Statewide Infrastructure Planning Meeting (11/16/10)


This conference is open to the public according to the attached flier, however there is limited space and anyone desiring to attend should register as soon as possible.  Information needed to register will be found on the flier or you may click here.


Panasonic Stores The Juice You Can Use

5 Kilowatt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Panasonic has come out with a storage battery that will interface with solar energy and wind energy on a long-term storage basis. That means that one of the obstacles which makes wind and solar somewhat unreliable may now be conquered.

Since this is New Year’s Eve and I’ve nothing better to do, I thought a little good news to chase the gloom from 2009 might be welcome. Here is the link to story. Enjoy and keep a great attitude and outlook for the future … this too shall pass! No, really!

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Edgewood Now In Renewable Energy Finance District

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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In the past we have written about or provided information about statutes passed during the last regular New Mexico legislative session which allows New Mexico counties to enable renewable energy financing districts. You can read our previous articles here and here.

Santa Fe County (SFC) did push forward and has passed enabling legislation and a resolution to begin the program as envisioned by the statutes passed by the legislature. This SFC work has in turn, allowed Edgewood to pass a resolution requesting to be a part of the Santa Fe County Renewable Finance District.  The resolution is Resolution No. 2009-48 – Renewable Energy District. As of the posting of this article, the resolution is not available on the Town’s website, but will likely be posted sometime next week.

Edgewood Town Councilor John Abrams has stated that with the passing of the resolution and its acceptance by SFC, Edgewood citizens can now utilize the funding mechanism formed by the finance district. SFC personnel and Edgewood staff will schedule public announcements, information sessions, and workshops for sometime in January. Santa Fe County citizens residing outside the corporate boundaries of Edgewood will likely come under SFC’s resolution and regulations.

We will post further information as it becomes available, but if you want to research the statutes you can start with this page.  The applicable statutes run from 5-18-1 through 5-18-13. You may also waqnt to access some SFC work information to be found here which includes a link to frequently asked questions (FAQS).

Thanks go to the Edgewood governing body and staff for ensuring that Edgewood citizens will be able to take part in the program which addresses residential solar, wind and geothermal energy projects. Special thanks to Councilor John Abrams for sponsoring the resolution.

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Want Power You can Generate In Your Pocket

A closeup photograph of Yukon River from Midni...
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by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Pocket power generation may be a stretch, but Toshiba and at least two other Japanese companies are working separately to perfect and market small nuclear generating facilities. Toshiba has started marketing their unit, but was unsuccessful in their first attempt in the Yukon River watershed in Alaska due to their inability to sell the idea to Native Alaskans.

Toshiba’s plant, generates 10,000 kilowatts of electricity a day, while the other two companies (Mitsubishi and Hitachi) tout production of up to 350,000 kilowatts and up to 600,000 kilowatts, respectively.

I would bet that it will be years before the first compact nuclear generating plant is installed in the United States. Here’s the story as posted on Breitbart TV.

Here’s a video that is supposed to represent some of the opposition in Alaska.

According to Wikipedia, Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Facility was the last nuclear generating facility to go online in the United States in 1996.

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Urine Or Someone Else’s

Pee on Pee
Image by solostinwi via Flickr

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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There is a new automobile on the market, or soon to be, that will travel down the road with urine as part of its fuel or exhaust package. That’s right, tinkle. The major problem the developer has experienced thus far is that the wheels are constantly wet from the packs of male canines that gather around the vehicle to mark their spots. Each canine seems certain, due to the vehicle’s odor, in their belief that the vehicle is a giant whizzing dog.

The fuel has a component which includes pure urea and it has been used in diesel fueled vehicles in Europe and other areas of the world. Actually, the urea and other compounds making up the substance is not added to fuel … it is injected into the exhaust pipe to neutralize the harmful noxious substance, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), that accumulate after combustion in the vehicle’s engine.

Some Europeans have been arrested for animal cruelty after it was discovered that they were using cats to squirt into tubes which carried the “squirt” into the exhaust pipes. Primative to say the least, but humans will do most anything to save a Euro during these times. In actuality the cats are not terribly harmed from their proximity to the exhaust pipes and mufflers, one might compare the situation to  “a cat on a hot tin roof.”

There is much more to be found in this article on the subject, where you will find the veritas

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“Got Google” For Wind Turbine Success Stories

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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In a recent letter to editors on 9-21-09 for area newspapers, the mayor of Edgewood, New Mexico (my hometown), suggested that google® be consulted for accounts of wind turbine “battles.”  Mayor Bob Stearley, being opposed to wind turbines in our community, must not have figured that there are flip-sides to every google return.  But I, counting google as a close friend, saw an opportunity in his challenge to actually present residential wind turbine success stories.

While I do not wish to get into a battle where Mayor Stearley and myself bounce googles  back and forth, I do believe it is important to present refutations to Mayor Stearley’s scare mongering. So, without further ado, I present below, more than enough residential wind turbine success stories to set Mayor Stearley’s broken record in the correct groove. Just click on the link below. It will take you to articles and other information that will knock the horns from Mayor Stearley’s dilemma:

Wind Turbine Success

See more below:

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Windy City (Not Chicago) & Maybe Not Edgewood

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza by Honoré Daumier.
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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Edgewood’s energy committee has worked hard for almost a year and our mayor has worked just as hard for the same time span (perhaps even harder) what with his kitchen cabinet meetings at various restaurants where he has espoused a philosophy in opposition to wind energy in Edgewood.

The latest from the mayor, just in front of a public meeting to discuss and perhaps pass a wind energy ordinance comes in the form of a letter sent to local newspaper editors.

In his letter the mayor puts forth arguments against wind energy in the Town of Edgewood and appears to use scare tactics; citing noise, obscured vistas, etc., to “blow” down the idea that wind energy might be practical and desirable  in our community. It is not so much what he says as it is what he does not say that is important. More on that in the future.

Edgewood  has applied for one or more grants for experimental wind turbines to help defray the cost of electricity for various public offices or facilities in our town. It is sad that the mayor’s constant opposition lobbying about wind energy may impact unfavorably on Edgewood’s chance to  get any part of the grant funding. It appears that Mayor Stearley has become Edgewood’s Don Quixote and tilts not only at big windmill blades, but small windmill blades as well (see letter).

The mayor, as are others, is entitled to his opposition, but one would hope that scare tactics would not be the lance chosen as a weapon against a technology proven many times over. Enough for now. I have posted the mayor’s letter to the local newspaper editors. It is interesting that he did not choose to send the letter to the local blog editors.

letter to editors 9-21-09

Please follow the related articles just below.

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