Ben Shapiro: The Ferguson days of rage


In his piece from CNS News, Ben Shapiro minces no words with his report on the Ferguson fiasco of the recent past and that which is to come:.

This week, America held its collective breath as it waited on the grand jury indictment verdict for Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson, you’ll recall, had the misfortune to run into 6’5″, 289-lb. Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black man who had just finished strong-arm robbing a convenience store.

Wilson pulled over Brown as he and his accomplice walked in the middle of the street; all available evidence shows that Brown then pushed himself through the driver’s side window, punched Wilson, went for his gun, was shot in the hand, ran, turned around, charged Wilson, and was shot to death.

But that doesn’t matter. And it has never mattered. Because facts do not matter to those attempting to rectify what they perceive as an unjust universe. For those utopian visionaries – and, yes, violent thugs who rob stores are minions of the utopian visionaries — individuals do not exist. Individuals are merely stand-ins for groups.

Wilson was a white cop; therefore, he was the Racist White Establishment. Brown was a black teenager; therefore, he was the Innocent Black Victim. The parts have already been written; Wilson was merely unlucky enough to land the starring role.

And so we expect riots no matter what the outcome of the indictment. Should Wilson escape indictment due to complete lack of evidence, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will attribute that acquittal to the Racist White Establishment. Should he be indicted, the utopians and their rioting henchmen will cite Wilson as merely the latest example of the Racist White Establishment. No matter the antecedent, the consequence has been determined in advance: rage, riots, recriminations.

If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

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MainScream Media Racists Called Out

This story points to the “holier than thou,” bunch posted throughout the United States that have mangled the truth about George Zimmerman and others.  It also calls them out as racists and bigots and asks why they get a pass on their outlandish behavior.

Let’s not forget the fools in the entertainment fields that have demonstrated their bigotry and their racist attitudes.

 Ten Mainstream Media Stars More Bigoted Than George Zimmerman


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My headline is a little deceiving because it makes it sound as though there is something in George Zimmerman’s past, or in the events that led to the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, that indicates that he is in any way bigoted. On the contrary, from what we have learned about the 29 year-old Hispanic man, he exemplifies the American ideal of color blindness.

A thorough FBI investigation not only found that race had nothing to do with the shooting, but that there was no history of racism in Zimmerman’s past. Moreover, contrary to the media’s lies and evidence fabrication, Zimmerman has dated black women, has black relatives, tutored black children, stood up for a black homeless man against the police, and voted for Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, the same “no evidence of bigotry” statement cannot be said for a number of America’s top mainstream media stars. And so, in no particular order, here are the top media stars provably more bigoted than the man they have shamelessly and falsely attempted to destroy and defame as racist.

Please note that these are individuals who remain respected, and in some cases revered, among their media colleagues…

Click on the link below to see the guilty:

The Guilty By Example


Daniel Garza: My American Experience

Mr. Garza is the executive director of The Libre Initiative which is a Conservative Hispanic  advocacy group.  He served on President George W. Bush’s cabinet.

The following short video tells of some of Mr. Garza’s and his family’s experience as immigrants from Mexico.

My American Experience

The Libre Initiative

IRS Targets Another Conservative Group

The word Republican was not mentioned in the group’s application for tax-exempt status.  In fact, the organization is an Hispanic organization for education in a variety of areas concerning rights of individuals.

Look at the following YouTube story and determine for yourself whether this is another progressive effort to run amok:

IRS Goes After Hispanics

The Latest From The Libre Initiative

Here’s the latest from The Libre Initiative, the Conservative Hispanic Organization making a splash across the nation.

The Latest From The Libre Initiative

English: President George W. Bush signs Execut...

English: President George W. Bush signs Executive Order 13230, creating his Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans and directing the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans to provide staffing and support. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Libre Initiative Youth Video Contest

The Libre Initiative is all about taking initiative and accomplishing goals and objectives through initiatives of individuals and groups.  If you are a youth between 18 and 26 years of age, why not take the initiative to win an iPad 3.  All information below:

Video Contest

Live LIBRE Youth Video Contest


Name: Live LIBRE Youth video contest
Campaign Launch Date: July 16, 2012
Entries accepted: Monday, July 16, 2012 – Thursday, August 16, 2012
Videos go public: Monday, August 20, 2012 – Monday, September 3, 2012
Winners announced: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
The Rules:
Participation Release:

Web language:

How does economic freedom benefit the Hispanic community in the United States? We want to hear from you!

Latinos open businesses at three times the national average and have the greatest purchasing power of any US ethnic group, yet we fail to realize the impact that economic freedom has in generating prosperity in our nation.

The LIBRE Initiative is searching coast to coast for the video that best illustrates the benefits of economic freedom. Here is your opportunity to share your views for a chance to win an iPad3!

But first, what is Economic Freedom?

Economic Freedom is the ability for each individual to profit from their own ideas and work, produce, consume, own, trade, and invest according to their own choices.In a free market system, opportunities aren’t limited by who you are or where your family comes from – you’re only limited by your imagination! Economic freedom empowers families to decide what is best for them, instead of having government bureaucrats control their lives.

