The Best Things In Life Might Really Be Free

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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Alright all you Microsoft Office® fans, who may not be aware of free software that accomplishes the same as Microsoft’s suite have apparently not heard of OpenOffice.  OpenOffice has many of the same attributes that Microsoft offers at a price that is absolutely zilch, zip, nada … free.  I have used OpenOffice for around five years and have experienced no major difficulties in cross-use with MSWord components, but I do admit that I use their word processing program and seldom try to use any of the other programs in their suite.  When I have used their other suites, I’ve found that they are easy to grasp and I believe with a modicum of practice and attention, one could learn the basics of each suite.  As I said, OpenOffice is a free program and I would encourage anyone needing quality freeware with no strings attached to try one or all the programs to find if they are suitable for your needs.  Donations or volunteer work is encouraged, but by no means required.  You can find more information and links to download all or any part of the suite though clicking on this link.

Now a new freeware suite has been brought to a point where it is ready to be seriously considered for use.  It  comes by way of an organization called The Document Foundation and is known as LibreOffice.  The latest release is LibreOffice 3.3.  The names of the programs in LibreOffice are exactly the same as the programs in OpenOffice, i.e., Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.

I have not downloaded LibreOffice, but I have given it a cursory look.  I would urge anyone interested in a quality set of programs to give serious consideration to downloading one or the other (OpenOffice or LibreOffice) after you have reviewed both possibilities.  At a time when our economy is still traveling to Hades in a hand-basket, free can be good to darn good.  The only thing the reader should recognize is that I am by no means a software guru, but if it can come close to being easy for me to use, it should be suite, sweet for most anyone else.

Here is a link to the latest blog article from The Document Foundation, which should answer most concerns about LibreOffice 3.3 or at the least, give you  most new information brought to fruition in the latest release.  Although this article may not be a great revelation for some of you, I really hope some will try one or both of the suites and post any comments you may have.

Have fun, but don’t hurt yourself.  Oh, I did tell you both suites are free, didn’t I?  Be sure to look below for any additional links which might relate to the article.