In New Hampshire Dead People & Zombies May Vote

This came by way of Ralph Hill.  You may want to donate to Project Veritas since progressives hate the organization and the Demos in New Mexico are fighting against Voter ID with all they have:

Dead People Or Zombies Get Ballots In New Hampshire

That’s “Live Free Or Die.” & And vote whether you’re dead or not!.

Do yourself a favor and access the “Related Articles,” found below and especially the last three to hear the progressive and socialist bloggers and those that comment there squeal like a pig caught in a gate.  By the way, their governor recently vetoed a Voter ID bill.  Wonder why — go figure!

Another thing.  I’m surprised Media Matters is so far out this one, but they may show up yet.  Most all of the progressive blogs and their commenters talk about “dumb,” O’Keefe and many purport to know the law in New Hampshire, along with federal law which may apply. We’ll see, I guess, but I have to believe he has someone (perhaps New Hampshire’s AG) protecting his back and that this was a sanctioned undercover investigation.

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