Common Core: Discussed By Governor Martinez & LULAC

According to a post by PRWeb Governor Martinez will participate in town halls for a discussion on Common Core.  Opponents of Common Core want nothing to do with the program, but here is an opportunity through an invitation to the town halls to take an active part in the discussion of the program’s details.


English: New Mexico State Governor Susana Martinez

English: New Mexico State Governor Susana Martinez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Here is part of the story from PRWeb, followed by a link to the rest of the article, along with links to related stories:


LULAC and New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez, Work Together to Promote Common Core State Standards

LULAC and the New Mexico Department of Public Education will host a series of town hall meetings throughout the state providing information on how CCSS will impact the Latino community.

League of United Latin American Citizens

League of United Latin American Citizens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The community is invited to attend these town halls and learn about Common Core State Standards and how best to ensure teachers, parents and children are prepared for its implementation.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2013

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced today that it has agreed to partner with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez in order to promote Common Core State Standards (CCSS). LULAC and the New Mexico Department of Public Education will host a series of town hall meetings throughout the state providing information on how CCSS will impact the Latino community. The first of these town hall meetings will take place next week and will include New Mexico Education Secretary, Hanna Skandera as the keynote speaker.

“LULAC’s focus is to ensure that Latinos across the country are properly prepared for college and the workforce,” said Margaret Moran, LULAC National President. “We are encouraged by this partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department and Governor Susana Martinez’s office. The community is invited to attend these town halls and learn about Common Core State Standards and how best to ensure teachers, parents and children are prepared for its implementation.


Follow this link to details of the venue, and other particulars for the town hall:


Common Core State Standards Town Hall


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Getting To Know Our Governor Martinez

The following story by Rob Nikolewski  is taken by permission from New Mexico Watchdog.   Some of the story first appeared  in People magazine.  We believe it is a great human interest story which demonstrates the strong love and character of our governor.  We know there are thousands, perhaps millions of people across the world performing the same way because of their love for the ones they care for and nothing posted here takes away from their dedication.

We hope you enjoy the story.

Susana and her sister featured in People magazine

By Rob Nikolewski on July 29, 2013
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SISTERHOOD: Gov. Susana Martinez and her sister Lettie are profiled in People magazine.

SISTERHOOD: Gov. Susana Martinez and her sister Lettie are profiled in People magazine.

It’s well-known that in addition to her duties as New Mexico’s governor, Susana Martinez spends a good deal of her time tending to her sister, Lettie, who is developmentally disabled.

This week’s edition of People magazine offers a glimpse into their lives together, including pictures of the 54-year-old governor and the 56-year-old Lettie, who lives in Las Cruces.

The two-page article followed Susana and Lettie Martinez as they celebrated Lettie’s birthday last month:

On this June day, (Gov. Martinez) is in charge of making her sister’s birthday special. The two go shopping, to lunch and to a spa. Susana remembers Lettie’s being uncomfortable in public when they were kids. “Back then people stared a lot, and she used to hate it: ‘Why are they staring at me?’ Now people are a lot more informed.” Most people are interested in Lettie’s sister, who stops frequently to talk with constituents. When she does, Lettie steps away to pet a shelter kitten or eat ice cream while showing off her newly painted toenails. “I love red!” she says.  

Click here to read the entire article.

Update: Enrique Knell, spokesman for the governor, said that People magazine approached the governor’s office about doing the story earlier this year.

“One reason the governor decided to do the story was to shine a light on the thousands of people in New Mexico and the millions of people around the country who care for their loved ones with disabilities,” Knell said.

– See more at:

State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Comment Period

 New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Susana Martinez


Greg Myers

Cabinet Secretary

Anita Statman

Deputy Cabinet Secretary


Contact: Estevan Lujan



State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Comment Period

July 15, 2013 through August 15, 2013


The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is in the process of updating the State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Plan presents the State’s mitigation strategy for reducing the impact of natural disasters. The State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan includes the following sections: natural hazard profiles, risk assessment, vulnerability, capability and recommended mitigation actions. The Plan provides an overall strategy that can be used to guide natural hazard mitigation planning and project implementation throughout the State.

Approximately seventy planning team members and subject matter experts participated in the Plan up-date process over the past 18 months. State and federal agencies were asked to participate in the process. All tribal entities in the State were also asked to participate.

