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Dimwito’s In Houston Celebrate With Potluck At A Planned Parenthood Facility

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And we say to ourselves:  What A Wonderful World?  Not so much with people like these celebrants below. The information following comes to us from Breitbart’s  Big Government.  You can see the story and the “party” invitation by clicking on several links found below:

Houston Democrats Throw Christmas Party at Planned Parenthood

by Mike Flynn

Talk show host Michael Berry alerted us to the upcoming event of the Harris County Democrat Party. One doesn’t have to be a dedicated pro-life activist to find the idea of this event kind of sick. I think even the majority of those who believe abortion services and clinics should be available would agree that an abortion clinic is the wrong venue for a Christmas Party.  (Yes, I realize they say “Holiday Party,” in the invitation below but for the vast majority of Americans, the holiday they celebrate in December is Christmas. Heck, the invitation even used green and red lettering, the traditional colors of Christmas.)


Considering that, for many Americans, Christmas is a celebration of  the birth of a child, a party at an abortion clinic is a particularly sick irony.

Anyway, looks like they’re having a pot-luck and are providing wine, so that’s nice. They note folks can BYOB for a “stronger celebration”! Again…at an abortion clinic.

Of course, one of the sponsoring organizations is “BAAD Women” (Bay Area Association of Democratic Women), so maybe the choice venue was absolutely intentional.

Stay classy, Houston Democrats.

(Note: I initially thought that perhaps this was strictly an administrative building for Planned Parenthood where, perhaps, no abortions were performed. Nope. They do abortions there. And Christmas Parties!)

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I Hope You Will Be Touched By This

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

There is little I can add to the message of this video.  I hope it helps those potential mothers and fathers who need help, but most of all I hope it helps those who are the main victims that cannot speak on their own

Affter viewing the video below you will be able to select others to see if you wish.  Be forewarned you won’t view them with a dry face.

We want to express our grateful appreciation for the beautiful voice of Susanne Houston and her obvious dedication to the pro-life ideals, and for the labor of the rest of the team responsible for this work. We are sure they will be rewarded.

We believe our posting of this work for educational purposes where we derive no profit or monetary proceeds and the artist will obtain more exposure for her message, comes under the Fair Use doctrine.

For Me, Seven Decades

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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Tomorrow, February 8, 2010 is my 70th birthday anniversary.  I’ve had a good life and I hope it has been a useful life.  Whatever my life has been or will be, it was and is so much more than those millions of souls who never had the chance to live after having their life taken by the personnel in abortion clinics. In short, for them … not even a minute of bright light to see, fresh air to breath or a loving touch to feel on the skin.

Others have written regarding the terrible and tragic price our society has paid through the abortion processes, but recently NOW and NARAL have found it necessary to attack the messengers of Pro Life organizations, when they protest the message of the super bowl commercial regarding the celebrated life of Tim Tebow. Celebrated because his mother did not follow her physician’s recommendation to terminate her pregnancy with Tim.

I’ll stop and allow the words of Susan Swift in Big Journalism explain further. Words she wrote today on the subject of abortion and its enablers. Please be forewarned that some of the content in or connected to Ms. Swift’s article is unsuitable for some to view. With the foregoing in mind, you can click here

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Planned Parenthood – Hoodlum Organization?

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Stay with me while I walk away from ACORN for a while. I have just learned of an organization that has “stung” Planned Parenthood (PP) in different communities across the United States. Keep in mind that reported revenue PP receives from the government (over $300,000,000) and the amount they receive from fees for abortions (over $900,000,000) are not paltry sums. This should give you pause to think about the scope of the fight needed to bring this organization into compliance and true obedience to the law.

I am sorry that I have just learned of Lila Rose and her Pro-Life organization. This young woman and her cohorts have essentially conducted the same type of investigation of Planned Parenthood that Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe have conducted of ACORN. The older generation sometimes forgets that youth strengthens this nation when they stand up against rogue organizations and stand with common sense.

Here’s revelation that we should all appreciate, whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. No one should condone violations of law, no matter your core beliefs. Spend some time at Rose’s website There are links to video on her site and external links to other sites.

Our dollars (in my opinion) do not need to give corrupt clinics  the means to violate their clients and the law.

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