Outsourcing Within Using Chinese Firms

Since this POTUS let stimulus bucks out of the fiat money printing corral, a lot of work came for workers in the United States.  But were all the jobs filled by Americans, and were the firms filling openings American firms?

The answers to both questions is no and many billions of fiat money was paid to Chinese State owned firms for construction of roads and bridges.  This information was first reported back in July of this year, but it bears telling again given the ridiculous claims of our POTUS and his administration leading up to and during the Democratic convention.

Loss of jobs for Americans is one factor for not hiring and paying foreign firms, but this sort of stupidity has a serious impact on our monetary balance with a serious competitor. Click the link below and follow any related links in order to see why our workers are idle and our money is not turning around in our country:

Outsourcing From Within

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Big Government Wants To Know: Do US Corporations Pay Their “Fair Share?”

And we want to know who the profits belong to?  According to some who visit this blog, we are not wise enough to determine at this point, but we do believe the profits after fair taxes paid to the US Government, should accrue to the corporations.  Let us see what Big Government via Ben Shapiro has to say:

As usual, the left is wondering whether corporations pay their “fair share.”  This time, it seems they may have a point.  As Time magazine reported yesterday, a recent Wall Street Journal study of Congressional Budget Office statistics showed that American corporations paid an effective tax rate of 12.1% last year.  That’s the lowest number in four decades, despite a nominal tax rate that runs 35%, second only to Japan’s 39.5%; if you include state corporate taxes, America is now number one in the world.

Now, focus your eyes on the last link in the above quoted paragraph.  Click on the link, read the material and then come back.  Perhaps it was not what you expected; perhaps you were already well versed on the information found in the linked article.  How about this then from Shapiro’s article:

So why the low effective tax rate?  According to both the Journal and Time, it’s due to a corporate tax break set into the stimulus package, which allowed corporations to use an accounting trick: they could take write-offs on capital investments all at once rather than over time.  Typically, you take a tax write-off as the value of a good depreciates – if you buy a computer, it loses value over time, and you write that in your tax returns.  Under the stimulus package, you were allowed to basically write off the whole purchase.  The result was huge write-offs for corporations.

Now, normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing.

We’d expect corporations to take that money and dump it back into the economy by hiring and producing new products.  But that hasn’t happened – largely because this is a tax break rather than a permanent tax situation.  In other words, at some point, we’re going to go back to the old system, taxes are going to hike, and the corporations are saving up for a rainy day.

Pay attention to a few key phrases or words in the two paragraphs above:

  1. stimulus write-offs
  2. all at once
  3. result was huge write-offs
  4. all at once
  5. normally not a bad thing
  6. we would expect corporations to dump the money back into economy by hiring and producing new products
  7. that hasn’t happened because this was a tax break
  8. at some point, we’re going back to the old system, taxes will hike, and the corporations are saving up for a rainy day

Got that?  Yes I know, the short clipped phrases sound or look like a bunch of Occupiers following their cheerleaders while making silly little hand-signals.  Nevertheless, you get the idea.  I could quote the rest of the article, but then you’d be depending on me to bring the gist of the article to you.  I’d much rather have you read it for yourself.  The link is just below … enjoy.

Whose Profits — Not Yours

Jemez Pueblo In Hot Water?

Los Alamos National Laboratory Restrictions Sign
Image by Cavalier92 via Flickr

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Comes word from Governor Richardson’s office that Jemez Pueblo will be receiving a grant for just under five million dollars. The grant is to be used to explore and drill for geothermal energy development and it comes from “stimulus” funds.

In part, the governor said:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has again delivered significant investments to promote clean energy and energy independence in New Mexico, Governor Richardson said. These awards help bolster our state’s position as a leader on renewable energy.

Los Alamos National Laboratory will partner with the pueblo. Click for the complete news release

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Administration Said To Attack Economy Naysayers

Image by AComment via Flickr

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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Friday, October 30th, CNBC‘s Lawrence Kudlow had three guests that more or less (in a nice way) savaged the administration’s report on the stimulus and  alleged improvement in the economy.