The State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is required to be updated every three years by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  As part of that process, the public is offered an opportunity to review and provide comments on the Plan. To review the draft 2103 State Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, please go to (Once at the web site, a reader can left-click on the PDF file that is listed at the bottom of the page to open the Plan.  A reader could also to right-click and select ‘Save Link/File As…’ to download a copy. Because it is a large file, it may take several minutes to download.)


The comment period will be open from July 15 to August 15, 2103. Please direct comments to Wendy Blackwell, the State’s Hazard Mitigation Officer with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  Comments can be submitted via email to

People Are Fleeing States with No Right-To-Work Laws

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red State, a conservative on-line publication explains how and why, states sans right-to-work labor law, are losing population at rather amazing rates.  Click the link below for the explanations:

Fleeing Right-To-Work States

You might find it interesting New Mexico makes the “Top” ten list and actually ranks #5.  Those damnable lists will yet be the complete demise of New Mexico.

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Governor Martinez To Pay Tribute To 9/11 Victims Today (9/11/2012)



September 10, 2012

Contact: Scott Darnell

(505) 819-1398





SANTA FE – Governor Susana Martinez will pay tribute to those individuals who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 tomorrow in Albuquerque. Governor Martinez will attend a ceremony at Fire Station No. 2, which will be dedicated to the memory of those who were killed in the attacks. Tomorrow morning, the new fire station will raise the American flag for the first time in honor of those individuals.


Later, Governor Martinez will meet with firefighters and other first responders in at the New Mexico Fire and EMS Expo at the New Mexico Fire Academy in Socorro to thank them for their contributions and sacrifices in the name of public safety. The New Mexico Fire Academy trains approximately 4,000 municipal, county, and wildland firefighters each year.


Pursuant to federal directive, all flags should be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset tomorrow.



WHO: Governor Susana Martinez


WHAT: Governor Martinez will pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and visit with firefighters and first responders to thank them for their service


WHEN: Tomorrow, September 11

9/11 Memorial and Tribute Ceremony, 8:30 a.m.

New Mexico Fire and EMS Expo, 2:00 p.m.


WHERE: 9/11 Memorial and Tribute Ceremony, AFD Fire Station No. 2, 2401 Alumni Drive SE, Albuquerque (off of Gibson east of I-25)

New Mexico Fire and EMS Expo, New Mexico Fire Academy, 200 Aspen Road, Socorro


NOTE: Governor Martinez will also address a conference for Motor Vehicle Division managers at the Embassy Suites, 1000 Woodward Place NE, Albuquerque, at 11:00 a.m.








Our Susana Drop Kicked Progressives Through The Goal Post Of Truth

With apologies to Bobby Bare and his:

“Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalposts Of Life.”

Thank you Governor Martinez.  You are the real deal for all New Mexicans:

And such a sparkling clean improvement over Bill Richardson.

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Flags Ordered To Fly At Half-Staff


August 23, 2012

Contact: Scott Darnell

(505) 819-1398


SANTA FE – Governor Susana Martinez signed an executive order today to fly flags at half-staff across New Mexico from sunrise until sundown tomorrow, August 24, in honor of Motor Transportation Police Officer Robert Potter, who died in the line of duty on August 16, 2012. On August 15, Officer Potter responded to a major commercial motor vehicle wreck and performed life-saving actions at the scene of the accident. Shortly after, and while still at the scene, he suffered a massive heart attack. Potter, of Alamogordo, is survived by his wife JoAnne and his stepson Matthew Duke. He was 41 at the time of his passing.

“Officer Potter is a true hero who answered the call of duty and saved lives even as he risked his own,” said Governor Martinez. “We are all grateful for his actions and his commitment to keeping New Mexicans safe. I hope that all New Mexicans will keep Officer Potter’s family in their prayers as we recognize his service by flying flags at half-staff across the state.”

Full text of the governor’s executive order is below.




WHEREAS, Officer Robert Alan Potter died in the line of duty on August 16th, 2012; and

WHEREAS, Officer Potter was undertaking lifesaving actions while responding to a major commercial motor vehicle accident when he passed away; and

WHEREAS, Officer Potter grew up in Alamogordo, NM, and proudly served in the United States Marine Corp and the U.S. Army; and

WHEREAS, Officer Potter has been with the New Mexico Motor Transportation Division for seven years and was a dedicated member of New Mexico’s K-9 team; and

WHEREAS, Officer Potter is survived by his wife, Joanne and stepson, Matthew Duke;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Susana Martinez, Governor of the State of New Mexico, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the Laws of the State of New Mexico, do hereby order that all flags be flown at half-staff from sunrise on Friday August 24, 2012, to sundown on Friday August 24, 2012, in honor and mourning of New Mexico Motor Transportation Police Officer Robert Alan Potter.  The thoughts and prayers of the people of New Mexico go out to his family as well as a heartfelt thank you for his courageous service.









