An OWS Protest And A VPOTUS Protest

OWS continues to protest and now they protest against the police.  We know the police are not perfect and mistakes and sometimes intentional police action can violate civil rights, and precede injury or death.  But, we wonder what really drives the protest seen in this first post.  Could it be the increasing pressure police across the nation are applying for more order, sanitation and less deviant and otherwise unsafe behavior among some of the demonstrators


OWS Protests Police Action?

This next protest comes from blowin’ Joe and he protests, it seems, because he got the question right, but seems offended by having to answer it.  By the way, he did not answer the question factually.

Blowin’ Joe Complains

While some may not like “sneak-attack” journalism; often it seems an excellent method to see how our elected officials react under pressure.  It certainly worked in this instance.