Kudlow and crowd also discussed the administration’s attempt to turn the attack toward one or more of the guests.

The show runs just over ten minutes as each guest and Kudlow take their turns at the microphone. You might try to pick up on the streaming ticker to see some interesting ‘factoids”.

Here’s the video, just click it

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He Just May Be The Perfect Candidate – Not

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Readers of this blog will recall that I have written certain articles regarding Val Kilmer and his proposed or supposed run for governor of the State of New Mexico. Now comes news that the former Batdude has experienced the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through a lien filed against property Kilmer owns in New Jersey.  The lien is substantial and I hope for his sake that there has been some mistake, such as a bookkeeper or a dastardly attorney running away with the money that was supposed to be paid to the IRS on behalf of Mr. Kilmer. If there is not mistake of any kind and the failure to pay the amount owed by Mr. Kilmer is just and falls on his back, I hope they end up placing a lien against the Batmobile AND the Batcave. You can read more regarding the amount and the property the lien is against by clicking  here

Once Mr. Kilmer has his tax issues put to bed, perhaps he can apply for an assistant position for any one of the Obama appointees that have confessed their tax sins. Revelations of delinquent taxes abound in the POTUS administration, so one more episode of ignorance, negligence or downright contempt for the law may not matter to this federal administration.

Failing a federal appointment, there’s enough slipping and sliding and hiring of exempt positions in New Mexico government, that the goobernator of this state could special hire Mr. Kilmer to fill one of the positions that was allegedly frozen in the recent past. Federal stimulus money was not meant for hiring the goobernator’s friends and supporters, but we’re not to tell that to those in Dizzyland (Santa Fe). The way things have gone for six or so years … it just does not seem to matter for many senators and representatives in state government. There are so few that fulfill the duties of their office without expecting some reward in return. There are some senators and representatives that do care and you, yes you, need to watch what is going on around you and support those in government that truly care about your and my welfare. Make it your business to know all you can about every politician that has anything to do with your welfare. And, if you don’t, then shame on you.

I strayed from Mr. Kilmer, but regardless of what happens to his tax issue, forget about voting to place him in any position in government. That’s probably the reasonable thing to do.

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Follow The Stimulus Bucks

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot, ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Kate Nash on the online version of the Santa Fe New Mexican has written an excellent article for citizens, politicians and other interested junkies to inform themselves regarding stimulus money.

Ms. Nash provides several links that will help to keep track of who is on the stimulus dole, what they are doing with the money, and whether they are doing what they said they would do — or, perhaps burying it in a sinkhole. Who knows, you might find out that your local government does not have the wherewithal nor the energy to pursue any part of the stimulus money?

Just click on this link to read Ms. Nash’s story and grab the URLs to all you ever wanted to know about the money and its recipients.

Follow The Bucks

Thanks and a flap of the cap to Ms. Nash and the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Edgewood Offers Cooperative Light Post Banner Program

This seems to be a great opportunity. Mr. Holden and his cohorts should be commended for coming up with the program.


The Town is offering local businesses, clubs, associations, churches and groups the opportunity to post their logo or message on a banner that the town will hang on the 75 light poles along Hwy 344 and Hwy 66/344.

Click on “Banner” for more detail:  Banner

Thank you, Roger Holden Parks and Recreation, Program Manager parksrec@edgewood-nm.gov Town of Edgewood, New Mexico 87015 505-286-4518  Fax 505-286-4519

A society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
Greek Proverb

“Stimulating” The Stimulus

By Bob Steiner

Governor Richardson has appointed previous Governor Tony Anaya as the executive director of  the state Recovery and Reinvestment Office.  This agency will monitor how stimulus funds are used to insure that the expenditures are helping to promote jobs and have a lasting effect on economic prosperity.

According to a recent press release, Mr. Anaya has emphasized that requests for stimulus funds which stress regional collaboration will be “rewarded”.  One example of  such regional action, which he  cited was the animal control center in Edgewood.  That facility was originally to be developed with the idea of serving most communities in the Estancia Valley but had to be scaled back to serving only the town of Edgewood because of a lack of funds. Now, with an infusion of federal stimulus money, the original concept of a “regional center” could once again be pursued.  I sincerely hope that the mayor and town council of Edgewood will aggressively follow up on this issue!

