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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

I might as well start this great New Year to be (?) by continuing what I have done for at least the past year and a half.  I will post an article, commentary or public service announcement every day during 2011 … maybe more than once a day.  Since I already have the habit, or should I say, the Blogging Jones , I will follow what  WordPress has issued; what they call a challenge, and what I believe amounts to a daily or weekly inspiration, to post a blog a day or a blog a week.

WordPress is chock- full of  free features, great services and attentive detail, so if you are interested in starting your own blog you can begin by going to this starting your blog link.  Unless you are going to write CSS code for your blog, I suggest you skip the Download 3.0.4 button and click instead on “getting a free account on WordPress.com.”   The main thing to remember about blogging;  perhaps I should say consider;  is that you have to blog to blog.  How simple is that … blog to blog!

There you have it, my first post of the year, hopefully with enough information to pique your interest in beginning a blog of your own.  If you’ll follow the links below, you’ll see some WordPress bloggers have already taken the challenge to postaday2011.

A flip of the lid and a flap of the cap to the folks at WordPress.  Click here to see the crew.

Pay To Play

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

According to this article in Bloomberg.com the moguls who have established a pay as you look, read or even pass over certain websites, will make it more difficult for you and I to enjoy free internet content. Their intent is to milk whatever they can from netizens and in the process they will help to further dumb down folks who cannot afford to pay their fees. They will do this, by limiting time spent by their subscribers in gathering information, while in all likelihood imposing ever rising fees for their services.

As the article points out, the idea is not new and some companies have already started in their attempt to cash in on the habits or addictions people across or around the world have experienced, since Al Gore first “invented the internet.”  These sort of business models follow the tradition of capitalism and a true capitalist will probably not have a problem with the efforts of the aforementioned moguls and their modalities.

The question that must come to the mind of any serious blogger, whether compensated monetarily, or compensated by decent works and public service is: How will this affect me and my fellow bloggers, if at all? Will there be a narrowing of services for bloggers and a lessening of product offered by bloggers or will there be a gate opened to provide more of both? It would seem that bloggers who do not work for big corporation media could establish a system to both gather and diseminate news and general information in a clean and efficient way. It might mean that there would have to be more order and structure rather than the “uniform” chaos that seems to exist now.

Perhaps, existing blog platforms such as WordPress.com, WordPress.org or other such organizations could answer the call and fill in cavaties created by the actions of the moguls. Then again, maybe I’m full of it … undue concern, that is.

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