One Of Obama’s Front Men — Krugman The Plug Man


English: “Paul Krugman lectured on “After Bush – The End of the Neo-Conservatives and the Moment for the Democrats” to over 500 guests in the jam-packed big lecture hall at the German National Library in Frankfurt” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Breitbart’s Big Government, their writer, Mike Flynn takes Paul Krugman and the progressives to task on their soon to fail harping on the debt ceiling.  If the Republicans can get a pair and connect them to their backbones, we might just come up with real resolutions to the canine excrement laying against the curb of good government … at least, that which has not already made its way to the sewer.

Here’s a link to Flynn’s article, we hope members of the Tea Parties will read it — even more we hope a Republican will find time to study the words and do something with the ideas proffered by Mr. Flynn:

One Of Obama’s Front Men — Krugman The Plugman

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Can We Get There From Here?

Ralph and Susan Hill, members of the Sandia Tea Party, sent this one.  It makes sense as we try to go forward with any semblance of a strong economy.

Of course you are encouraged to do something to solve the problem/problems.  The problem with you and I doing so, is that as our tax system and related government financing tools or schemes allow crazy deductions and subsidies about which we can do little. The tide swells against us when our government has not the common wherewithal nor the joint courage to begin a solution … much less to actually solve the problems.

USA deficit, China surplus, 2000-2014, World E...

USA deficit, China surplus, 2000-2014, World Economic Outlook, IMF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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