Governor Susana Martinez Announces State School Grades

English: Susana Martinez, District Attorney of...

English: Susana Martinez, District Attorney of Doña Ana County and candidate for New Mexico Governor in 2010. Photographed at a candidate forum in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Martinez was later elected Governor of New Mexico in the general election held 2 November 2010 and was sworn in on 1 January 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For A Larger Image Please Double Left Click On Images.

You Can Click Here To Search For Individual Schools

KUDOS To East Mountain High, Edgewood Elementary And Edgewood Middle For Their “A” Grades

Support Governor Martinez On Repeal Of Illegal Alien Driver’s License

Logo of the 9-11 Commission

Image via Wikipedia

By Bob Steiner

Governor Martinez announced on Friday (12/09/11) she will once again introduce legislation to revoke the state law which permits illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses in New Mexico. She said she would do this during the state legislative session next month. Her earlier attempt to pass such legislation was hampered by the intransigence of the Democratic majority in the state legislature, as well as the extra-special efforts of Speaker Lujan in the House of Representatives.

I believe all residents of our state are sympathetic to the plight of the illegals who come in to our country. Many of these illegal border crossers are of good character and are just seeking a better way of life away from the corruption and drug cartels which have become so entrenched in the daily lives in their home country. We need to be compassionate, if possible, until we can help them back across the border to their own country. Unfortunately, this does not allow us the luxury of forgetting the potential security risks that our open borders bring with them, not to mention ignoring the many serious crimes committed by those who are criminal offenders.

According to the U.S. Business Council and Fox News, the 9-11 Commission documented that 18 of the 19 terrorists who participated in the 2001 attack had what appeared to be valid drivers license’s or state I.D. Cards. These documents provided these self-professed martyrs with unrestricted travel privileges and the identification which enabled them to take part in the flight training they needed to carry out their cowardly attacks of 9-11. Perhaps inadvertently, but some U.S. State authorities did indeed assist the 9-11 terrorists in the accomplishment of their cowardly mission.

With this in mind, I believe it is important for all citizens to take an early stand on this issue and to be ready to repeatedly impress upon our elected representatives that we expect them to support the Governor’s attempt to repeal this flawed law. If you meet any elected representative who does not support this repeal, ask him or her how they would feel if another terrorist attack were to occur and it was later documented that one or more of the attackers had a New Mexico license in their possession. Would they not consider themselves partly responsible for the deaths of the victims? Drive this point home. Start early and repeat this point often. We’ve got to remind our legislators that they are accountable to “We The People!”

New Mexicans have a chance to enhance state and national security.  Keep in touch with your elected officials and support what our perceptive Governor is trying to do!

Here is the link to the members of the legislature contact information:

Legislators’ Contact Information

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The Strange Tale Of New Mexico Representative Eleanor Chavez

This article is cross-posted at Sandia Tea Party

The Strange Tale Of NM Representative Eleanor Chavez


The information posted below is there because of the generosity of Sylvia Bokor who publishes a political and financial matters blog and an Enewsletter.  She has allowed the Sandia Tea Party to post her material from two of her newsletters.The above title is ours. You can reach her blog here:

Sylvia’s Blog

Following are the pieces we have permission to post and two short comments from me:

