Observers Needed for Early, Election Day & Absentee Voting

Map of New Mexico highlighting Bernalillo County

Map of New Mexico highlighting Bernalillo County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Weh for Senate campaign will be placing trained volunteers to observe the voting process for Early Voting, Election Day, and absentee warehouse.


This is a statewide effort, not just Bernalillo county. Republicans from other counties can come for training, then train others in their home counties. Remember each challenger must be a registered voter and be credentialed by their county chairman.


Questions? We will hold a general information meeting Thursday, October 2, 6.30pm-7.30pm and another Saturday, October 4, 11am-12noon at the Weh Campaign office, located at 6300 San Mateo Blvd NE (Far North Shopping Center)
Suite C4 (next to PetCo & Sprouts) . Please invite your like-minded GOP friends & family. (training sessions to be held on later dates)
2 Important dates –


October 18 – EARLY VOTING begins (statewide)


November 4 – ELECTION DAY
Please remember by being a challenger you are protecting the election process and helping all candidates, not just one race. You do make a difference.


Time is of the essence! Please text, call, or email asap to let me know which mtg you plan to attend.
Thank you.


God bless America!
Lyn Ott


In Recovery — Forge Ahead

The video shown below was sent to us by Ralph Hill.  If you don’t know David Horowitz or Bill Whittle, you have not been looking or listening.  Or, maybe you spend all your time watching the Big Boob Tube.  Your choice of course, but perhaps you might want to wean yourself of MainScream media log enough to watch this video.

Union Registers Non-Citizens To Vote In Nevada

In the land of Nevada, home of Harried Hapless Harry, a Senator of which the entire nation can be ashamed; a culinary union someplace in Las Vegas, has been caught with their knives dull and tongues and pens sharp.  So sharp, they were able to threaten and cajole a couple of hapless illegal immigrants to sign-up to vote as citizens.  Of course there could have been more than a couple, but we have been told of two for certain.The story doesn’t stop there and we see similar actions by different unions happening across this nation.

In our opinion, it makes distrustful any politician that has accepted endorsements and money from several unions.  Okay, how about distrustful and more than a little suspect.  Then if those same politicians love and support abortion and other progressive ideals, I’m concerned as to their fitness to represent myself and other Christians I count as my brothers and sisters.

It is certainly something to consider as we go to the last day in this election cycle.  More, it is something to keep in the front of our minds when we consider all the candidates we have running for all our state and federal offices.

When you New Mexico residents cast your vote tomorrow, save yourself a lot of thought and anguish and vote straight Republican for all the open offices starting with President on down to the lowest office open for grabs.

Now, just click on the link just below and read the story about the Nevada union mentioned above and don’t forget to read any related article following:

Cutting Up With The Culinary

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Voices For Family Values Candidate & Volunteer Seminar 2012

Please Note:  Early Registration Deadline Is Friday 8 June 2012

Fee Increases Thereafter.  Map Will Be Found After Registration Link Is Selected.

Please join our non-profit sister organization, Voices for Family Values, for this event!
   Campaign Seminar 2012    

Friday & Saturday

June 15 & 16



Pt. 1 Friday, June 15

12pm – 6pm

Pt. 2 Saturday, June 16

8am – 2pm

Lunch provided Saturday only


New Beginnings Church

3601 Montgomery Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Cost/Deadlines to Register:

Before June 8 – $30

After June 8 – $50

-Includes materials and lunch on



Congressman Bill Redmond

(R, NM, Ret.)

Bill has run in four federal races

and is a pastor and a graduate of

Chuck Colson’s worldview study

– the Centurion Program. He understands the unique challenges to New Mexico political races.

Register Now!
Do values matter in modern-day politics?More and more political leaders and parties are choosing to sacrifice culture-defining issues such as life, liberty, marriage and the family on the altar of political expediency, mistakenly believing that values no longer matter to voters.What you’ll learn at the Seminar:Causes of campaign wins & lossesIdentifying how many votes a candidate needs to win

Drawing voters with a message of truth

Running against incumbents

The difference between a campaign strategy and tactic

Recruiting a winning organization

“Shoe leather express” – meeting the voters door-to-door

Avoid “return to sender” – raising money via mail

“Count the cost” – how much money do I need to win?

Why people will give to your race

When to spend your campaign funds

Understanding a Biblical Worldview of government

True the Vote, a national grassroots voter integrity organization, will be providing a special presentation to help you prevent voter fraud in your race.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

Any candidate, spouse, campaign staff, volunteers, elected officials, party leaders, Pastors, church leaders, passionate conservatives, and those thinking about running for office in the future.

What should I wear?

Dress should be casual and comfortable.

What about food and lodging?

Snacks will be provided Friday, snacks and lunch on Saturday are provided.

Lodging is on your own.

The closest hotel is:

Best Western Plus Executive Suites

4630 Pan American East Fwy NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

(505) 830-0900

Reservations are on your own.

What will I miss if I arrive late or leave early?

The seminar curriculum is developed to take participants chronologically through the process of planning and running a winning campaign. Each session builds on the previous sessions, so arriving late or leaving early is not recommended.

What if I don’t have any political experience?

Not a problem. The seminar curriculum and practical tools were developed to help both novice campaigns and experienced political professionals. State of the art technology will be discussed.

What should I expect?

You should arrive prepared to experience two intense days of campaign training different from any other available today. The dress and atmosphere are casual and surprisingly fun. The training itself is practical, fast-paced, and entertaining. You can expect to leave with the practical tips, tools, and tactics you need to run a successful campaign at any level – without having to compromise your conscious.

Register Now!
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