn

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The United Nations has finally decided to act toward quelling a mad dictator according to a story from Reuters , UK Edition with Maria Golovnina and Patrick Worsnip reporting.  The story was filed on Thursday, 3/17/11 at 11:21 PM GMT.  With the time difference between our time and Libya‘s action could have started and reports of or on the action could start coming in soon.  The first paragraph of the story reads:

The United Nations authorised military action to curb Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Thursday, hours after he threatened to storm the rebel bastion of Benghazi overnight, showing “no mercy, no pity.”

Gaddafi followed the above with  words that may have an real meaning or they could be nonsensical Libyan.  Whatever they might actually be,  they appear to be “fast-acting” verbs (I jest, but he did say.)

“We will come, zenga, zenga. House by house, room by room,” he said in a radio address to the eastern city.

According to Reuters, there were fireworks and celebrations in the streets of Benghazi when the rebels heard of the United Nation’s action:

The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution endorsing a no-fly zone to halt government troops now around 100 km (60 miles) from Benghazi. It also authorised “all necessary measures” — code for military action — to protect civilians against Gaddafi’s forces.

But time was clearly running short for the city that has been the heart of Libya’s revolution.

The UN Security Council vote did not surprise as far as the count for and against the approved action.  As is usually the case: Russia, China, and Germany abstained, which in our eyes is tantamount to a NO vote:

Ten of the Council’s 15 member states voted in favour of the resolution, with Russia, China and Germany among the five that abstained. There were no votes against the resolution, which was co-sponsored by France, Britain, Lebanon and the United States.

Hours have now passed since the resolution and we expect action by UN participants very soon.  The complete story along with 29 images can be found if you click right here. Be sure to look below for other related links.

Let Us Twiddle Our Thumbs

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We have citizens of  Libya and other African and  Mid-East people asking for the help of the NATO allies and others.  Thus far, we  can barely pay lip service to any possibility of saving lives of people fighting to be free and then perhaps become members of a democracy.  We can plan to plan and we can lament what might be or what could be, but we can’t get off out collective butts and install a no-fly zone or zones.  We found reason enough in Kosovo and Iraq and NATO seems none the worse for the action.

Certainly we are over extended with deployments of armed forces units in Afghanistan, Iraq and more than one or two other spots or areas we have managed to join with or without the commitment of others.  Now it is time to do something besides saying that it might be the wrong action or we still have our options open and ready.  We need commitment, but we don’t have to mire ourselves in the sands of Libya or any other desert country.  The fighters in Libya and other countries in the area need only to be shown that we are able and willing to give them some respite from the terrible devastation which rains down upon them from the bombs, artillery shells and mortar rounds sent by Qaddafi and other dictators in the area.

Maybe I am completely wrong and there is no good reason to help the citizens which I have mentioned above.  I have said and my friends have said, maybe we just need to butt out of the business  of freedom fighters.  If we can’t hold to a credo and a solid set of values … maybe we need to drop down to the second-rate nation Russia and China tells us we’ve become.

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Mr. Farrackhan: Man With A Bad Plan

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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Mr. Farrackhan, one of the recognized advocates for Jew-bashing in the United States has spoken again.  He warns us that the Jews are trying to force us to become involved in Libya’s present conflict.  This report comes from  TheJerusalem Post in an article by Lahov Nakov.  We start with this quote from the article:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said on Tuesday that Jews and Zionists are “trying to push the US into war” and that “Zionists dominate the US government and banks.”

Farrakhan, 77, made the comments at the Nation of Islam’s annual meeting near Chicago.

Farrakhan said his comments on Jews were meant “to pull the cover off Satan.”

President Obama,” Farrakhan said, “if you allow the Zionists to push you, to mount a military offensive against Gaddafi and you go in and kill him and his sons, as you did with Saddam Hussein and his sons… I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.”

Farrakhan called Muammar Gaddafi “my brother and my friend.”

Current Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

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Mr. Farrackhan, as he is wont to do time and again, continues with his tirade and strives to insure those to whom he is preaching, that he is not stupid (his words.)  Others may choose to believe him … or not, but I’ll pass on his attempt to raise his rhetoric above the cesspool.  He also forgets that it was NOT President Obama that was the responsible party for the killing of Saddam Hussein or either of his warped sons.

Here is more from the article with links that expand on his foolishness.  Check for links below.

We Love To Whittle While The UN Ponders

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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We wrote about Libya‘s citizens having a tough time as they attempt to remove themselves from under the iron claw of a dictator’s control over them for a little over forty years.  We didn’t say much when Libya along with other proven human rights violators were elected to the United Nations Council on Human Rights.  And we haven’t said much more as Qaddafi has continued down the path of killing and torture.  Now as the killing has continued since revolutionaries have bucked the madman and reports tell us he has had over 1000 of his citizens murdered by his military, we finally peek out such as a wild turkey might peek over a log in the woods.

We have now asked that Libya be stripped of her seat on the council and a few other members have joined with us asking for the same.  Bets are that it isn’t going to happen, at least not in any hurried fashion, and perhaps never.  There are likely reasons why we have not acted more forcefully in the past and perhaps the inaction can be excused, but to be a part of the spit and whittle club that most of the United Nations’ members seem a part, seems a little much when we have touted freedom and democracy to the extent we have.  I am not suggesting that we have to invade, but maybe a little action such as that taken by President Reagan might go toward a end to Qaddafi and his craziness.

Since we don’t seem inclined to act in an fast way,  perhaps others who have an interest in freedom and democracy will step forward.  In the meantime, here’s a rather lengthy interview from PBS which might entertain while it provides speculation on what groups are, and what groups are not, on the Libyan dictator’s side:


Ahmadinejad & Gaddafi — Chickens Staying Home To “Roast?”

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Mahmoud and Muammar,  two fine allies who do our work for us.  At least in a way.  Each has recently called for more demonstrations or massing on borders of another country.  Unfortunately, they were not referring to their county, but they are on the receiving end of some serious demonstrations or threats of acts against their governments.  Gaddafi has played with mischief before and many times it brought him misery after it purchased fame for him among some who support him.  Ahmadinejad has been another “fly” in the world’s ointment, and remains so today. While everyone waits for them to join together to drop the physical “N” bomb (nuclear) and not just talk about it in a virtual way;  both men are dangerous boys with economies and constituents lagging in serious ways.

Ahmadinejad faced challenges in the very recent past, when many of Iran’s citizens were unhappy with his alleged win for a second term as President of Iran.  Gaddafi has had a 42 year reign in Libya, which was surpassed by Castro, but no longer since “the Fidel” resigned and” the  Raul” assumed power.  The Wall Street Journal has reported that both of Iran and Libya face demonstrations and as stated above Iran’s has begun today.  The quote below is excerpted from WSJ (click here) :

And in Iran, opposition leaders planned a demonstration on Monday in solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian revolts. The streets of Tehran rocked to the chants of residents shouting “Death to the dictator” and “God is great” Sunday night, according to witnesses and videos posted on Youtube.

Activists are calling for protests in Libya on Thursday, testing whether Col. Moammar Gadhafi‘s 42-year regime will be forced to make political concessions.

Perhaps the world will see more despots and dictators fall as the next week or so travels on to witness more folks making a charge to freedom such as they aren’t accustomed to feeling or witnessing.  Here’s a short video recently posted to the web, and you can click on the video, and then the start triangle after the video plays to continue playing more related videos:

A flap of the cap to Wall Street Journal/Digital Network for this story (also cited above) and the reporters on the story, Margaret Coker, Matt Bradley and Tamer El-Ghobashy.


We trust you’ll follow other videos after you view the one above.  Also follow any links below for more information.