Contest Guidelines and Rules Highlights:

  • All entrants must accept and comply with the Rules. Any discrepancy between the Rules and these Guidelines will be resolved in favor of the Rules.
  • The video must answer the prompt.
  • All applicants must be between the ages of 18-26.
  • Only one video submission per applicant is allowed.
  • ALL ENTRIES MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WORK AND CANNOT CONTAIN ANY COPYRIGHTED OR PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED MATERIALS. By submitting your video, you are promising that you own all rights to all material in your video, including the music, images, script, and rights to include all persons, places or organizations included or depicted. We require that all persons appearing, even briefly, in the video have signed a release similar to the one that appears here.
  • Group videos are permitted – but only one iPad3 per winning video will be awarded.
  • Videos may be in English, Spanish, or a combination of both.
  • The video must be between 30 seconds and 3:00 minutes. Any video that is shorter or longer will not be considered.
  • Do not endorse/denounce any particular candidate or party.
  • Videos containing inappropriate material such as vulgarity or foul language will not be considered.
  • Be creative and consider using mediums like music, poetry, or spoken word.
  • Relatives of employees, contractors and officials of the LIBRE Initiative are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • The LIBRE Initiative is not responsible for errors of any kind, technical hardware or software failures of any kind, including any injury or damage to any person’s computer, related to or resulting from participating in or experiencing any materials in connection with the contest, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmission that may limit your ability to participate in the contest.
  • The LIBRE Initiative reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest if fraud, misconduct or technical failures harm the integrity of the program; or if a computer virus, bug, or other technical problem corrupts the administration or security of the program as determined by the LIBRE Initiative, in its sole discretion.

Technical stuff before you submit your video:

  • YouTube/Google Account
    In order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube account. Click here to create a YouTube account.
  • We can’t hear you!
    The point is to let your voice be heard. If no one can hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to shoot in quiet environments and project your voice.
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    Make sure light is on your face and not behind it — i.e. don’t sit in front of a bright window or with the sun behind you.
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    Use the title “Live Libre” and include your name and location – ex: “Live Libre: Tom and Jerry in Colorado.” Use tags to describe your video so that other people can find it; ex: “Live LIBRE Colorado.”
  • Please don’t use our logoin your video.

Uploading your video to YouTube:

1. Upload your video to YouTube and set the publish settings as “unlisted” so that only those with the link may view it.Do not make the video public until August 20, 2012 at 12:00 am.

2. Email the video URL to with the subject line, “Live LIBRE Contest Submission.” In the body of the e-mail please give us a little bit of information about yourself including your name, city and state, and any other details you feel are pertinent. Important: you MUST attach a release from each person who appears in the video.

3. Once your email is received, you will receive an email confirming your submission.

There will be two winning videos. One winner will be determined by the most views between August 20, 2012 and September 3, 2012. The second winner will be determined by a panel of judges and based on creativity, production quality, and content. All decisions are within the discretion of the LIBRE Initiative judges and all decisions are final. Winners will be announced Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Legal Disclaimer:
By submitting your video to the LiveLIBRE Video Contest:
You agree to all rules of this contest, (Please READ the rules here )
you agree to be bound by The LIBRE Initiative privacy policy, available here ,
you are giving your video to The LIBRE Initiative,and
you understand that your video may be edited, changed, copied, exhibited, published, or distributed without any additional compensation, and you waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation

Obama’s Immigration Train — Railroading Long-Term Process

The following is posted under the belief that the post falls under the Fair-Use doctrine.  It is posted for its educational and opinion value.  Further, exposure of the concepts espoused by the writer add value to public discourse and no renumeration to any degree is derived by the Sandia Tea Party, its officers or board.through the display of the information following:

A Presidential Mandate is No Way to Set Immigration Policy

By Daniel Garza
Published June 16, 2012
Fox News Latino

Today, the White House announced that it will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to young undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives.

Had the legislative process been honored rightly, I too would have cheerfully given my personal endorsement of the rule change. However, we don’t get to change law based on personal prerogatives because we are all, as Americans, duty bound to honor the legislative process outlined in our constitution. It was poorly done and political headwinds are sure to follow the president’s actions, which compromise an effective long-term policy approach to a desperately needed reform.

For many of us who are immigrants, or sons and daughters of immigrants, we value the American Dream, an opportunity to prosper in a country that values the rule of law. From what I have read thus far, this new initiative intends to partially achieve the goals of the so-called DREAM Act. It seems – given the timing and targeted constituency – a politically driven attempt to turn attention away from the lagging economy affecting the country at large, particularly Hispanics.

It’s not looking good, and it shows. With record job losses and unemployment, add to that a record number of deportations, this administration does not have much to latch on to with the Hispanic community. The majority of Hispanics, 53 percent, already believe that they have achieved the American Dream, but they are highly pessimistic about the next generation, with only 36 percent saying their children will be better off financially. While the policy shift is set to benefit an estimated 800,000 immigrant youth, it’s hard to tell if this initiative is in the least a partial solution to reversing the economic crisis.