While not as “regionally oriented’ as the animal center, Ms. Mahalick, the town planner,  had prepared a detailed  request for other capital expenditures for Edgewood.  This was a well-written document which listed the “high priority”  needs of the community and was given to our legislators in November.  Unfortunately, when it came time for the money to be appropriated, the funds were not available. Continue reading ““Stimulating” The Stimulus”

An American Tea Party – A Reminder

By Bob Steiner

It has now been a week since I went to the tea party in the park in Moriarty. With all of the “hoopla” that some reports on TV were raising about those gatherings on “Tax Day”,  I was concerned that it would be some sort of right wing  political rally. Was I to be surprised!

Arriving with two friends a half  hour before the event was to start, I had a chance to meet many of the particpants as they drove up to the park.  It seems all segments of our poplulation were represented. I met farmers, unemployed secretaries, a shop keeper, a teacher, a retired Marine, and a clergyman.  Many were Democrats. Many were Republican. All seemed focused on the task at hand, the excessive spending being proposed in Washington. I heard no partisan remarks and no derisive remarks about any politician. We, as a group were united, as Americans!  All had come together on this day to demonstrate against the extreme financial burdens being imposed upon our citizens, present and those yet to be born.

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Chamber’s Friday Blast On Saturday

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot, ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Copied below is the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce’s Friday Blast. And, in case you missed it before, there is a link to the Stimulus information provided in my last blog:

I’ll provide the PDF link to the Stimulus info first. Just click on this link  nm-stimulus

Now for the Chamber’s Friday Blast

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the weather out there!

Let’s start the blast off with our Town of Edgewood.  I have attached the agenda for the March 18th Town Council Meeting at 6:30 in the Edgewood Community Center.

There has been much too-doo lately about President Obama’s stimulus package.  We have recently received some new information from Senator Jeff Bingaman that we are pleased to pass on to you.  The attached file is full of important information on what the stimulus package means for you.

This Saturday march 14th will see the Read “Write” Adult Literacy Program’s annual “Unscrabble” Tournament beginning at 11 am in the Moriarty Civic center.  This tournament is fun for all ages and skills and directly benefits the Literacy Program.  Adults are $15 and kids under 15 get in free!

Hear Ye Hear Ye! We have heard your concerns and The Edgewood Chamber of Commerce is proud to be sponsoring a Town Hall on Thursday April 9th at 400 PM at Edgewood Middle School.  Our State and Local Representatives will be here to hear your concerns and questions and to advise on what is coming to New Mexico and the East Mountains for local businesses.  There will also several business lenders in attendance to explain business loans and grants available to help survive in 2009! Please attend this very important event and prepare yourself with questions to be answered.

The Edgewood Chamber of Commerce is accepting applicants for a new Board member.  Please submit a letter of interest to info@edgewoodchambernm.com .  Letters will be accepted until 5:00 PM on Tuesday March 17th.

The Edgewood Chamber of Commerce is seeking volunteers to work in the Chamber office providing customer service.  Please email us at info@edgewoodchambernm.com or call 505-286-2577 and let us know what hours you may be available!

The circus is coming!  Let the Circus help promote your business! Any business that buys 100.00 worth of tickets will be allowed to hang a banner promoting their business in the Big Top!   We also need businesses to sell tickets from their storefronts! Remember this is a fund raising event for both the Chamber and the Schools! Please call Renee Willes at 506-4900 for more information.

The regular Board of Director’s Meeting will be held on Wednesday March 18th at 8:00 AM at the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce.  The membership is welcome to attend the public session of this meeting.  The public speaking agenda is full for this meeting but if you would like to schedule to speak at the next Board of Directors meeting in April, please contact the chamber at 286-2577 or info@edgewoodchambernm.com to let the Board know so we can schedule you on the next Agenda.

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