Dear New Mexicans,   — 1 item —
1.  Earlier today, September 10, I told you that instead of a response to my e-mail regarding Speaker Lujan’s delaying of the Special Session deliberations, Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13, returned my email to me with a file attached. The file was a photograph. I am sending this photograph to you so that you may judge the honorableness of Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13.  I am also sending this e-mail to all New Mexico Representatives.
In case you cannot read the text in this forwarded photograph from
Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13, I present here FYI the text as it appears, highlighting Representative Eleanor Chavez’s, D-Bernalillo-13, words in yellow.
On a replica of a New Mexico driver’s license—which may be actionable since it not only shows abuse of a legal document, but also contains mendacious and slanderous statements—an oversized photograph of Susana Martinez is shown on the left.  Below the photograph are the words “Lame Sample” handwritten in script.
To the right of Governor Martinez’s photo are the following words:
Susana Martinez
From: El Paso, TX
Recent Obsession:
Taking Licenses from Hardworking Residents
Heritage: Depends on Polling
Limitations: Inability to Compromise
License: To Persecute NM Families
Willing to Sacrifice: Public Safety
Below those words is an icon of a heart with the words For Sale
In the upper right hand corner are the words:
ISSUED: 01/01/2011
EXPIRES: 12/31/2014
Continuing the replica, a smaller photograph of Governor Martinez is in the lower right hand corner.
I do not know whether Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13, designed and wrote this document herself or merely copied someone else’s effort.  And it does not matter.  Whether she is initiator or copier, to send such a document to a voting New Mexican makes one wonder how many other false documents she has sent to other New Mexicans, including her own constituents.
This conduct of a sitting New Mexico Representative is far more serious than one might at first believe.  Passing it off as “merely a joke”
would be dropping the exact meaning of what is intended here. It is character assassination and that is no joke.
To some, sending a New Mexico voter such a photograph might indicate a rather sophomoric mentality.  But more seriously such an act shows Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13, willingness openly to flaunt her disrespect of our Governor as if that had value among New Mexicans, 94% of whom state their approval of Susana Martinez.
Representative Eleanor Chavez, D-Bernalillo-13,is obviously as indifferent as she is ignorant of the destructiveness being done by driver’s licenses issued to illegal immigrants.  Clearly, she had no understanding of the issues. For instance, she mendaciously claims that Governor Martinez is “taking driver’s licenses from hard working residents, and so forth.
Not only do driver’s licenses issued to illegal immigrants harm New Mexicans by making their own document suspect, it also throws in harm’s way the illegal immigrant who is conned out of his money by criminals selling false documentation, which adds to his woes by making him a target for blackmailers.
I urge those New Mexican Representatives who disagree with Representative Eleanor Chavez’s, D-Bernalillo-13,
implicit defense of Speaker Lujan’s delaying tactics to voice your objection. Stand up. Be firm, Speak out.
Additionally, I encourage New Mexican Legislators to voice your strong disapproval of Representative Eleanor Chavez’s, D-Bernalillo-13, dastardly attack on Governor Martinez and New Mexican voters.

Thank you for your attention to this e-mail.
EDITOR NOTE; Following Ms. Bokor’s sending the above to Representative Chavez, Chavez responded and an exchange ensued between them:
1. Some of you were unable to see the photograph that Representative Eleanor Chavez sent me.  So, FYI, I’m attaching it here.
2. I’ve had a great many responses to my email regarding the photograph that Representative Eleanor Chavez sent me.   Representative Eleanor Chavez responded as well.  Here is her reply:
In a message dated 9/10/2011 5:08:16 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes:  Hey thanks for circulating this.

I replied:

Dear Representative Chavez,

You are welcome.  Others are, unfortunately, copying it to you as if it were a form letter. But I wrote it.  It’s an original from me, not a form letter. In any case, I’m pleased to know you get the point.

Sylvia Bokor

Whereupon, a few minutes later she responded:
“I am not sure what point you are speaking of. Let me be clear though I do not support your position on the drivers license issue.”
And I wrote back:
Dear Representative Chavez,
I’m referring to the point that 80% New Mexicans disagree with you regarding your position on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. You have certainly made your position very clear. I am confident New Mexicans are fully aware of it. And if not, I shall endeavor to make them aware of it.

Sylvia Bokor
New Mexicans, you might wonder why I am burdening you with this correspondence between myself and Representative Chavez. It’s because her brazen attitude toward her dishonest and unjust treatment of Susana is typical of one who tries to evade the wrongness of her own actions.  And because I will not let her get away with that.
3.  >From various accounts, it appears that a number of our Representatives are also refusing to let Speaker Lujan and Representatives such as Eleanor Chavez get away with improper use of their position as elected officials.  I thank each and every one of our Representatives who are speaking out.  To them I say, I hope you will encourage your colleagues to join you in vocally objecting to the delay in the Special Session work and the attacks on Susana—as your constituents are doing.  We New Mexicans support you. To quote Sara Palin, ”We have your back.”  Stand up, speak out and make yourself heard.  Others—present and former legislators who are now candidates for other positions—are also with you.  Thank you
EDITOR NOTE; Posted below you’ll find a link to Chavez’s legislative web page.  The New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act as ammended, Chapter 10, Article 16 NMSA 1978 comes to mind as I read Chavez’s responses and observe the fake portrayal of Governor Martinez.  Maybe a fellow legislator will check into whether Chavez’s actions constitute a violation of the act … especially since she is an employee or employer for a community organizing entity:
Don’t forget, regardless of other potential motives, there may be votes and a salary involved.
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