Hispanics have been disproportionately affected with an 11 percent unemployment rate compared to 8.2 percent nationwide and it’s taking a political toll on the administration’s chances with Hispanics this November. But what is worse than the obvious political posturing to a critical voting bloc, is that this brazen attempt to collect votes in an election year undermines the rule of law.

Immigration policies should be market driven, not politically motivated. The foundation of individual liberty is rule of law, not what is politically expedient. More importantly, federal immigration reform must be hammered out by those elected by the people to be our voice in Congress, not the act of one person. It is pandering, it is dangerous, and it is not the American way.

While I would be the first to argue that the current law is broken and must be reformed, we must resist the temptation to blindly applaud the means. This act is a clear violation of the separation of powers, even when we agree with the intended end. The president’s actions ignore constitutional limitations, single handedly bypasses Congress, and ignores current immigration law.

At one point the president agreed. During a Univision town hall in Washington, D.C. in March 2011, he stated he could not act unilaterally on this matter, “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed.” He was right to say so. Yet today, he asserts this conduct without regard to constitutional limitations.

While it is true that our country could stand to benefit from a talented labor pool of young, law-abiding immigrants that contribute to a vibrant economy, it should be effective and long-term in its scope, and it must be done right.

Daniel Garza is Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative and former Associate Director at the Office of Public Liaison for The White House. You can learn more about The LIBRE Initiative by visiting their website at The Libre Initiative – AN ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC FREEDOM – Daniel Garza


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The Caucus: Romney Outlines Approach to Immigration in

Blowing Away Common Sense With Puffery

Cries of racist; loud yells to pay back a “White” Hispanic; posters and signs which present the message to take someone dead or alive for a cash prize.  Driven by ignorant people in the main scream media and politicians who should know better.

Now comes Walter E. Williams with a little (a lot?) of common-sense to put the ignoramuses down where they belong.  From his blog and CNS News:

When NBC’s “Today” show played the audio of George Zimmerman’s call to a Sanford, Fla., police dispatcher about Trayvon Martin, the editors made him appear to be a racist who says: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.” What Zimmerman actually said was: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining, and he’s just walking around, looking about.” The 911 officer responded by asking, “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?” Zimmerman replied, “He looks black.”

NBC says it’s investigating the doctoring of the audio, but there’s nothing to investigate; its objective was to inflame passions.

In his Associated Press article titled “Old photos may be deceptive in Fla. shooting case,” Matt Sedensky pointed out that the photos carried by the major media were several years old and showed Zimmerman looking fat and mean and Martin looking like a sweet young kid.

We expected and we got Jesse Jackson spewing his scat from a mouth which never misses a chance to exhibit demagogic traits   Of course, our dear leader could not miss his chance to twist and shout for votes:

Jesse Jackson told the Los Angeles Times that “blacks are under attack” and that “targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business,” adding that Martin is “a martyr.” President Barack Obama chimed in by saying, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Some non-news cases which should have been news and would have been had the races of the victim and perpetrators been reversed:

Let’s look at some non-news cases. On March 14 in Tulsa, Okla., a white couple suffered a home invasion by Tyrone Woodfork, a 20-year-old black man. Ninety-year-old Bob Strait suffered a broken jaw and broken ribs in the attack. His 85-year-old wife, Nancy, was sexually assaulted and battered to death, ending their 65-year marriage.

On March 4, two black Kansas City, Mo., youths doused a 13-year-old boy in gasoline and set him on fire, telling him, “You get what you deserve, white boy.” Last summer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered an emergency shutdown of the beaches in Chicago because mobs of blacks were terrorizing white families.

Several years ago, in Knoxville, Tenn., a young white couple was kidnapped by four blacks.
The girl was forced to witness her boyfriend’s rape, torture and subsequent murder before she was raped, tortured and murdered. Before disposing of her body, the three men and one woman poured bleach or some other cleaning agent down her throat in an effort to destroy DNA evidence. A jury found the four guilty, and they were sentenced, but because of the judge’s drug use, a retrial is being considered.

The main scream media … would they play with the news?  Well yes, they certainly would and do so often when it comes to black on white crime and even black on black crime

None of those black-on-white atrocities made anywhere near the news that the Trayvon Martin case made, and it’s deliberate. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons, in an effort to “guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion.”

We’ve left the rest of Mr. Williams’ article for you to access at CNS News.  Don’t miss it. Click here.

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Errors Of Enchantment Wants To Know Why Some Hispanic Legislators Get a Free Ride On Education

English: Flag of the Hispanicity Español: Band...

Image via Wikipedia

The question contained in the title above could be asked of Anglo, Black and Native American legislators if they were excoriating the still to be confirmed Secretary of Education, Hanna Skandera.  But we should all know by now that most of the racket comes from progressive Hispanic legislators.  To what end no one seems to know.

Paul Guessing of Errors Of Enchantment and the Rio Grande Foundation has some questions and some likely answers to the puzzlement surrounding the shameful actions of those in question.

Click right below to follow Mr. Guessing’s well-reasoned thoughts:

¿Que Pasó? … Sometimes Children Not Qualified

Can we just fix it and improve every child’s future?

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